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By Loudoun Insider

Lots going on.

The Caps won a tough tough series with a phenomenal Game 7, with lots of boneheaded bruins fans taking ridiculous racist potshots at Joel Ward who scored the game winner in overtime.  The Caps are looking damn good and peaking at the right time.  Dale Hunter is the man!

The Redskins get RGIII as expected.  Who knows if it will help them.  It should but there are no guarantee, especially with first round QB picks.

The Nationals continue to surprise everyone.  besides having some good acquisitions, you cannot deny the incredible influence of Davey Johnson.  I’m a former long time Baltimore Orioles fan who lost all faith in the franchise when Peter Angelos fired Davey Johnson.  The Nats reap the rewards years later.  Good for them.

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  • John Marsh says:

    It’s curious that, at least for many of us, when our home teams do well life looks better. Watching the success of the Nats and the Caps makes the days brighter. Doubtless something very primitive is at work in the psyche.

  • Bubba says:

    Heck even the Wizard won their last six games of the season and finished on a high note. Still a lot of work to do but some progress being seen there as well.

  • I can’t but help thinking all the times the Redskins have acquired the second coming only to be sadly disappointed by the third week of the season.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I did leave the Wizards off since i have zero interest in basketball.

    That’s easy to think when it’s the Snyder and the Redskins, Lloyd.

  • Robbie says:

    maybe because hockey is just a game whereas the other stuff is the real deal

  • edmundburkenator says:

    The Nats are built for the long haul. Barring injury, that team will compete for the next decade. That’s a good job there.

    The Redskins are a marketing gimmick owned by a knucklehead. Thank God for fantasy football and the fact I’m old enough to remember both the Allen years and the Gibbs (I) years. Good times.

    The Wizards and the NBA? The season was the right length this year and the playoffs can be interesting if you can somehow tune in for the fourth quarter only. The Wiz will be better next year, but not good enough to pull me back into being interested in the NBA.

    The Capitals and hockey are the most emotional roller coaster ride in pro sports for me. I almost can’t watch the last minutes or an overtime due to the extended panic I feel. I tried to stay away from the Caps this season, because that is the most stupid length to a regular season in pro sports. But now the REAL season is upon us and I am a mess.

  • Debbie Rose says:

    @Robbie- them’s fightin’ word for sure:)

    Perhaps I am biased- oldest son plays travel hockey and husband is reliving his youth in MN playing mens league- but hockey is skill, strategy, edurance, drive and determination.

    Love watching the CAPS win as a team effort. Feeling very hopeful going into this next series!

  • Leej says:

    there is nothing wrong with sports

    but parents put way too much emphasis on it and not enough on the real world 🙂 it is more of a kick for the parent then the child most of the time.

    i will really throw this out there many times it is another avenue for the kids to be bullied only justified by the by the parents.

  • G.Stone says:

    The Nats are the real deal. Good Skipper and a talented pitching staff makes for some good baseball. If pitching stays healthy, these guys could contend for some time. Now if they could just make pricing for beer so that you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to see a game, I would be happy.

  • Robbie says:

    the stadium alone is worth the price of beer. good baseball upgrades the experience of going but it is enough just to be there.

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