Think Loudoun Is Bad? Try PWC!

By Loudoun Insider

Loudoun is famous for Good Old Boy and Girl Network shenanigans, but I think Prince William County has Loudoun beat with their Supervisor “discretionary funds”.  These are big pots of money that each Supervisor gets to dole out as they see fit.  Political walk around money at taxpayer expense.  Disgusting.

I’ve known about this for a couple years but never looked into it in detail since I don’t live there.  But Wally Covington has gone too far in wanting to give $100,000 of his district slush fund to an organization outside his district that is headed up by his wife.  Is this Prince Georges County, Maryland or Prince William County, Virginia?  Hard to tell.  This sounds like something I would expect to see from the Washington DC City Council.  You know it’s bad when BVBL and Moonhowlings (formerly anti-BVBL) agree on something.  An excellent synopsis is provided at this new blog (to me) as well.

PWC residents of all political persuasions should band together and demand an end to these “discretionary funds”.  They say discretion is the better part of valor – it’s time for PWC politicians to find the valor in themselves to get rid of this kind of indiscretion.


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