Merrick’s New Ad

By Too Conservative

I hope she can pull it off.

TV Commercial from CarenMerrick on Vimeo.


  • BlackOut says:

    Vince, is this some type of RPV cover-up attempt to divert attention from what is now going viral; the ridiculous LCRC Obama with a gunshot to the forehead post?

    Come on dude, you are better than that.

  • Greg L says:

    I am hearing very encouraging things about Caren’s position a week out. If you’re in that district, now is the time to pull out all the stops to get her over the finish line. Just knocking the doors on your street might make the difference between retiring Favola and being saddled with her for four years.

  • Michael D Baudry says:

    Great ART, Good thinking! I want a poster for sure… Let me know how to get one….

  • Lori Ross says:

    What every fool who posted this digusting photo of President Obama being shot in the head is not funny. You should truly be ashame of yourself for doing such a stupid thing. As a Black American I am very offended when I see this kind of garbage being posted and sent around on the web and.or sent to other’s email. After what happen to Senator Gifford getting shot because of someone sick individual attempts to kill her because of Palin’s cross hair posting. This current posting is not funny and very dangerous because there are just too many sick minds that could be influence by this kind of crap. In closing, will you please stop posting crap like this before some nut case make attempt top follow through on this sick posting of yours. You are a damn fool for you actions and there is nothing funny about this posting what so ever.

  • Lloyd says:

    Come on, BO. TC is making a good point. Merrick is an awesome candidate and has run a very energetic campaign in the western side of the district. I hope she pulls it out. I’ve picked hers as my long shot winner of the season.

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