Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back to Richmond . . .

By Lloyd the Idiot

. . . the House of Delegates rejects the Senate’s budget amendments.

Good for them!  Glad to see the House Republicans holding the line on the Senate Dems’ extortionist spending add-ons, though, of course, the Dems will now try to paint them as the obstructionists.

That said, my guess is that a compromised budget will be worked out relatively quickly.  Why do I think that?  Simply put, these guys (and gals) have other things to do.  Like their real jobs.  Thank goodness for a part-time legislature.   Even with the occasional distraction of divisive social issues, the limited nature of the General Assembly really does force efficient use of the legislators’ time.



  • BlackOut says:

    How did TAG and Minchew vote? For the additional cash for Loudoun or against it?

  • The vote was 63-29 to reject, but the LIS doesn’t have the individual votes up yet as far as I can tell

    Conferees appointed from House and Senate. No NoVA Rs appointed.

  • BlackOut says:

    Lloyd I am surprised you would call the millions of additional education dollars the senate bill provides to Loudoun as extortion.

    I guess one mans extortion is another mans gain. I am for scrapping for anything Loudoun can get out of Richmond.

  • David Dickinson says:

    “Good for them! ”

    I’ll second that. Now, it gets interesting as to what they will do from here.

  • Evan says:

    Just different spending priorities; the dems didn’t raise any revenue, so their amendments couldn’t have spent any more money than the house.

  • Procedure says:

    This vote was merely procedural. The House has to formally reject the Senate plan so that they can appoint conferees to hash out a compromise.

  • G.Stone says:

    It is formally rejected and now goes to conference.

  • Jim G says:

    Lloyd, you’ve already been corrected by BO and Evan, but one other thought. The Senate budget was bipartisan. The Senate Finance Committee is led by Republicans. It’s as much their budget as it is the Dems. They actually worked together to find middle ground on their priorities. If it’s extortion, blame Tommy Norment and Walter Stosch too.

  • Jim, I’m really not feeling “corrected” by BO or Evan. As they pointed out, it’s just different priorities. And it was extortion – it’s just that the Senate R’s capitulated.

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