The Salahi-Cuccinelli Affair, With An Unfortunate Side Helping Of Dave Albo

By Loudoun Insider

Ibbie Hedrick, spokesperson for Lt. Governor Bill Bolling gets the Quote of the Month Award!  AG Ken Cuccinelli, soon to be running for Governor, decided to sue Tareq Salahi, famous for being an ass and crashing the White House, over some funky business practices of Salahi.  Then Salahi announces he is going to run for Governor.  In response to these events, Ms. Hedrick says in this WaPo article that nicely summarizes the situation:

“The lieutenant governor is focused on creating jobs for Virginia families, not the Salahi-Cuccinelli affair”

Almost as hilarious in that article is the revelation that Dave Albo, most recently known for embarrassing the crap out of his wife, and before that the ridiculous abuser fees that he wanted to impose on drivers (which he would profit from as an ambulance chaser) declares that he is a great friend of Tareq Salahi:

“Del. David B. Albo (R-Fairfax), who has known Salahi for more than a decade and even made an appearance on “The Real Housewives of D.C.” said his friend told him a while back that he planned to run.

“My friend, Tareq, is an eccentric guy,’’ he said. But Albo said he is unlikely to support Salahi. “I don’t see how anyone without a $1 million can win.””

My post I linked to above for Albo’s embarrassment of his wife was entitled “Virginia Is For Assholes“, and Albo shows that assholes like Salahi and himself tend to stick together.  If Dave Albo wins another term after all the previous nonsense and now bragging about being friends with Tareq Salahi, I will officially lose all faith in the Virginia electorate (even though I am already 99% there).  Salahi has 0.0% chance of being Governor, but Albo must go.


  • How about this quote from Salahi:

    “I woke up thinking ‘someone should do this,’’’ he said. “And I thought ‘Wait a minute. I’m someone!’ ’’

    Umm. No. You’re no one. That’s been his problem all along.

  • Leej says:

    are all the crazies in politics

    do they go there from their false community service bullshit because they hate their real jobs or lives. because they are looking for more

  • Elder Berry says:

    It would be funny of all the characters involved weren’t such sad cases.

  • Leej says:

    me AND WE A

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Are you OK, Lee??? I’m worried that you’ve stroked out!

  • Cato the Elder says:

    Didn’t his wife run off with some geriatric rocker dude?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Yep, Neal Schon from Journey. Tareq Salahi is suing him for stealing his wife. Idiot.

  • Calling Salahi an idiot is an insult to idiots everywhere.

  • Leej says:

    LI i am terrible about grammar and spelling

    yes and we and Dalyn and me are OK

    most likely better then most, especially better then some of our secret service. 😉

    who are mostly perfect or are they, just kidding

    just a little humor 🙂

  • Dave is a good guy. The fact that he knows the Salahis is simply a virtue of the fact that’s he’s been in office for a while and knows almost everyone. I don’t know why you didn’t like the floor speech – I thought it was hilarious.

    While I’m sure the Salahis have done whatever the AG has charged them with, I am not sure if this wasn’t just a PR move. The AG did make the rounds of the cable news channels after this was announced.

  • Cato the Elder says:

    “Yep, Neal Schon from Journey. Tareq Salahi is suing him for stealing his wife. Idiot.”

    That would be the one. He should be thanking that guy. How else could have he separated himself from that harpy sans adultery?

  • PALADIN says:

    Here ya go, folks:

    Also, be sure to visit the “Tareq Salahi for Virginia Governor” page on Facebook. As asshole Tareq is fond of saying, “Cheers!”

  • BlackOut says:

    If the choices are Coochinelli and Salahi, I am not sure who I’d vote for.

  • Winston says:

    Three bankruptcies, charity fraud, business fraud, dozens of lawsuits, unpaid debts, its clear Salahi doesn’t belong in the Governor’s Mansion. He belongs in behind bars. Check out Virginia Wine Country Tours on TripAdvisor and Yelp to see complaints by Salahi’s victims. Some of these victims filed criminal complaints with Fauquier County Sheriffs so the State was required by law to investigate. There is no doubt as to the findings of that investigation that is now prompting Cuccinelli to sue Salahi for blatant violations of State law concerning fraud. Not a matter of politics as Salahi would have you believe.

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