Sick Of It All!

By Loudoun Insider

I’m in the midst of one of my F it all moods in regards to politics.  What a mess we have in this county, in this state, and in this nation.  And too few people pay attention or really give a shit.  Worst of all is the overbearing ridiculous partisanship that turns most activists into mindless reflexive robots.

The Loudoun BOS continues to cut tiny programs while paving the way to put us into massive long term debt for two lousy Metro stops.  They’re also busy trying to placate Mike Farris with Lyme Disease BS, as laid out so well by Realloudoun.  Remember when Farris canned a bunch of teachers at Patrick Henry College because they dared to suggest that not all answers are found in the Bible?  Just where in the world is long term antibiotic use spelled out in the Bible?  The more I think about it, the more I think this just might be another plank in the developer friendly BOS’ agenda – hell, if they pave the county there will be no room for deer or deer ticks.

Arlington just held a special election to elect a supervisor.  12% of registered voters bothered to turn out.  Ridiculous.  In our last local and statewide elections in Virginia we had about 25% turnout.  Even more ridiculous, and why I now have feeble abortion and gay obsessed Dick Black as my State Senator.  For more lamentable news about Virginia, go to Bacon’s Rebellion, where they have been on an incredible roll detailing the mind numbing stupidity of The Clown Show in Richmond.

Nationally, I am now convinced that this country is in irreversible decline that I will not see turned around in my lifetime.  Of course any mention of the growing disparity between the haves and have nots automatically makes me a socialist in some peoples’ eyes, but to those I say screw you.  Big money rules more than ever and the power of the voters is diluted more than ever .  The two party system is a disaster, producing ever more weak and inept leaders.

We are turning into a country where the 1% increasingly lord over a citizenry that they want to all have earning ten bucks and hour with no benefits paying every exorbitant taxes.  Harold Meyerson wrote an excellent piece in the WaPo yesterday about the growing income disparity in America, where in 2010, 93% of all income growth went to the top 1% of earners.  This is not sustainable if we are to be any kind of powerhouse in the world, but this is globalization reaping its “rewards” on America’s vanishing middle class.  It’s hard to argue the closing paragraph:

“A nation where 93 percent of income growth goes to the top 1 percent is not a nation that will embark on great projects, or long command the allegiance of its people.”

Now get ready for some of Loudoun’s top “conservative” activists, many of whom make money off the government or spend their time trying to get government contracts and/or jobs to tell me I’m all wrong and things would just be great if we could get rid of that socialist Obama.  Of course socialism isn’t the answer, but neither is feudalism and we just might be heading that way if this keeps up.


  • Loco says:

    Sounds like a real cynic here – -one who cares more about the livelihood of ticks than the health of humans, more interested in quoting liberals (like Meyerson) who want wealth redistribution, than finding any value in what conservatives try to do. Can’t you find anything positive in life, or do you have to spend your days sneering at every one in power?

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    So, LI, I guess you’re taking this rock star stuff pretty seriously, huh? 😉

    You’re certainly entitled to your opinions, but the continued pumping of so-called “real” Loudoun even by occasional link is silly–besides having a great deal of stuff on their site that simply isn’t true (displaying a strident fondness for overblown bitter hysteria that in reality displays the shallow grasp they have of some of the issues they like to p*ss and moan about), the angry tinfoil chapeau aura there is a tossup between pitiful and a bit scary.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Screw both of you. Most people in power are arrogant assholes only worried about themselves and their friends. There are plenty of positive stories in this world, unfortunately nearly all of them are as far away from politics as you can get.

    Realloudoun has been great lately. Now go reform some government, Barb.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Great positive story from the same WaPo edition (yes, I read that horrendous liberal rag), too bad it takes a guy in a cartoon costume to make you hopeful for humanity:

    Yes the WaPo is biased, but holy hell I watched Fox News Channel for the first time in ages for an extended period a couple days ago – absolutely just as biased. I used to be a big fan and they started out pretty down the middle. Now it’s nothing more than an arm of the RNC.

  • LoudouninNC says:

    Bravo LI. The lead item on Bacon’s Rebellion right now is a perfect example. Giving VDOT authority to reject local transportation improvement plans is an asinine cop out that no “conservative” should be able to support. If this passes, get ready for a repeat of what has happened in Wisconsin. Scott Walker decimated funding for rail and buses and then awarded gigantic (and universally recognized as unnecessary by anyone who understands transportation planning/engineering) highway expansion and construction projects to…all of his biggest campaign contributors in the asphalt and construction industries.

  • Let's Be Free says:

    Well ya, of course that’s what happened in 2010. People who save, produce and invest money got some dead cat bounce after the financial meltdown. At the same time, in the world of Obama, the underemployed, non-employed and the unemployed population was growing. That’s the real story without socialist bent. The 2010 bounceback didn’t come anywhere near to recovering what was lost over the prior several years.

  • Let's Be Free says:

    LIC rails against “unecessary” highway construction projects on a Northern Virginia blog? It would help if LIC would elucidate which projects are unecessary in this, the most and second most congested of all, metro road systems. LIC’s story doesn’t travel here.

  • Hillsboro says:

    I’ve got to agree with Barbara’s take on RealLoudoun. He is hauling around so much baggage that it is hard to take anything he says seriously.

    I don’t know all that much about the chronic lyme disease controversy, but if RealLoudoun has a valid point, it is lost amidst all of the bitter and irrelevant potshots that he takes at Mike Farris and the BOS.

  • Baron Rosedown says:

    Sometimes the truth hurts.

  • AFF says:

    Mike Farris is target worthy. I attended some of the Lymes forum at PHC. I left wondering who the asshole was who ran the forum.

    The dude was stroking witnesses and overall the forum had little substance. It seemed like a reaffirmation for true believers who didn’t believe that the medical community was addressing their concerns.

    My eyebrows were raised when the guy claimed all of his family suffered from Lymes- something like 8 people in the house. I’m outside most of the time. I get bitten by ticks regulary and I’m sure that Lymes sucks but what are the odds of an entire family catching this relatively rare disease? Crazy talk?

    I figured the moderator of the forum was a career politician as he appeared to be sort of pandering for votes and popularity instead of providing a setting for real discourse on a topic of local concern. I later read a synopsis in the paper and found out who that asshole was- Mike Farris

    I think Real Loudoun is on the mark. I had no idea the Outer Beltway was back on the table with Richmond’s blessings and the new LoCo board’s approval. Apparently a vote is scheduled for next week which will expedite the process.

    How many times do Loudoun’s residents have to rise up against a beltway coming through our County before the republicans let the idea go?


  • Barbara Munsey says:

    LI, I validated your OPINIONS. Just ribbing you with a bit of “okay, even if you’re the Boss, shut up and sing”.

    “real” Loudoun does have way too much baggage, apparently consisting primarily of some serious broken toys in the attic, whatever Farris did or did not at an event out west.

    As to occasionally saying something with a grain of truth in it, goody for them, and so what? They’ve had to retract and correct some things, and much of what they rant about is flat out wrong (but it makes a much better bitter spew that way!).

    “Outer Beltway” is actually what historic scenic byway route 15 has become thanks to ever-so-special nitwits including the self-anointed “real”. The “outer beltway” is in practice any N/S road slated for improvement within 50 miles of the anointed of lalaland.

  • vacliff says:

    Politics aside, I’m glad to see this county do something about Lyme.
    This county is GROUND ZERO for the nation when it comes to this illness. And it isn’t limited to Lyme. Thee are several other insidious conditions that you can catch from tick bites.
    Talk to some people suffering from them. I know many, some in my family.
    The saddest thing is that doctors that try to deal with these issues are threatened by insurance companies and the government because THEY don’t want to deal with it.
    Loudoun doesn’t have a single Lyme literate doctor in the county. There are a few in Northern Virginia and a few others in the state.

  • David Dickinson says:

    LI, there is no perfect answer. Each of us has our own view of what the perfect world would look like but politics is about working things out for large numbers of people.

    Now, as an outsider to the Insider, it appears to me you are at heart a TEA PARTIER. All the things you espouse align with the principles of the movement (don’t ask me to define them all, they are amorphous). Individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, and limited government, these are core tea party values.

    You just don’t like the social conservatives in the tea party. OK, fine. Don’t like them. Again, there is no perfection in politics. I’m a slow-growth Republican that doesn’ like big business (at all). That will put me at odds with other Republicans. So what.

    Sometimes your the windshield, sometimes your the bug. Scrape yourself off, dust yourself off, march on. You can’t win ’em all.

  • Pit Bull says:

    Oh hush up.
    LI does more to inform the community than either one of the so-called newspapers in Loudoun. No wonder local government is not trustworthy. It is almost impossible to ferret facts from these papers that are supposed to be the watchdogs of democracy.
    Why do you insist on pasting a label on LI’s forehead, DD? On what authority do you declare him a member of a non-party? Extensive interviews with him and some experts? Three-month analysis of his posts weighed against other national stories? Or do you get most of your info from the other santicmonious posters on TC and then spend three minutes exhibiting your moral superiority with your latest post?
    From the perspective of someone who watches government at all levels and how it has changed focus from governance to enriching ME and MY “PARTY” — i.e. the people who send me business — cynicism is inevitable. The country has lost its compass and Loudoun in particular is et up with small-time corruption.
    Very rarely do quality people enter politics and in Loudoun they usually contract acute nausea and either depart early or arrange to miss lots of meetings.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I’m not offended by DD’s words at all, in fact I always enjoy his comments and don’t place him in the mindless automaton category as most other “conservative” commenters. And I absolutely do identify closely with the ideals of the Tea Party, I just can’t stand most of the self appointed leaders of that movement, which has largely been hijacked as another arm of the Republican machine.

    The status of the press in Loudoun is indeed dire. Unfortunately the vast majority of our citizens don’t care and are completely clueless. In so many ways, ignorance is bliss. I often wonder about how much happier I would be if I didn’t give a damn about this BS.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    And of course getting people who care so fed up that they don’t care anymore is a prime goal of GOBGNs like the one that rules Loudoun. A lot of people will jump for joy the day I move out of this place. Then you all can rely on the PR arms of the LCRC and LCDC to keep you informed as they divvy up the spoils.

  • I think it takes a special type of political will power to keep involved in local politics. On the national level, even local national, such as Congressman, there is breathing time in between elections, and lots of media intervention (which can be at least entertaining, if not always unbiased) and, perhaps most importantly, by and large far less to do with our daily, every day lives than we think (major exceptions apply.)

    But local politics is often bloody, ruthless and it’s easy to become cynical and exhausted. It’s also a lot more complicated to have a straight “conservative” or “liberal” perspective on some issues, since we aren’t talking about some federal land project, but our schools, roads, parks, libraries, etc. A huge percentage of local decisions impact our lives every day in big and small ways.

    And in Virginia, there’s something going on every single year. It’s easy to get burned out, even when you do still very much care.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    LI, anytime you want to vent in person, I’m buying.

    There is certainly a lot to be frustrated about — at the town level, the county level, the state, and on up. Gretchen is right, it’s easy to become cynical and exhausted.

    But cynicism and exhaustion will pass.

  • David Dickinson says:

    As Gretchen said, local politics is the stuff that effects us the most immediately and in big ways. You get to meet the people involved and it is personal. As was mentioned, in Virginia, it goes on every year due to the election cycles. So, it never stops. That doesn’t mean we individually shouldn’t stop and take a break (skip some meetings, unplug from blogs, turn off the TV, Internet and iPhone).

    And, as EB suggested, it does help to just talk to people and shoot the breeze.

  • Lot of thoughts on the post and comments.
    1. Never really took a close look at Patrick Henry. I just looked at Realloudoun’s post on the school, then did my own research. What a bunch of absolute nut jobs. To call it a college is a travesty of a mockery of a sham.

    2. Gretchen and the others are right – local politics is trying. I think it’s that way because it’s all hand-to-hand combat. You know your opponents personally, as well as their neighbors, their kids, and their foibles, all of which are fair game.

    3. I disagree about the haves and have-nots. Even the worst off still can, if they have their mental faculties, have a decent life. It’s not exactly a Dickensian novel out there any more.

    4. I agree that America is in decline. Perhaps irreversibly so. I attribute that more to our unwillingness to make hard and politically unpopular decisions. Instead, lawmakers bribe the electorate with their own money (or the money of the folks they brand as rich).

  • One of the nice things about getting older is that you do learn that the more things change, the more they stay the same. I’ve already lived through Allan Bloom’s THE CLOSING OF THE AMERICAN MIND, and Paul Kennedy’s RISE AND FALL OF THE GREAT POWERS. In fact, I lived through them when I was coming out of college, and my husband actually studied with Kennedy. That was also a time, following the junk bond collapse of 1987, that the economy was in terrible straits, unemployment was high, especially for those with new degrees (my husband’s MA from Yale allowed him to clerk part-time at Crown Books) and worse for those with no degrees at all. We had no health insurance most of those years. Crime was high, as was teen pregnancy rates, crack use, and urban decay.

    But you know what? We lived through it. I wasn’t sure at the time that we would, but I was only in my early 20’s, after all. And in some ways, things are better now than they were then — the starting places for a lot of people, even those without very much, are better than where they would have started then. I’m not saying there’s a reason to be optimistic, but I don’t think we have to give in to completely pessimism yet.

  • Alan Moore says:

    Occupy a clue.

    Stop whining about how some people are better than you and do something about it.

    Win the mega millions today and buy the presidency or something.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Not many people are better than me as a person, Alan, so go screw yourself.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I’m not whining. Fuck him. Our government is run by selfish idiots.

  • Shiloh says:

    Pit Bull — you said: “LI does more to inform the community than either one of the so-called newspapers in Loudoun. No wonder local government is not trustworthy. It is almost impossible to ferret facts from these papers that are supposed to be the watchdogs of democracy.”

    Actually there is a third choice — the Blue Ridge Leader, which is developing into quite an interesting paper. The folks at this little paper tell it like it is and seem to have no fear of offending the powers that be, whoever they may be. Unfortunately, it’s published only once a month (usually the first week of the month), so it’s not good on breaking news, but does tend to do more in-depth analyses of the issues. And, again unfortunately, it is available only in Western Loudoun and a few places in Leesburg. Their web site is Next issue, if they follow their past schedule, should be out sometime during the first week of April.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    The Blue Ridge Leader does put out some good stuff. Far better than Weber’s rag that he must use to wipe Lazaro’s ass with.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Lloyd, re “To call it a college is a travesty of a mockery of a sham”, do a little more research.

    They are the only college or university to win the American Collegiate Moot Court Association national championship more than once, where they beat the likes of Harvard.

    They have also won the moot court debate competition at Oxford University.

    People may not agree with their home schooling, their religion, or their politics, but they’re doing something that works in debate if they compete at that level, and win.

    The fact that they exist bothers a few moonbats at “real” Loudoun? Okay.

    I’m more concerned with “real”‘s blatant lies and fearmongering on crap a la “big box stores will become by right anywhere in Loudoun”, which has appeared in previous threads, and the entire Comp Plan and ZO will be thrown out the window, and other inflammatory stupidity.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Why hasn’t Barb started her own blog yet so she can put out the truth as she sees it????

  • Elder Berry says:

    Anyone who thinks that our area doesn’t have some Dickensian areas has not spent any time in certain NE and SE parts of the inner metro. Try Suitland. Or Trinidad.

    If you have family members as I do who are in social support agencies or functions in DC or Prince George’s County for example you know how dire some of the circumstances are. Poverty and violence and hopelessness are a way of life for too many in our country even today. Kids become lost causes before they are 10 years old.

    My question is what does the far right have to offer for that growing problem of an entrenched lower class and a threatened and sinking middle class while the rich get ever richer. Anyone who thinks that what Patrick Henry College does is education, or who thinks that Route 15 is an “outer beltway” is so confused and misinformed that it’s hard to see where to begin a conversation about the bigger issues.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    I’ve been meaning to read “God’s Harvard”, but I’m too busy for it. I’m sure it been both praised and lambasted, depending on your inclinations.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Just settled my son in with his latest dose of post-op meds, so I stopped in.

    LI: I don’t need to start a blog to say what I think. I already do that, a variety of places, with my name attached.
    Lloyd, I guess I’ll take being cussed and called a knucklehead by an anonymous Idiot with equanimity. Having not personally defeated Harvard twice, nor Oxford on their home turf in debate at the ripe age of late teen, I find it worthy of respect. Perhaps you have, so it’s old hat to you? As I said, dislike whatever you will about them, but they are quite obviously doing something right in DEBATE.
    elderberry: I’ve said nothing about the overall quality of education at PHC, but project at will.

    As to rte 15, maybe you haven’t lived here long enough to remember the late Burr Powell Harrison, a founder of the PEC, and one who was split off and vilified by many of the current ruling crop for believing the only way to truly save 15 was to offload the traffic with an alternate north south route (95 and points east don’t count). Maybe you just prefer the views of those who opposed him (like the “come heres”–and they are–of “real” Loudoun, who know what’s best for everyone too).

    A beltway is a limited access highway encircling a major metropolitan area. A six lane Right of Way through a portion of one county doesn’t qualify.

    Further, unlike the last board in appeasing some of their moonbats (including the moonbats of the “real”), you NEVER give away ROW.

    If the lanes are needed years into the future, the land is there for them. If they aren’t needed for auto lanes, where will you get your parallel bike and ped trails in future if there’s nowhere to put them adjoining the road? Even if trails are never built either, it gives you more buffering to have the space.

    You don’t give up ROW.

    And a “beltway” isn’t four lanes in a six lane ROW, except perhaps in the land of those so confused and misinformed as to their own entitled specialness that they think it makes their case to call any N/S road improvement a “beltway”.

    ‘night, all.

  • The hard fact is that there will always be poor people, and tha is neither the fault of nor curable by the rich. I think that as a society, though, we’ve done a decent job of providing a basic safety net

  • AFF says:

    Four o’clock in the morning? Babs loves her some pavement.

  • vacliff says:

    Speaking for myself, I would LOVE a new 4 lane road connecting to I-66. I’d be using it every day for my commute to work.
    Oh, the tales of joy I could regale with about my commutes on Rtes 659/234/29 or Rte 15.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    This is great:

    I’m still looking for some explanation of how the Bible instructs us in how to combat Lyme Disease.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    aff, as I said, my son had surgery yesterday–pain meds around the clock at 4, 8, just now at 12, and so on for a few days. Easy to get up, not always easy to get back to sleep.
    LI, I think it’s great how they also source their screeds with…their own screeds, and wiki.

    You’re apparently committed to pumping them up–sorry if I think they are nothing more than a few of the usuals getting spit on their lips. They could do a bit better perhaps if they had more substance and less flaming rage, but I doubt that’s an issue because I doubt few read it for anything other than curiosity.

    To your credit, at least you guys allow interaction. I don’t think the moonbats ever will, and in a way I hope they don’t–the site is perfect just the way it is. “Pristine”, as it were. In any case, other blogs by the great man involved seemed to have some censorship issues–the one that for some inexplicable reason was linked on one of the premier AGW skeptic sites in the UK apparently took things down for not agreeing. SDo perhaps it shall remain perfect, in situ.

    PHC is easy to attack for religion and homeschooling, just pop in a formula and foam.

    What exactly do the monotonous rantings of a few shriekers contribute to local government, other than to tell most people that yes, they voted the right way?

  • enviroman says:

    Tooconservative is the only conservative blog I follow because LI and Lloyd and EB and LiberalAnthro will deviate from the Rebublican-approved mind-speak when they think it is wrong. There are great Republicans in Loudoun with great ideas, but there are also many average or just plain bad Republicans with whacky ideas. To recoginize just the good is dishonest. I appreciate the honesty of these bloggers’ opinions.

  • enviroman says:

    And just imagine what a blog run by BM or S** (aka anonymous) or LL would be like!

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    enviro, to recognize those who lie as good for the sake of a personal opinion is…good, because you agree with it?

    The “real” had to back up on saying Clarke was on council and voted for annexation. It made a great rant, but it was a LIE, so it had to be retracted.

    They are either ignorant or LYING about land use policy under discussion with the rants about big box by rights dotting the rural landscape, along with thousands and thousands of houses when the RGP, ZO and FSM get “thrown out” or “gutted”.

    That’s not “speaking truth to power”, it’s onanistic bulls**t whining.

    LI can like the “real” all he wants, and good for you for recognizing it as OPINION for him to do so.

    It doesn’t make them any more REAL, even if they have the ego (or the projection) to so self-designate.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    Glass houses…

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    No shit, ed, Barb likes to froth with the best of them.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    yes, eb, they are in one heck of a glass house.

    But it’s the bestest REAL last glass house on any block, evah!


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