Delgaudio Exposed

By Loudoun Insider

What a creepy huckster.  Loudoun Progress pointed me to some new info on Loudoun’s own (unfortunately) Eugene Delgaudio.  First we have him getting disowned by The Weekly Standard, and then we have a rundown of the exploits and fundraising and “management fees” of Public Adovcate of the United States, Delgaudio’s gay-obsessed organization.  As the title of that last link’s blog post says, “nice work if you can get it” although I know very few people who could do that kind of work and sleep at night or look themselves in the mirror.  What distinction he brings to Loudoun County by being one of our elected “leaders”.


  • BlackOut says:

    Finally maybe the IRS is going to get interested and go after Delgaudio’s fraudulent non-profit status.

    LI, I am surprised you didn’t bring out the York/Delgaudio hug picture for this post.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    one of the comments in the Politico comment thread on this article says that Delgaudio pays himself $500,000 a year in his day job. Seems very pricey considering the quality of the product. Anyone know whether this is accurate?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    The other post I linked to says he pays his wholly owned management company about $164,000 a year, with some other expenses thrown in for a total of around $171,000.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    More wonderful attention, luckily this one doesn’t mention Loudoun County either:

  • RJT says:

    Loudon Insider, the $171,000 is what Public Advocate pays his management company. The management company may get revenue from other sources, too.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Yeah, who knows what other high brow ventures he’s involved with!

  • Wow. Tremendous detective work. Considering this exact information has been publicly available for 30 years with these public disclosure forms called “990s” and I have disclosed my salaries in interviews frequently. And my affiliation with Public Advocate is featured in all my own printed literature.

    Anyone can obtain the 990 — its a public disclosure form.

    This did not stop one local TV news program from doing a headline story “Should Eugene Delgaudio Have Two Jobs?” That was quite direct and ” original “.

    Public Advocate was first attacked in 1982 on the front page of the Washington Post Metro section for sending out, gasp, a letter critical of so-called homosexual rights legislation.

    100s of times since then various liberal, leftist and pro-homosexual opinion writers have expressed shock that anyone, especially a small budget group based in Falls Church, would dare oppose them. Often they, respectively, claim over and over again a new discovery about something that is, afterall, 30 years old.

    Thankfully most of the time most of the major newsmedia does report accurately on what we do and say in our program of education on legislation, legal briefs before agencies and courts, and advocacy of policies at the executive level in the federal government and in the respective states and localities. That accuracy and balance is a little absent here but you do certainly like being critical on a regular basis.

  • Jonathan Weintraub says:

    Supervisor Delgaudio,

    The local news media asked a good question. Should you have two jobs? Does your day job have a “positive approach to the community”? Does your work positively affect citizens and donors? Can you provide evidence of the effect, not the fact that you stood outside of Congress with boxes of petitions? And can you explain why the Weekly Standard publisher stated that your “work” failed their vetting process?

    Also, since you seem to appreciate “accuracy and balance”, do you feel that your fundraising letters are accurate and balanced?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    While I like many of your votes, Eugene, you are a professional huckster who sends out complete bullshit to gullible people to raise money to pay yourself and raise more money. It’s really quite reprehensible and reflects poorly on Loudoun County no matter what you may say.

  • Eric the 1/2 troll says:

    “Anyone can obtain the 990 — its a public disclosure form.”

    Consider yourself disclosed…maybe think of it as coming out of the closet, Eugene.

  • BlackOut says:

    Mr. Delgaudio, explaning away the attack on your non-profit by saying that you file 990s and they are available is really not that effective. Saying that you’ve heard the attacks before is not that effective either.

    Have you ever welcomed a third party audit of your operations? Most reputable non-profits do it on a regular basis and make the report publicly available. If you have not had such a report done would you commission one and make it available?

    I would also think a third party audit would be useful when the IRS starts to ask questions about your status.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    A perfect example of the complete nonsense thrown out by Delgaudio on a regular basis – “The massive propaganda machine has launched a thousand websites attacking Public Advocate for months turning into years.”

    Oh yeah, “a thousand” anti-Public Advocate websites.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    And I’m still waiting for the Presidential decree about Eugene to show up:

  • Dan says:

    “The massive propaganda machine has launched a thousand websites attacking Public Advocate for months turning into years.”

    LI, this should not surprise you. This sort of deflection of attention is a time honored tradition among charlatans. When an inconvenient question is raised about your activities you attack the party who raised the question.

    Better still, you do what Delgaudio does here. Use ludicrous exaggeration and build an entire fictitious conspiracy that is out to stop your vital work. This conspiracy nonsense will be uncritically accepted by a certain number of the true believers who share your bigotry. This group (who lack the discernment to see that your primary purpose is to line your pockets) will then write you more checks. Rinse and repeat.

    I have no idea what portion (if any) Eugene believes of the vile stuff he peddles. It is pretty clear though that he has figured out how to make it pay.

    Eugene helps prove once again that Barnum was right about a sucker being born every minute. He has corralled enough suckers to make a tidy sum for himself. And I expect he will continue to do so. After all, those trying to expose Eugene are part of an evil cabal trying to turn us all gay. You can’t believe them! You must send another check to that “honest” man Eugene so that he can save us all from them.

    Eugene is a very shrewd fellow. And these stories only help him shovel in more bucks. But you can still hope enough regular voters read them and that one day he won’t hold elective office any longer.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Of course it doesn’t surprise me, Dan, I know what a huckster this guy is. Unfortunately too many voters either don’t or they don’t care because they think he cares about them.

  • BlackOut says:

    This adds to the illumination of Delgaudio’s refusal to sign the BOS Code of Conduct.

  • Elder Berry says:

    Eugene’s “code of conduct” is quite obvious to all. However now we seem to have several more on the board who are going to give him a run for the “most reprehensible” trophy.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    More on that topic soon.

  • Mark Herring's Guardian Angel says:

    If PA is registered as a 501c4, there is unlikely to be any interest from the IRS. There are multiple options for “non profit” status and political advocacy is one of them.

  • Mark Herring's Guardian Angel says:

    Should have written “issue advocacy.”

  • Joanthon Moseley says:

    Jonathan Weintraub, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors position is a part-time position.

    Your (the newspaer’s) question “Should Eugene Delgaudio have two jobs” is kind of a dumb question, given that the Board of Supervisors is EXPECTED to have two jobs.

    Nearly all the Supervisors have day jobs, except that JIm Burton is living off his military pension.

    When I worked for a local business being threatened by the County bureaucracy, we faced the lament that Supervisors do not have enough time or staff to dig in to proposals sent before them by the County bureaucracy, because they are part-time.

    So now to question if tSupervisors should also have a day job is kind of a shocking contrast, with complaints that they don’t have enough time to devote to a part-time job.

    I also find it silly to apply “the Clarke test.”


  • Not Joanathon Mosely says:

    Supervisor Delgaudio,

    Several questions about your orgainization. Since the question is what type of advocacy Public Advocate does, could you release the following information:

    1. The list of all court cases and agency actions in which Public Advocate has filed briefs or responses to proposed rule making actions since 1990? For each listing, could you put up a link to the document filed by Public Advocate?

    2. For the last three years, could you list the conferences, seminars and meetings for members of public advocate for educational purposes and the dates and locations of these conferences?

    3. What was the location of the warehouse where you confronted the gayswho chased you on forklifts? What was the date this happened?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Hilarious, NJM!

    #3 made me spew coffee!

  • BlackOut says:

    Guardian Angel. they only thing PA is advocating for is cash. It’s a scam. Non-profits are investigated all the time.

  • In addition to NJM’s excellent list:

    Please furnish the police report you filed the night you were working late at the office to finish an urgent fundraising appeal and were beaten in the head with rocks by homosexual activists. Thank you.

  • Interesting Observation says:

    Mr. Delgaudio, your form 990 from 2009 indicates that you did not earn a salary from Public Advocate, but did get an advance. What was this an advance on if you didn’t draw a salary from the nonprofit, but rather only from Eugene Delgaudio and Associates.

  • Jay Hughes says:

    Mr. Delgaudio is a clown. And like any clown, he is in the entertainment business. Like any person who makes money via entertainment, he has an audience. So they compensate him for his efforts. For instance, I’m a fan of action-adventure/sci-fi films. So I’m looking forward to purchasing my copy of the Scorpion King 3. I’m glad Victor Webster is getting work. I really liked him in an obscure TV series called Mutant X. Plus with the beard and the obvious time in the gym he’s looking quite woofy these days. So I am the consumer of the film’s producers, director, actors, crew, etc. entertainment product.

    Mr. Delgaudio is an entertainment producer who sells his product to very eager consumers, i.e. his audience. These are people who desperately want to believe that 1. a homosexual conspiracy exists to destroy America and 2. there is an Indiana Jones/Fox Mulder type character who is risking life and limb to protect them from and expose said conspiracy. In exchange for this entertainment product, Mr. Delgaudio’s audience compensates him for his effort. Just as the rest of us compensate entertainment professionals by purchasing tickets to their shows.

    So you see, NJM, there was no warehouse on a dark and stormy night. There was no secret army of gays operating fork lifts moving boxes of porn and conspiracy literature. There was no chase scene where Mr. Delgaudio must escape the gay fork lift drivers…perhaps using the gas pellets in his utility belt to stymie his attackers’ vision and his wrist mounted grappling hook launcher to swing to safety at the last minute. Perhaps Mr. Delgaudio sped away from the bad guys lair in his hi-tech Christmobile. It’s all part of a fictional narrative that Mr. Delgaudio sells to his subscribers.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking: there’s a difference between the entertainment industry which makes works of fiction that we all know to be works of fiction and Mr. Delgaudio’s efforts. So I offer you this consolation. Mr. Delgaudio is a clown. The people that purchase his product are fools. Take comfort in knowing that not only are fools and money quickly parted….they were lucky to get together in the first place. It’s only a matter of time before his audience runs out of money and can no longer purchase his product and services. Then Mr. Delgaudio will be out of business and, hence, a failed clown.

    Then he’ll have to get a real job.

  • BlackOut says:

    Jay Hughes, I get your point but Victor Webster doesn’t operate as a non-profit to avoid paying taxes. That is were your analogy breaks down. He certainly is a clown but he is more like a fraudulent tax evading clown.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    Delgaudio as [super]hero is a funny notion. I’m surprised he hasn’t started a comic book series. It might be a new revenue stream…

  • Ben Dover says:

    eb – that’s an interesting idea. I wonder what the name of his alter ego might be? The Gay Crusader?

  • edmundburkenator says:

    I would go for something more esoteric.

    Orange Thrush
    Bifocal (he would never wear progressive lenses)
    Leviti Cuss (the Bible thumpers will get that one)

  • Eric the 1/2 troll says:

    With Black as his sidekick…

  • Not Joanathon Mosely says:

    If Eugene were a superhero, what type of powers would he have?
    Would he wear an orange flying suit (aka Elvis)?
    Would his powers come from his Super Whistle?
    Instead of Marlin Brando at the Fortress of Soliture or or Commissioner Gordon at City Hall, would he meet with Dick Black at the State Capital before venturing out to purge the World of some new awful vice?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    This really is some good stuff – don’t let it all out yet, folks, I think I see a TC contest in the near future.

  • Elder Berry says:

    So what is Eugene’s organization’s status regarding incorporation status, business license, number of employees, payroll deductions, unemployment taxes, business personal property taxes, etc. Does he pay monthly or quarterly. Does he carry business liability and workers comp insurance.

    If he is a “consultant” to his own organization does he pay self-employment tax.

    Nitey night people.

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  • Liam Joseph says:

    Pardon my asking, as I’m new to Loudoun County, but how does a clown like this continue to get reelected to the Board of Supervisors?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Partly due to his unquestioned aptitude for retail politics, and partly due to a generally clueless local Democratic committee who has been more intent on beating him with a designated minority to prove a point (gay guy, woman, Hispanic in order) than in simply beating him.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    And that State of NOVA post linked to above is excellent.

  • […] a full apology from Kristol, the criticism of Delgaudio was renewed. The widely read Loudoun blog Too Conservative called Delgaudio “a creepy huckster.” [Delgaudio responded in the comments.] Gay blogs slammed […]

  • LazyJay says:

    If you are asking questions of Eugene Delgaudio, I would like to add mine:

    1) Why did you harvest my email address for use on your petitions, without my knowledge nor consent?

    2) Why do you insist on sending me “newsletters” despite repeated ‘unsubscribe’ requests?

    3) Do you even care that this is illegal?

    Optin Status: Opted In
    Email Address: ***********************************
    First Name: Jay
    Last Name: H
    Email Type: not specified, defaulted to MIME
    City: Willacoochee (<-??? I'm European)
    State: GA
    ZIP/Postal Code: 31650
    Date and time signed up: January 20, 2012 at 4:09:10 PM (PST)
    A description of how your email address was obtained: Single Opt-in Subscribers

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Propriety and ethics are not a strong suit for Delgaudio, that’s why he doesn’t care.

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