Damn, I Missed It!!!

By Loudoun Insider

What else could I be talking about, the political event of the year, the opening of David Ramadan’s district office happened today.  And somehow I forgot about it after receiving three email alerts about it, even though I am nowhere near his district.

First, I wanted to see how many of the recipients of his political money showed up.  I bet they all did, because Ramadan has people working for him who keep track of who owes who what.  I bet there’s a spreadsheet somewhere keeping track of how much they do in return.

Secondly, I wanted to ask him how he was doing in getting Too Conservative shut down.  I was promised a few months ago by one of the most important political operatives in the county (just ask him, he’ll tell you) that people at the top levels of state government, spearheaded by David Ramadan, were going to get TC pulled from the internet.  Somehow we’re still here.

Thirdly, I wanted to see if Howard Heavin was there and if he is as rotund as fellow Curves man Ramadan himself.

And finally, I wanted to see if he was displaying the Ikrhras Shoe of the Month Award he received.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it.  If anyone was there please fill in the blanks for me.


  • Baron Rosedown says:

    Ramadan rolled out the plush red carpet, with a step and repeat (kidding, but after all it is Ramadan we are talking about) for the Virginia event of the year…his District Office opening today at 4PM, not yesterday.

  • BlackOut says:

    I can’t imagine anyone being more narcissistic than this guy.

    What a character.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I still can’t believe TC is still up and running with a heavyweight like that against us.

  • Leej says:

    happy story and his real name which is ok Bruce Miller good friend of mine who has been down out for awhile living in Leesburg.

    Got a job recently at home depot and sold $142,000 worth of windows and doors that is good news 🙂

  • New Nova Con says:

    LeeJ you really need to get off the meds. You don’t make sense.

  • Elder Berry says:

    Surprised, New Nova?

  • Leej says:

    new nova con. is that not the government thing give them drugs when you don’t like what you hear


  • Baron Rosedown says:

    No Lee – but some of your post make you sound like a bat shit crazy lunatic. Just saying.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Lee, I love ya, man, but that comment was pretty bizarre and WAY off topic! Try to make some point relevant to the topic when commenting, please!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Back to the topic at hand, did anyone go to this shindig???

  • In The Know says:

    Ramadan must have had everyone sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.

  • Ellie Lockwood says:

    I saw a blog post somewhere referencing a large crowd but the two pictures seemed to show the same dozen or so people including one very bored youngster. I’m guessing you didn’t miss much.

  • Vincent Harris says:

    Ramadan’s not a bad guy. He’s an elected official and leader of the party now in the district…can we lay off him?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Ramadan is an extremely obnoxious politician who has gone to people at one poster’s job trying to get him to back off (which apparently has worked because he hasn’t even commented here), and supposedly was working to get TC killed Vincent, that’s who he is. Is your comment part of the effort to shut me up?

  • DC Beltway Bandit says:

    Ramadan is the worst and not a leader I would want to follow. He “won” the 87th by a mere 50 votes, but acts like he won by a landslide.
    His use and over use of social media is nauseating. Ramdan goes as far as to fabricate numbers . Yeah right 1500 people in the 87th showed up on your Tele-Town-Hall last night or 150 showed up at your “grand opening” – it was more like 35-40, unless you are counting the kids.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    I have a feeling there are some people that are afraid of Mr. Ramadan.


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    He has a lot of money, he’s power hungry and vain, and he’s well connected, primarily because of all the money he throws around.

  • Joe Budzinski says:

    I think this blog is well-established as an equal opportunity gadfly so the notion that criticism of any individual would be out of bounds is silly.

    There is nothing I know of that David did during his term of public service that merits denunciation, but scrutiny of his finances and political organization is fair game – as would be the case with any other politician.

    Is there some kind of ward politics at work here so that some politicians are to be considered beyond critique – or else? That would be interesting.

  • BlackOut says:

    Good question Joe! Hope all is well with you and your family.

  • Joe Budzinski says:

    You too man, we will have to catch up one of these days.

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