Who Was Paying For All This, Howie?

By Loudoun Insider

Howie Lind made a huge deal about the 10th Republican Congressional District opening and staffing two offices during this past election cycle.  Here is the announcement on the 10th CD’s webpage.

Unfortunately, when you look at the campaign finance reports filed by Howie’s committee for the last quarter of the year, there is absolutely nothing about rent or in-kind contributions for these two office spaces.  So who paid for them?  Did the owners of the office space donate the market price rent for the space?  If so then it should be declared as an in-kind contribution.  This is elementary campaign finance compliance.

If anyone knows more about this, please fill us in, along with the State Board of Elections.

UPDATE:  Good info coming in comments.  Come on, people, help me out here and do a little research, I can’t do it all myself!


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