2011 TC Turkey of the Year = Ron Speakman

By Loudoun Insider

As if this could be anyone else!  One disaster after another.  The lame career as a Leesburg patrol cop, where he never got a promotion and resigned under a cloud, the questionable residency (whatever happened to that investigation anyway?), the outright lies about Mike Chapman’s experience (and not knowing what a federal Assistant Special Agent in Charge is), losing the LCRC nomination by more than 2-1 (and not having the decency to shake Chapman’s hand), the predictable (I predicted it from the get go) “Independent” run and pledge breaking after losing the nomination, the never ending full page ads,  and the crowning moment of this crazy political season – texting a photo of a huge nasty human penis to a woman working on his campaign.

And what did all this and around $200,000 get him in the end?  10% of the anemic voter turnout, an amount to forever be known as “The Speakman Percentage”, the amount of voters who pay no attention to facts and can be swayed by massive ad campaigns.

Note:  I thought about having someone do a turkey photo montage for Speakman, as we’ve had in the past for our previous winners, but come on, you really can’t say “turkey” better than simply showing Speakman himself, can you?



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