Challenger To Whitbeck Coming Soon

By Loudoun Insider

John Whitbeck looks to be quite desperate to be somebody in politics.  He ran for and lost the Republican nomination for the 10th HOD seat last year, and now thinks he is qualified to run the 10th Republican Congressional District Committee.  With basically ZERO committee experience.  Whoever wins this will be sitting on the RPV Executive Committee.  You would think people would want someone with some real party experience besides being a losing candidate.  Several people told me Howie Lind was leading him around by the arm at last week’s State Central Committee and Whitbeck looked like a deer caught in the headlights.  As much as I didn’t care for Howie Lind, you could not argue that he didn’t have significant party experience.

Unfortunately Whitbeck has had a good head start and has lined up a variety of support, with some saying they are supporting him because no one else is running.  Hold your horses before committing, folks.  Whitbeck is not liked or trusted at all by too many people in the party, and there is a concerted effort underway to find an alternative with experience.  Too many people wonder why he has been anointed by some players without having any relevant experience.  There has been some serious wheeling and dealing with various political game players all giddy about the prospects of running the 10th District Committee, with an unusual combination of factions involved.

Luckily for the opposition, the people running Whitbeck’s campaign have lost every contested Republican contest that they have run.  Whitbeck had a big head start against Minchew and lost.  Look for a repeat if the right candidate emerges.


  • sonic says:

    Considering Whitbeck’s political baggage, the mystery is why Lansdowne elected him to their HOA board twice. The last HOA president campaigned for him openly.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Someone needs to write a concise history of Whitbeck’s involvement with the Lansdowne HOA, including the spending and his relationship with Hobie Mitchel.

  • BlackOut says:

    If Howie was leading him around and showing him off that’s enough for me.

    I agree he seems to be trying too hard to be somebody rather than actually being something.

  • NoMoreSecrets says:

    Whitbeck + OpenBand+Buona+Mitchell+ 100% Republican Board =new franchise agreement for OpenBand..????

    Having said that, what is the HOA doing to ensure the homeowners have a cable contract in place when OpenBand is no longer obligated to provide services? Those who have been fighting so hard against OpenBand seem to now be spending their time on other things rather than making sure the residents aren’t without services completely. Were they all just seeking publicity around election time in an attempt to get rid of Whitbeck? Remember, Minchew’s dozens of fliers against Whitbeck and OpenBand???

    I hope the new HOA president can get the “kids” to “focus” rather than just stirring things up at great expense to h0meowners, with no way out of the the messes they make! Or, do they all realize there is no real way out of the contract and are just wasting resident’s money? If not, then they need to get to work, fast! Residents need to know who will be providing services, how much it will cost, and when the transition will happen.

  • Liberal Anthropologist says:


    “Having said that, what is the HOA doing to ensure the homeowners have a cable contract in place when OpenBand is no longer obligated to provide services? ”

    This has been detailed in many forums. There is no time in the future when they cease being obligated as long as the BOS extends the transition period again and again. They are obligated to maintain service until a transition is complete.

    So the rest of your post doesn’t make sense since it is premised on a false concept. Read the original Franchise agreement.

  • wouldn't you like to know says:

    I love Howie. He has done a lot for the conservative cause, Whitbeck seems like a nice guy and getting some young blood on the board is exactly what the doctor ordered.

    However, I am wary of Whitbeck not because of anything he has done but who else did Howie champion to get on state central? Jo-Ann Chase

    Also agreed we need someone who has some serious committee experience at least at the county level this is state central we are talking about.

    No amateurs and no crazys representing the 10th please. We have enough of those already.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    The real conservative grassroots folks out there need to dig deeper into Whitbeck and see who is really pushing him – it’s very much the status quo wheeler dealers. And never forget that Howie Lind is a lobbyist. Yes he talks the talk when it comes to Tea Party style populism but he is a DC Insider through and through. Lind’s endorsement should be a red flag as well.

  • NoMoreSecrets says:

    L/A- when does the transition period end? What is going on to assure we have something on place before it ends? It takes more than a year to get new lines in place (if need be), no? I am happy to be corrected with accurate information. Does anyone know when the special assessments will start?

  • Facts says:

    Just received an e-mail saying whitbeck has been endorsed by York, Clarke, Reid, Higgins, Williams, LeTourneau, Volpe, Delguadio, Buona and all 4 constitutional officers, howie Lind, Mick Staton…etc. etc…whoever is going to make a run against whitbeck looks like they will have a tough time in Loudoun…

  • Having right-wing zealots like Randy Minchew and David Schmidt endorsing John Whitbeck’s campaign for 10th District Chairman will surely be the end of his campaign. [sic]

  • Facts says:

    CC – with moderate and conservative leaders endorsing Whitbeck, he will be tough to beat in LC – it looks like he has the whole R party on his side in Loudoun…

  • NO to RINOS says:

    Whitbeck was already in with the Black folks and now he has Minchew and Kristen Kalina working behind the scenes for him. Minchew complained to everyone about Whitbeck and Kalina slamming him during the election, then kissed and made up with them in exchange for something. Kalina says she is working at Whitbeck’s office now but they don’t even show her on the staff list. Even the secretary is shown. Don’t know why he is hiding Kalina.

    Real conservatives and Tea Party folks in Loudoun need to know that most of their so called conservative leaders aren’t really “too conservative” after all. If you want to back someone being paraded around by Minchew and Kalina, that’s fine, but don’t dare call yourselves conservative.

  • Note to self – do not attempt tongue-in-cheek humor on this blog.

  • G. Stone says:

    “Real conservatives and Tea Party folks in Loudoun ”

    I love it when a self annointed represenative of the real conservatives chimes in, it is always amusing to witness density in action.

    Having had the opportunity to sit down with John Whitbeck and talk in length about his vision for the 10th district, I am satisified he will do a terrific job. John has the trust and backing of a broad range of Republican activists and elected officials moving forward. He, like Howie, will be focused on getting Republicans elected at every opportunity.

    Some here might want to actually talk to him about his candidacy and intentions before deciding they don’t like him based on either bad information of preconceived notions as to what he is all about.

    “If you want to back someone being paraded around by Minchew and Kalina, that’s fine, but don’t dare call yourselves conservative.”

    This conservative not only backs Whitbeck , but has the greatest admiration for both Minchew and Kalina. Their hard work, not only for John, but our conservative principles and Loudoun County Republicans, should be applauded by all.

  • Whitbeck will win this one easily.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Uh oh, I’m going to have some threats coming my way it looks like, as is the case when someone gets mentioned here.

    No surprise that Stone would hop in on first team defense.

    Whitbeck has absolutely no party experience, other than being a losing candidate for the House of Delegates. The rush to get him anointed as 10th CD Chair is very odd.

  • G. Stone says:


  • NMS,

    I missed answering your question unintentionally. The transition period may never end. It can be extended by the BOS.

    In any case, DirecTV or Dish Network can put up a dish in less than a year, or residents can decided not to get cable at all and save the $50 or so a month. Terrestrial is quite nice in NoVa and combined with OTT consumption like on the internet, you could get most of your content for free.

    Some friends of mine in Lansdowne are also telling me that the dues did not increase for 2012 and that the fees are being paid via a loan like was done for the pool, so it seems that the worry of huge special assessment is just a scare tactic.

    The pool loan was around 2 million. This won’t even come close.

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