Gingrich in Florida

By Too Conservative

I am headed down to Florida tomorrow morning to spend a couple of days in Orlando with the Gingrich campaign. As you may have figured out, I am assisting with their digital/technology side of things.

We launched a Florida Action Center earlier this week for the Speaker and I’m excited to head down to see how everything’s looking on the ground. I’ve spent a lot of time in Florida over the past couple of years since my firm has an office in Tallahassee (and does work with Governor Rick Scott) and I know the base of the party down there fits extremely well with Speaker Gingrich’s brand of conservativism.

Yesterday Herman Cain endorsed Newt and tonight new polls show the race tightening again.

I feel very strongly that the GOP needs a conservative on the top of the ticket. Someone who is not afraid to take the fight to President Obama. With Governor Perry out, Speaker Gingrich is that guy.

I’ll be in Virginia the end of this week and then I hope to be in Richmond next week and can meet up with some of y’all for drinks! Wish us luck on Tuesday.


  • TC, let me know what day you are in Richmond. I would love to have some drinks.

  • Dan says:

    TC, I am completely with you in wishing for a Gingrich win in Florida. I suspect our motivations may be a bit different though.

    Gingrich winning the nomination would make Democrats up and down the ticket positively giddy. It would be like winning the lottery and getting laid by supermodels all on the same day.

    Best of luck to both you and Gingrich in Florida and beyond. And if you don’t win Florida, please do your best to keep Gingrich in the race all the way to the convention. The nation is counting on you.

  • Elder Berry says:

    Gingrich runs a close second to Sarah Palin as the most ridiculous candidate for the nation’s top offices. He first came into Washington riding a wave of desire for change, and he quick as a bunny became a big part of the problem that needed to be changed. He made himself famous screaming about virtue and sin all the while he was busy in the sin game himself. His own colleagues were so appalled by him they tossed him out of the leadership. No amount of fake contrition can take away the truth that he’s a shady, conniving trickster of no moral character who has already had many more chances than he should have been allowed. You want him, take him. He’s yours.

  • Elder Berry,

    I am no Gingrich defender, but the close second to Sarah Palin for ridiculousness is Obama. A community organizer with socialist tendencies and shady people around him? No experience?

    There is something about glass houses you should read…

  • Man, TC – we have got to work on your client list. Perry was an okay pick, but Gingrich is just godawful.

    I hope you have a good contract. I get the feeling it’s going to be hard getting paid from his campaign after Tuesday.

  • Dan says:

    Brian, don’t say such a thing! Of course the Gingrich campaign will thrive after Tuesday and TC will continue to have paid work for the campaign.

    Clearly you haven’t been listening to the wisdom of $arah PayMe. She says Floridians should vote for Gingrich in order to keep this vetting process going. And we all know what an expert on vetting $arah is. Having been vetted so thoroughly and all before McCain put her on the ticket in 2008.

    I know the polls show Romney ahead in Florida, but Gingrich has a last minute surprise that’s sure to turn the tide. Ironically, it involves another TC client. Gingrich is working on an endorsement by Rick Scott.

    But here’s the twist. Newt is going to get Scott to endorse Romney! Scott is so massively unpopular in Florida that his endorsement of Romney is sure to drive thousands and thousands of votes to Gingrich. It is brilliant and a sure fire winner. So don’t count Newt out just yet. He’s an idea man you know.

    I hear that in exchange for the Scott endorsement of Romney Newt has promised to make Scott the governor of the colony on the moon. That should make Floridians happy. It seems they’d like the miserable crook as far away from Florida as possible.

    In the event the lunar colony doesn’t work out I understand Newt will put Scott in charge of preventing Medicare fraud. Since Scott has stolen more money from Medicare than anyone else ever has he should have a pretty good idea what to look out for.

    What an entertaining year this has been. Please, let’s keep this going. Although the Republican Party may put reality TV out of business. There is just no way those shows can compete with this circus.

    Go Noot!

  • NateDogg614 says:


    Meanwhile, the Democrats are enjoying the Republican primary because the president’s record is pretty much a shambles at this point.

    I heard about a billboard that had the following on it:

    If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not a racist, please vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.

    How true.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Regardless of what anyone thinks of Gingrich, I’m proud of my young pal Vincent for working at such a high level at such a young age.

  • Dan says:

    LI, I couldn’t agree more. For such a young guy to be playing at such a high level is very impressive.

    Did you catch the Politico article about the huge burn rate by the Perry campaign during the 4th quarter? They blew through millions! Apparently a large portion was for media services. I sure hope Vincent got a good chunk of that dough.

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