The Dick Black We All Remember Returns

By Loudoun Insider

From the Washington Examiner:

“”You’ve got to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time,” said Sen.-elect Dick Black, a Republican from Loudoun County with a track record of pushing conservative social bills while in the House of Delegates. With four new conservative Republicans joining the Senate thanks to this month’s legislative elections, Black anticipates a chance to strengthen abortion restrictions, ease gun regulations and further restrict labor unions.”

“I think we’re seeing a steady shift back to traditional conservative values in Virginia,” he added.””


After taking a few months vacation while campaigning while an imposter focusing on jobs and transportation filled in, the Dick Black that educated Loudouners remember is indeed back.  I wonder what bills he’s working on to create jobs and fix roads?  Or is he set to introduce Marshall’s personhood bill in the Senate?  Or file a local preemption bill to Eugene’s dreaded HR 998 (see post below)?  Same old, same old.  But hey, he’s got four years to do whatever the hell he wants.

Black Friday indeed!


  • DC Beltway Bandit says:

    MOTHER -Fer…Black is a political jackal and weaseled his way back into the General Assembly.

    Why on earth Broad Run voters elect this Neanderthal back in to office is beyond me. I bet this royal Ass-Hat is going to back Del Marshall’s “person-hood bill” too.

    Anyone politician who went on the record saying there is no such thing as spousal rape “because she is wearing a nightie” is unfit for public office.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    But they will say he won big, and he did 57% – 43%, a 14% differential. Unfortunately only 28.4% of voters bothered to show up to vote in that election. Dick Black won election by getting a measly 16% of registered voters to back him. There are certainly enough crazed right wingers to send him to Richmond, it’s the fault of the opposition for not being able to make the case that he shouldn’t be there. They failed miserably. He’ll be gone in four years, and we can start the cycle all over again. This voter apathy is killing me.

  • Fred says:

    Please explain how higher turnout gets Shawn Mitchell elected.

  • Independent Voter says:

    Is anyone surprised at Black’s plans for when he got back in Richmond. Jobs? Transportation? What BS!!! He’s the same old PLASTIC FETUS GUY–nothing has changed and nothing will.

    He got elected because too many sane voters were too bloody lazy to go to the polls.

    “He’ll be gone in four years” says LI. But the old nut case can do a hell of a lot of damage in four years.

  • Plead the 1st says:

    He offers no real solutions to NoVa problems such as jobs and transportation; instead invents a crazed crusade against contraception – creepy. He needs to keep his nose out of women’s wombs (saw that on a sign).

  • What are you talking about, LI? Of the examples you give, 2 of 3 are outstanding ideas which should be pushed as a matter of public policy.

    “… ease gun regulations and further restrict labor unions” are exactly the types of things I would want to see a Virginia senator focused on – not to the exclusion of our financial problems, but definitely among the top priorities.

    Regarding abortion restrictions, I am not familiar enough with the current laws to be able to give an opinion on whether he is overreaching. Also, I can’t read the article right now so if there are questionable points made there, I will give you the benefit of the doubt in being disappointed.

    But of the examples you give, I think your choices for making the case for a supposed “Black Friday” are poor ones.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Joe, Virginia already has some of the most lax gun restrictions in the country and labor unions are not a huge problem in Virginia. I would think creating jobs and fixing transportation would be more important, and isn’t that what Dick Black ran on? I think we’re going to see lots of fringe BS from DB.

  • BlackOut says:

    Oh shit, Monk is gonna pull a can of whoop ass out on Black for this one! First public statement and he is back to what he’s unable to closet. I am shocked that Black didn’t keep his word.

    I told you so, I told you so, I told you so.

  • I think more telling of the potential for Republican hybris is Bob Marshall’s “personhood” bill. It’s typical for Marshall, but the telling thing will be to see how far it gets in the GA.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Well, someone has to introduce it in the Senate.

  • Elections Have Consequences says:

    Hence Bob focused a lot of his time on Dick’s primary race this summer.

  • Impressions says:

    Can Black and Marshall say (or spell) MISSISSIPPI?

  • Loudoun Outsider says:

    You can ask Senator Elect Black about all these issues at the LCRC Christmas Party being held at his home. Attendees will remember this is a Republican function so no same sex kissing under Dick’s mistletow.

  • Jay Hughes says:

    As I tried to explain to many of my friends who were supporting Dick Black…claiming that he learned his lesson and will only champion fiscal and economic issues (as evidenced by his campaign website that made neither hide nor hair mention of abortion, “family values”, etc.)…anybody who lusts after power so much that he will shamelessly move all around the Commonwealth to capture it…will say anything he thinks will get him elected like the con-artist he is. Dick Black is a charlatan and a flake. He always has been and always will be a charlatan and a flake. And to echo BlackOut: TOLD YA SO.

  • Jay, do you think these friends genuinely believed that story, or do you think they were cynically participating in it?

    It looks to me like the Dick Black wing of the party is trying to establish (or has established) a new moral standard: A lie (or other ordinarily unacceptable behavior) is not wrong if they get away with it.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I wonder if perhaps they hypnotized Dick for the duration of the campaign. Someone snapped their fingers and said “wakey, wakey” on election night it seems.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    If so, David, I’d say that #1, discussing politics in the framework of morals, particularly from the left side of the aisle, is quite humorous in the current R pendulum swing–where was that concern when progressives used any means to justify their desired electoral ends? Oh! Nowhere! Because progressives are correct and SHOULD be in charge? And #2, well, see #1, because it isn’t a “new moral standard” in politics.

    You may use the word “moral” as uniformly as you wish in marking political territory, but be advised that it then places you on high ground which you must hold by vigilant scrupulous example.

    As with the response to Obama zombie, EVERY instance of crass violence on the progressive side MUST be as aggressively and vigilantly condemned, IMMEDIATELY, PUBLICLY, and apologized for on behalf of everyone, to everyone, if outwardly-directed moral outrage is to have substance.

    Every campaign donation, mailer, speech, worker must be thoroughly vetted and monitored, and aggressively policed to uphold the standards you wish to apply to others.

    It will be hard to be perfect, but as you do imply, “moral” is supposed to have meaning.

    If you have the courage and fortitude to use it unhypocritically, and examine yourself and those you support with the same vigilance you focus on opponents, you may actually effect some change in the process, and the world.

    Good luck to you.

  • Eric the 1/2 troll says:

    ..or you can take Barb’s approach and just not care…

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Didn’t say that, did I Eric? Not that that would ever stop you, of course, you being a somewhat selective moral crusader yourself.

    I would think that the campaign focused solely on economic and transportation issues gives huge ammunition to all voters in the district to point at whenever they see a loss of focus on what was promised.

    My personal opinion remains unchanged from the beginning of campaign season: we simply cannot afford to spend time and money on social issues as a primary concern, on EITHER side of the aisle.

    (I do support any vigilance he wants to direct on combatting attacks on our state Right To Work status, as that is an economic issue to me, although I am aware that some view it as a social one)

  • Loudoun GOPer says:

    I noticed this post a number of days ago, and thought about just ignoring it and letting you hyperventilate for awhile. It has been really fun watching you and BO freak out with the, “I TOLD YOU SO!”

    So let’s actually look at the quote and see what he said. “You’ve got to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.”

    The rest of that paragraph is added by the reporter. I didn’t read anywhere where Black is quoted as saying, “I’m working right now on 10 abortion bills to try and get passed!”

    Second quote: “I think we’re seeing a steady shift back to traditional conservative values in Virginia.”

    Wow. Truly shocking. Republican sweep in Loudoun and take the VA Senate by electing 4 Conservative Republicans, and he has the audacity to claim that Virgina is swinging back to the conservative side of the spectrum. How DARE he!!!

    OK, let’s take a moment and give the reporter the benefit of the doubt and say that Black did mention all those issues in his interview.

    Abortion restrictions – well, beyond outright banning abortion I’m not sure how many more restrictions you could get after the Senate (before the arrival of Dick Black) passed a law requiring abortion clinics to meet the same safety standards as hospitals. Besides, Randy Minchew is the one who said he was going to introduce the, “Life Begins at Conception” legislation.

    Gun laws – I heard a lot of people talking about the Castle Doctrine during the elections. Oh, but I wouldn’t want any Republicans wasting their time on a bill that would protect a homeowner who is trying to protect their home and family.

    Labor Unions – Isn’t there this whole todo about this whole Metro Phase II deal, and a push to user Project Labor Agreements, which would essentially eliminate any Virginia contractors from bidding on the project AND drive the costs through the roof because they would be forced to pay union level wages and follow union rules?

    You’re right, guys. I wouldn’t want anyone wasting their time with a non-issue like that.

    So, LI. Why don’t you an BO and Jay Hughes go take your “I Told You So’s” and find yourself a nice Liberal Democrat who will go to Richmond, raise your taxes, and spend VA into the poor house and get them ready to run in 4 years, because Black is a goner, right? Just like he would never win this seat in the first place, right? Cause he was too extreme, right?

    Oh, and Jay. It’s SENATOR Black now. The “moving around the Commonwealth” line doesn’t work against an INCUMBENT. Go crawl back under your rock for another 4 years and try to come up with some better material.

  • Jay Hughes says:


    I’m not going to broadbrush all social conservatives. Many social conservatives run honestly on their political views and I commend them for it despite my disagreements with socio-religious nanny-statism. And let’s be fair here….political bait-n-switch knows no partisan affiliation as we all saw from Bill Clinton who decided the era of big government was over when big government cost him the Congress in Nov 1994.

  • Jay Hughes says:


    Actually it’s just Senator-elect Black since he hasn’t taken his oath yet. I work for the military and there’s a joke in the military when an officer gets selection for promotion but hasn’t “pinned on” yet and he wants to be called his new rank-select. The joke is: “hey…you know what a Lt. Col.-select is? A major.” So you know what a “senator-elect” is? Just a private citizen. LOL

    Seriously, “LoudounGOPer”, we all knew the minute Dick won the primary he would win the seat in the general election. No surprise there.

    As for his carpetbagging…well, that’s exactly what it was. Carpetbagging. Sorry you don’t like hearing the truth. Carpetbaggers are power hungry people who will do anything to get elected because they love the power. And, if you’re a real conservative you should be very frightened of people who lust after power.

  • The party’s at Dick Black’s place?

    Which one?

  • BlackOut says:

    Some folks just can’t handle the “I told you so” truth.

  • Loudoun GOPer says:

    “Jay Hughes”:

    I guess it was fitting of me to lump you in with LI and BO since you like to follow the same strategy as they do. You all completely ignore the salient points of my post because they totally refute your attacks, and instead focus on minutia.

    For your information, I am a true Conservative which is why I support people like Dick Black. I don’t take the “if you’re a real conservative” lines very seriously from someone who views social conservative issues as “socio-religious nanny-statism.”

    You must not have been paying much attention to Loudoun over the last six to eight months if you are using the, “we all knew the minute Dick won the primary he would win the general” line. You see, all the people ‘in the know’ here (meaning this blog) were CERTAIN that Dick was going to get slaughtered because he is “too extreme!!!”

    So instead of worrying about whether he is Senator Black, or Senator-elect Black, or simply Col. Black for the next few weeks, how about actually backing up the ‘I told you so’ with facts?

  • Jay Hughes says:

    Wow, LoudounGOPer, you’re definitely an angry little man. Just like Dick is an angry little man. More than happy to stick to the facts, little man. Fact: Dick’s campaign website was clearly devoid of any mention of his signature social issues: abortion, gay bashing, etc. Given his past positions on these issues it’s clear this was a very obvious attempt to distance himself from those issues and focus mainly on fiscal/economic, transportation and education issues. Fact: now the he’s won the election, Dick wants to return to “traditional conservative” issues. Which confirms what many of figured all along. Dick ran as a fiscal/economic conservative in order to win. Now that he’s won he’s going to serve as a socio-religious conservative. When you portray yourself one way during a campaign to get elected and then make it clear you’re going to govern a completely different way once you’re elected…where I come from that’s called deception. And another word for deception is called lying.

    Oh and speaking of “You all completely ignore the salient points of my post because they totally refute your attacks, and instead focus on minutia.” I noticed that you conveniently ignored my rebuttal to your remarks about carpetbagging.

    Well, little man, I suggest you get your Mommie to help you put on your raincoat and booties because it is raining cold, hard facts up in here.

  • BlackOut says:

    Jay, this is classic seagull activity by Loudoun GOPer.

    I am sure at the end of this little tat, you will have buried him with logic and he’ll run away for a return some other day.

    What really should burn a hard core republican like Loudoun GOPer is that Black didn’t have the b*lls to stick to his social agenda. He buried it. Hide it. Didn’t have confidence that his holier than thou views could win an election. Guess what he’s right. Never would have won if he had the integrity to stand up for what he believed.

    I told you so. I told you so. I told you so.

  • Not only did he not have confidence in his positions, he ran from opposition that would have creamed him for them – Herring.

  • Loudoun GOPer says:

    The classic fall back of the liberal mindset. When losing an argument, call the other person names.

    You obviously did not look at Dick’s website well, (or probably at all I suspect). If you had bothered to look at it, you would have seen the ‘Current Issues’ tab. Go to that and you see a number of issues listed including ‘Immigration’, ‘2nd Amendment’, and ‘Life – Core Family Values’ among others. Click on any of those and Dick tells you exactly where he stands on those issues.

    Go and look for yourself. His website is

    On the other hand, if you go to Shawn Mitchell’s website, he lists ‘Education’, ‘Jobs and the Economy’, and ‘Transportation’. Sounds like Mitchell was the one who was hiding his views, or does anyone believe he would abstain from voting on any bill that didn’t involve those three issues?

    Furthermore, I doubt there is anyone in the district who doesn’t know where he stands on social issues because that was the only thing Dick’s opponent campaigned on.

    So there’s one of your ‘cold hard facts’ that is actually a ‘warm mushy pile’. How about the other one, which is the point of this whole post. “Now that he’s won, he is going to REVERT to being a social conservative!!!!” Where is the proof? Is it your opinion that because he focused his campaign on jobs and the economy (which is the biggest issue we need to deal with right now) that he must vote like a liberal Democrat on every social issue brought forward?

    You keep on going with this “campaign one way to get elected, but govern a different way” crap. What exactly is that supposed to mean? Bob McDonnell campaigned on jobs and the economy, but that didn’t stop him from signing the bill that forces abortion clinics to meet the same safety standards as hospitals. Was that a ‘bait and switch’ on McDonnell’s part? Is he ‘governing like a socio-religious conservative’?

    I’d like you to answer two basic questions for me.

    1. Did Dick Black make any secret about his stands on social issues, or lie about his positions on these issues?

    2. Do you have some secret knowledge that Dick Black is going to submit nothing but social issue bills?

    Unless your answer to question 2 is ‘yes’ (and if the answer is ‘yes’, then I would LOVE to here your proof), then your second ‘cold hard fact’ just went up in a cloud of smoke.

    But thanks for playing. Keep trying, and keep the name calling coming. It really brings you a lot of credibility. No, really. I’m serious.

    Oh, and I didn’t ignore the carpet bagging issue. I have answered it in detail more than once on this blog so you can search for it if you’re curious. For you I will answer the issue the same way 57% of the voters of the 13th district answered it.


  • Loudoun GOPer says:

    Hey, Lloyd. Are you sure Dick ran from Herring? Because from where I stand it was the other way around, or do you think it is just a coincidence that Dick’s old house was carved out of Herring’s district and put in a district with 50% of Arlington?

    If Dick Black was soooo easy to beat, why didn’t Herring DEMAND to have Dick in his district?

  • BlackOut says:

    Haha, he absolutely ran away from Herring! You are such a revisionist.

    Dick knew exactly what happened when Black Mini-Me Mick Staton got throttled by Herrring. Absolutely Black ran from Herring. He wanted to avoid another embarrassment like that demonstrated in the Staton debacle.

    I am sure Herring was salivating at a run against Black.

  • BlackOut says:

    This should move Black into high gear on his attack agenda on homosexuals:

    “The apparent absence of angst about gays serving openly in the Marines seemed to confirm General James Amos’ view that the change has been taken in stride, without hurting the war effort.

    In the AP interview, he offered an anecdote to make his point. He said that at the annual ball in Washington earlier this month celebrating the birth of the Marine Corps, a female Marine approached Amos’s wife, Bonnie, and introduced herself and her lesbian partner.

    “Bonnie just looked at them and said, ‘Happy birthday ball. This is great. Nice to meet you,'” Amos said. “That is happening throughout the Marine Corps.””

    I can see Black’s head spinning around. Semper Fi Colonel.

  • Jay Hughes says:


    Well, son, I was having a very civil conversation with David Weintraub when you decided to tell me to crawl back under my rock. As a gay Republican I can tell you I’m probably not A Number One on his hit parade…yet, ironically, we were having a very pleasant conversation.

    You strike me as a bully “LoudounGOPer”. Most bullies don’t like it when they pick a fight with the wrong kid on the playground to find out they’re gonna get their ass whipped in public view. It’s my experience that bullies are the first to scream victim when they find themselves in that situation….just like you’re doing now.

    When you follow the link and view the amount of copy given to “Life-Core Family Values” it is very clear that Dick wants to give as short shrift as possible on these issues and then move on. What used to be rants about homosexual conspiracies to sap and impurify marriage is now simply “supporting traditional marriage.” He mentions his support of HB1402 which was a common sense bill requiring minors to secure parental concent before undergoing a major surgical procedure such as abortion. But it’s funny when you read the text. Dick claims he “enacted” HB1402. No one legislator can enact anything. He INTRODUCED HB1402. But legislation isn’t ENACTED until it’s approved by both houses of the G.A. and signed by the governor…and it certainly isn’t “enacted” by one little man all by his little self. I think Dick’s word choice in this piece speak volumes about his Napoleanic lust for power. Now I concede that I was in error when I said there was no mention of social issues on his website. See…that’s what mature people do when they’re proven wrong. They admit error which is what I just did.

    When you look at the other issue pages: transportation, economy…he devotes far more electrons to those issues…even recording video monologues for some of them. I don’t think it takes a stretch of logic to see that Dick clearly didn’t want to focus on his past, hard core support of gay bashing.

    Now, as I browse through Dick’s laundry list of issues and problems he’s going to fix I have one question. Aren’t these the same issues/problems the Commonwealth faced during his tenure in the House of Delegates? I mean our transportation infrastructure in NOVA is still an unmitigated nightmare in addition to other areas in the state such as Tidewater and the I-81 corridor down in SW Virginia. High unemployment has been a problem for years in the rural areas of the state.

    So if Dick was such as effective legislator during his H of D tenure, then why are these problems still around? Especially the issues facing northern Virginia such as transportation and crime? What’s he going to do differently this time that he didn’t do when he used to be in the H of D.

    As to prescience regarding Dick’s legislative proposals….well let’s just wait and see. If he sticks to the tone of his campaign website then I win. If he pulls off his sheep’s clothing and introduces bill after bill to destroy the “homo conspiracy” then I win. Either way I win buddy.

    Well, because I don’t live with my Mommie I have to go get some time on the treadmill (once you hit 40 Thanksgiving dinner hits the waistline a lot faster than it used to), make dinner, do laundry etc. I enjoy reading your posts where you’re almost tonguing Dick’s scrotum you love him so much. Keep the hits coming.

    Your old pal,


  • LGOP,

    He moved no later than March, well before the Senate districts were set.

    However, assuming for the sake of argument that he moved to avoid running against Favola, he’s no better. The undisputed fact is that he moved only to have a better chance to win a senate seat. That, in and of itself, is despicable in my book.

  • Loudoun GOPer says:

    “I was having a very civil conversation with David Weintraub when you decided to tell me to crawl back under my rock”

    Riiiiiight. Let’s recap that ‘civil conversation.’

    “Dick Black is a charlatan and a flake. He always has been and always will be a charlatan and a flake. And to echo BlackOut: TOLD YA SO.”

    What did you call it when you say you were doing one thing, but doing something else? Oh, right. Lying.

    “You strike me as a bully “LoudounGOPer”. Most bullies don’t like it when they pick a fight with the wrong kid on the playground to find out they’re gonna get their ass whipped in public view. It’s my experience that bullies are the first to scream victim when they find themselves in that situation….just like you’re doing now.”

    I’m not a bully, Jay, and I am certainly not screaming victim. I was pointing out what people like you do when you are losing an argument, and you are still doing it. Name calling.

    Let’s see. You admit you were wrong about both of your so-called facts from above, but I am supposed to be the ‘bully that is going to publicly get my ass whipped’ in this scenario?

    I am glad you seem to have a win-win scenario in here somewhere. I have one, too. Dick governs like a fiscal AND social conservative, and because this district is heavily tilted Republican, he will probably be in this seat for as long as he wants.

    Now THAT’s a win-win scenario.

  • Jay Hughes says:

    I’m not losing an argument. You just don’t like the inconvenient truth that 1. Dick moved around to find a way back into public office…it took a few times but it finally worked out for him….2. that he focused on non-social issues in his campaign because he knew if he tried his old style of in-your-face social issues he’d lose 3. you seem to avoid my observation that Dick had plenty of opportunities to solve transportation problems, employment problems, etc when he was in the H of D…if he was such a mover and a shaker why aren’t those problems solved….4. when you run a campaign that clearly wants to focus on fiscal conservativism because you know the so-con issues will secure your loss but then decide to govern as a so-con then that’s deceiving voters….hmmm….you have a strange way of thinking you’re winning an argument…that’s like the football team getting a lower score than their opponent and claiming victory

  • Intriguing says:

    Loudoun GOPer:

    Let’s take this discussion in a different and more civil direction.

    I’m not going to refute anything that you say. Dick Black won his election fair and square. He is now Senator-elect Black.

    Unfortunately, he is my Senator. While this makes me want to stand up and projectile vomit, for the time being I’m going to wait and see what Dick does before I comment further.

    You are correct in stating that little is accomplished by ad hominem attacks and name calling.

    I will say this: I don’t much like Dick Black, as is my right. I don’t like his carpet bagging past, I don’t like his legislative track record, I don’t like his legislative emphasis on social issues, and I don’t like some of the company he keeps, like his son-in-law. I don’t like his politics, I don’t like the manner in which he campaigns, and I don’t like the mere possibility that he would focus his energies on making my government more intrusive. I don’t like that Dick hasn’t worked in the private sector, I don’t like his white hair, and I don’t much like the shrill tenor of his voice. Note that none of what I’ve stated is an attack on Dick Black. These are my opinions. Aside from these issues that I personally have with Dick, I’m sure that he’s a perfectly fine fellow.

    In summary, I don’t hate Dick Black, but I don’t like him either.

    I intend to watch and wait and see just how Dick Black conducts himself. Hopefully, Dick’s days of shipping plastic fetuses around the Commonwealth are behind him. Hopefully, Dick Black invents a new improved version of himself that we can all respect. I don’t think that anyone will worship or idolize him in the manner that you have these last few months, but who am I to fault you for your unfailing love of Dick? Live and let live, I say.

    But mark my words Loudoun GOPer, if Dick deviates from fixing Virginia’s economy, creating jobs, fixing our transportation infrastructure, and lowering taxes, the voters will punish him at the ballot box. Of that you can be sure.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Guys, one thing to consider on the relative effectiveness of ANY NoVA legislator ten years or more back is that no matter what they proposed, they were severely outnumbered.

    We have been blessed with a booming economy and its attendant riches and headaches, and the rest of the state for a long long time was only too happy to say “we feel your pain” and abscond with our money, because together they COULD.

    The drives our family took around the state, where we travelled smoothly on nice wide EMPTY roads for an hour at a time, with nothing in sight but acres and acres of corn, soybeans, tobacco, cows, and my husband would sourly declaim “Why, HERE’S our road money!”

    The additional districts here are a good sign in that regard–even if they are anathema to those who wish we were still a country idyll within an easy painless commute of the high-powered job in DC!

  • Loudoun GOPer says:

    “I’m not losing an argument.”

    Let’s see…

    1. You claim Dick’s website does not contain ANY mention of his social conservative views. Your exact words were: “(as evidenced by his campaign website that made neither hide nor hair mention of abortion, “family values”, etc.)”

    You were proven wrong – and even admitted it.

    3. You claim that Dick is going to now “serve as a socio-religious conservative.”

    I ask you to provide ANY evidence that Dick is going to introduce nothing but social issue bills.

    You provide no evidence, and simply say “let’s wait and see.”

    You’re right, Jay. You’re not losing an argument. You’ve already lost it.

    This entire post is about Dick Black “returning to his eeeevil socially conservative ways after talking about jobs and the economy.” Neither you nor anyone else here has provided any evidence to back up this claim.

    Now that you have lost that argument you try to change the focus of the discussion to carpet-bagging, past campaign strategies, and some lame argument that because every transportation and economic problem ever faced by Virginia was not personally solved by Dick Black when he was in the General Assembly, then he was ineffective.

    There is some good advice I feel the need to pass onto you at this point. When you find yourself at the bottom of a deep hole – STOP DIGGING!

  • Loudoun GOPer says:

    I’m sure Dick Black is losing sleep over your lack of appreciation for his efforts and is thinking desperately of ways to win your approval, Intriguing.

    Remember, you can’t please all the people all the time. The people who try to are the ones that got us into the mess we are in now.

    Four years from now, after fulminating and name calling, and snide remarks on this blog, you will have the chance to vote for another Democrat who will be bringing up the same, tired complaints.

    In fact, I’m sure that one of their mailers will say, “10 years ago, before you elected him Senator, Dick Black moved to run for Congress, then moved into this district to run for Senate!!! Isn’t that horrible!!?!???”

  • squiddy says:

    Any long-time resident of NOVA would understand the long legacy of the stacked deck against NOVA by the rest of the state – from the Dillon rule, to Byrd machine politics, to routinely ripping off the north in reapportionment years, the North has long sent far more money to Richmond than it’s gotten back, with little leverage by simply being outnumbered by delegates from the rest of the state.

    (and to a certain extent, that’s fair, the richer northern counties should help the poorer rural counties in providing basic services.)

    Especially against that backdrop, the specious claim that Dick Black failed to fix all of our transportation problems is as laughable as saying we should no longer require a President or an Army, both having been given sufficient time to solve all of our problems.

    And it ignores the explosive growth in NOVA the last 10 years – of course, those that complain the loudest are those who are a part of the problem, having moved here 5 years ago or less – but that’s another story.

    Anyway, “Intriguing”, since he’s your Senator, you have the right and duty to communicate with him, to let him know when you think he’s going off the tracks. Personally, I think you get better results if you similarly tell your rep when you agree with them, but that’s for you to decide. And certainly, such positive reinforcement doesn’t seem to be in some people’s make-up …

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Squid, I agree with you that it IS up to us to a certain degree to provide some parity to the portions of the Commonwealth less blessed than we have been.

    I also agree that some who yell the loudest are the last house on the blockers.

    My personal opinion is that a lot of the ****ing and moaning by many up here over how simply AWFUL it was to have growth (that was paying for the state at large, most of which was happy to get it) made it much much easier for the rest of the state to take the money with a much clearer conscience.

    Lots of places would dearly love to have our problems.

  • Leej says:

    Barbara people moved here because of the developers dream.

    Certainly not our politicians and county planners. Because outside the major puds there is a lot of crap built unlike the puds. And that large ugly piece of cheapo junk being built at our ashburn metro right now is as bad as it gets. and that is their front entrance. 😉 Because the same developer is building a beautiful project at the reston metro. what does that tell us what they think of their ashburn metro property. big project going up but what does tell what they really think. they can rent cheap and just get their money out of it.

    They changed the original great design and cheapened it.

    I don’t think the feds will fund our two metros in our lifetimes only get it to dulles, if the economy stays bad.

    the first phase is over budget and taking longer to build.

    And it is not just the last ones yelling loud. And I will end people came here for the developers and the developers planners dream. Yet will bitch and bitch about all these homes and development. Like they want it as their private place and nobody else. Yet want all the amenities and retail and restaurants. It takes a lot of people to have these.

  • Impressions says:

    Were I fortunate enough to live in Herring’s district; trying to solve problems, not control people.

  • Jay Hughes says:


    Are you currently in college or recently graduated? If so from where? I’m William & Mary Class of 93. Just curious.


  • Jay: Thanks – and fair enough. My guess is that it was a bit of both.

    You misread me if you think I would have a problem with gay Republicans. I would like nothing better than to see two reality-based parties operating under the premise that we are all people, although we have different ideas about what government should be doing, and people like you are needed for there to be any chance of that happening. With individuals like Mr. Black representing the Republican party in Virginia, it can’t even meet that basic threshold. I would find it challenging to not abandon my party under that circumstance, so good for you. To Mr. Black and anyone who plays apologist for the kind of absurd bills he introduced in his time as delegate, you and I are not really people, we’re just “agendas.” I’m talking about bills that went out of their way just to interfere with the freedom of gay people to participate in society in ways like being eligible for a home loan program, or taking care of family members through employer-provided health insurance. These were bills that provided no benefit to anyone, and were opposed by the business community because they result in more administrative cost and reduce freedom to be competitive in the market. Their only purpose was to harass gay people.

    Charlatan is the right word, too, in that he brought in charlatans to testify before the GA. In one case the guy he tried to present as an expert witness had been expelled from at least two professional associations and reprimanded by a judge for lying and publishing fraudulent research.

    The difference between then and now? Black’s previous campaigns showcased antics like this – in 2005 he was all over the media making pronouncements about people he knows nothing about and school plays he didn’t see. He openly ran on being an anti-gay crusader. This time he didn’t talk about it in public. He may well have talked about it to private audiences, but his handlers did not think it was a winning general election issue in 2011. The change between then and now is large and significant.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Dick Black will remain a divisive figure in Loudoun politics, there is no doubt about it.

  • Intriguing says:

    “LoudounGOPer: Are you currently in college or recently graduated? If so from where? I’m William & Mary Class of 93. Just curious.”

    I’m betting he’s a past graduate of West Virginia University.

  • BlackOut says:

    Recent quote from Black:

    “”We are going to be forced to find new revenues at some point,” Black said.” Leesburg Today.

    Where was that statement when Black was lying his way to the Senate. Monk better have that little sit down with him and straighten him out.

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