The Cooch Slaps Fellow Self Promoter Tareq Salahi On The Wrist

By Loudoun Insider

A very lame settlement is reached with Tareq Salahi and his bogus charity, see the official press release here.

Why oh why must every official press release from our state Office of the Attorney General contain links for “More about Attorney General Cuccinelli” and “Photos of the attorney general” (shouldn’t they at least be consistent in their capitalization?)???  And check out how huge his name is on the top of the website, absolutely dwarfing “Attorney General of Virginia”.  That office isn’t the most important thing to highlight, that is KEN CUCCINELLI!

Looks like The Cooch and Salahi share the love for the limelight and self promotion.  Maybe Tareq traded some PR tips and contacts for a lenient settlement!


  • PALADIN says:

    Something stinks in the Old Dominion. And it ain’t just the Salahis.

    The press release from the AG’s Office, issued this morning, the 28th of February, states:

    “The settlement, which is in the form of a consent judgment, has been filed for approval with the Fauquier County Circuit Court.”

    That statement is technically correct, but nevertheless VERY misleading. Yes, it was filed. It was filed last Friday as a consent matter. Then, yesterday, the Circuit Court entered a Final Order approving the settlement, meaning it’s a done deal and no amount of public complaining is going to change the deal now.

    It was only the day AFTER the court signed off on that the AG informed the public of what was characterized as anticipated court approval.

    The Salahis, through their bogus “charity” scammed many people across multiple jurisdictions out of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. Here we have a press release from the AG alleging serious crimes, including what appears to be perjury, and yet the AG’s office works out a sweetheart deal that is basically meaningless, and only announces it after the fact, after it’s a done deal?

    I personally filed a written complaint with VDACS in the summer of 2010 demanding that Salahi file the accounting for his charity required by law for CY 2009, which was due no later than May of 2010. That financial information to date has NEVER been submitted.

    So, the natural conclusion is that the AG’s office entered into a deal wihout even the benefit of knowledge of potential crimes/frauds that may have taken place in 2009.

    It’s not something I would boast about in a press release.
    Something stinks. Just my opinion.

  • Bill Fox says:

    Having spent some time with both Ken Cuccinelli and the Salahis, I’m not sure its fair to put them in the same boat. I’m just sayin’.

  • BlackOut says:

    Well Bill, they may not be in the same boat but they are certainly part of the same “self-promotion/it’s all about me” fleet.

    I’d like to know about the backroom cash deal on this.

  • Brent says:

    Great one more judgement that Terd Salahi will never pay back. Good luck collecting dime one of that proposed settlement. Guess Gov. Bob McDonnell wanted to put this all in the past to avoid the tarbrush of the Salahi name! Story like this malfeasance might surface and torpedo his VP hopeful candidacy.

  • PALADIN says:

    AND, by the way, let’s look at that “deal” Cooch managed to obtain:

    A. “The commonwealth is granted a monetary judgment against JCF in the amount of $25,000 for civil penalties for JCF’s violations of the VSOC law”

    FACT: The “charity” has nothing and never will have anything in the future. The Commonwealth will never collect. Why not just make it $25 Million? That would have been more impressive.

    B. “The commonwealth is granted a monetary judgment against Salahi in the amount of $2,500 for civil penalties for Salahi’s alleged violations of the VSOC law”

    FACT: Okay, so the Commonwealth gets a pittance of a $2,500 civil judgment against Salah. STAND IN LINE, SUCKERS. He already has multiple outstanding judgments against him going back years, all of which would take priority. If you think that judgment to VA is ever going to be paid, then I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

    C. “The commonwealth is granted a monetary judgment against JCF in the amount of $7,500 to compensate the commonwealth for its attorneys’ fees and costs.”

    FACT: See “A” above.
    And here’s the final FACT: If the AG really thought this was something to boast about, in a press release no less, he might as well have walked outside, aimed upward, and pissed into a stiff wind.

    Just my opinion.

  • BlackOut says:

    Wow Paladin that cuts to it.

    Chooch has a habit and he’s very good at it, of boasting about his greatness, and when someone really looks at it, like you just did, it’s a bunch of puff.

    If this was the type of deal he was able to get last week, think about what he would have gotten if he had engaged in the transvaginal debate?

  • PALADIN says:


    It really ain’t rocket science. After an extensive criminal investigation lasting 2 years by VDACS with documented evidence, the Cooch strikes this deal? Really? Another waste of taxpayer dollars. But, hey, he got a press release out of it. Right?

  • PALADIN, you should know…that Salahi is under investigation for the fouled Pol Match and corresponding “charity” here in Loudoun…
    And that thetre is other stuff where he used that money to buy himself a politician in New York back in the day.
    Greg Ball got the ill-gotten proceeds (there was no Charity there, either) from the Victory Cup polo match…a precursor to their MO here in Loudoun where the intent was to crash an English Ambassador’s Ball to get their photo’s of the English noteables ( in order to tout their attendance at a local Polo Match)

    Cooch, OTOH….doesn’t need to pull out these insane operations…but in that train of thought…it is about to be an election year for thre Governor in 2013. It could definitely be said that he’s lining the events up to stand on them. As for me?? I’m a Bolling guy.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Cooch has been running for Governor since he got elected to ostensibly be AG.

    And good luck to the state indeed in collecting these judgments against Salahi. Get in line I guess.

  • BlackOut says:

    Well it won’t be long until Cooch take Monk out for a steak dinner and Monk becomes his BFF. Flipping over like a lap dog from Bollling to Cooch.

    Oh of course that would be after Monk tells him, “I expect you to drop all dat social re-engineering stuff you be up too. I promise you if you want my support and you break rank, I’ll be pullin out a can of whoop ass you ya”. This only works if after the statement Cooch flinches like he’s about to get smacked.

  • Winston says:

    Agree with Brent, this debacle will make good fodder for the opposition, especially if picked up by a superpac willing to play on the angle of the AG copping out on this. It won’t be so easy for the State to sweep the OTHER State investigation of BOTH Salahis for their Virginia Wine Country Tour business. When you entice victims by offering buses, vans and limos that don’t exist (via internet solicitation), take all the money up front from victims that reserve one of these phantom vehicles, no-show on the date of service with the excuse (lie) the phantom vehicle broke down, then refuse to return the victims’ (there are many) money, that is CRIMINAL FRAUD and no amount of BS by the AG can minimize the seriousness of this crime. The AG better not settle on this investigation.

  • PALADIN says:

    Winston: You are correct. There is a separate investigation into the obvious fraud of the Salahis’ “Virginia Wine Tours” scam. However, looking just at the dollar amounts, the wine tour scam was very small potatos compared with their charity scam. And if the pathetic “settlement” the AG reached with regard to the latter is any indication, I’m not holding my breath that the AG is ultimately going to do much about the former.
    Then again, hope springs eternal.

  • BO talking out of his ass ,…….again.
    Boy, it must have stung like a mother when I endorsed Black over the democrat, huh?
    I’m immensely enjoying you tools fixating on all of the social work without naming LI’s matron Saint one time in all of this. Jill Holtzman Vogel , the ACTUAL AUTHOR of one of the Bills– doesn’t even get a mention.

    And the overlooking of the rest of the session’s pushes for Immigration, 2nd Amendment rights, etc. Back up from the brick you’ve fixated on…so you can see the whole wall.

  • PALADIN says:

    Here it is, folks– an explanation of that wonderful “Settlement Agreement”.

    It appears that, in the Old Dominion, idiocy is indiscriminate in its application, regardless of party affiliation.

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