Pat Mullins Is In Trouble

By Loudoun Insider

When Pat Mullins announced he was seeking re-election as Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia a couple weeks ago, pretty much everyone figured he was a shoo-in. The party had just come off a good election cycle and not many compliants were to be heard about Mullins and his team at RPV.

What a difference a couple weeks can make. The primary debacle and the subsequent fall out has flipped the political calculus on Mullins on its head. Moderates are ticked at RPV for the pledge nonsense, conservatives are ticked about the primary choices, there is a sense that the establishment, which now (unfortunately for him) includes Mullins, favored Romney through the process, and Mullins has issued a series of strange and often contradicting official statements.

I cannot imagine a serious challenger to Mullins not arising at this point. RPV Chairman is a wide open slot at this point.


  • Elder Berry says:

    Fred, back to basics aren’t all Republicans self-professed or is there an annointing authority I hadn’t heard of. Sure do wish the party could get over its anti-intellectual and anti-science themes this year.

  • Liberal Anthropologist says:

    “Sure do wish the party could get over its anti-intellectual and anti-science themes this year.”

    Elder Berry,

    Care to elaborate what policy positions the candidates have are anti-intellectual or anti-science? The party with the largest number of anti-science positions is clearly the democrats. From their anti-science positions on Global Warming to hysteria over GM foods and population, they are the party that is anti-science.

    Be prepared to defend the science of anything you bring up. I will be quoting studies.

  • juandeveras says:

    I was interested to learn there was an unannounced horse insurance business relationship between Pat Mullins’ company and the care and feeding of Romney’s dressage horses going back to 2007.

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