Support Deputy B.J. Mull!

By Loudoun Insider

Someone sent me a link to this article about a Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s deputy, B.J. Mull, who had his neck crushed when a huge tree branch fell on the top of his patrol car while on duty.  The Virginia Worker’s Compensation Commission DENIED his claim saying it was an “act of God”.  What  a load of unmitigated horse shit.  Take care of this man NOW!


  • Liberal Anthropologist says:

    What is the name of the PERSON at the board that made that decision. if not the name of the decider, who is in charge? The chair or whatever. They need to be exposed.

  • TCJohnson says:

    Tree falling on him was an act of God.

    Him being in the patrol car while on duty was an act of the county.

    Pay up.

  • TCJohnson says:

    Actually, that article is over two months old.

    Looked around for more information and found this:

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    The person who sent it to me said they saw it referenced in a comment at Blue Virginia. It is a bit old, but still infuriating. This guy needs some help.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Here’s the link to the Commission webpage describing its make up, but it only lists two of three commissioners’ names, William Dudley (Chairman) and Roger Williams. What a surprise, they’re appointed by the Clown Show that is the Virginia General Assembly, and serve six year terms.

    I corrected the name in the post (I said Board instead of Commission) and provided a link to the home page.

  • jacob says:

    Could you post all the info to regarding where to send money, and who to yell at front and center on its own post. I will echo on NVTH. This decision is idiotic. A letter to the editor campaign is in order as well..

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Here’s the info from the link above:

    Members of the public who wish to donate to the B.J. Mull fund are encouraged to do so at any First Citizens Bank in Mecklenburg County, or by mailing a check, made payable to B.J. Mull Jr., to the following address:

    First Citizens Bank

    P.O. Box 130

    Boydton, VA 23917

    This absolutely needs more attention.

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