Introducing “Whitbeck Fan”

By Loudoun Insider

Lloyd and I both think this is probably Ken Reid posting since the comments have the right amount of obnoxiousness and crudeness.  Of course Reid got burned here when he dared me to prove that he was posting pro-Steve Simpson comments as “Black/Delgaudio Fan” and whoever this is commenting has learned to use an anonymizer.  So we can’t be sure who it is exactly, but it’s interesting that they showed up immediately after John Whitbeck was elected as 10th Congressional District Chairman.  So we’ll change this person’s crude handles to “Whitbeck Fan” and put them through so you can see the “quality” of the typical Whitbeck supporter.

Just to give you a rundown of the comments so far, here they are – real classy stuff:

“Lloyd has a kid? I thought you and LI were Log Cabin fuck buddies?????”

“How about a display of you cornholing Lloyd on the Courthouse lawn? Or maybe you and your d-bag friends at “Real LoudounMouths” ? Do you prefer budiansky or his ugly wife?”

“I still think a display of you, BlackOut and other morons who waste their days posting on this sorry web site would be so cool!”

“U write a lot about assholes. Takes one to know one!”

Seriously, folks, that’s the kind of person supporting John Whitbeck and his Royal Court of Freak Show Political Hacks.


  • Wolverine says:

    Or, is that just one angry poster gone overboard, and not necessarily a significant reflection of the “kind of person supporting John Whitbeck”? I can go through the blogs and pull out all sorts of ultra-vulgar comments made by purported supporters of Obama against conservatives but don’t really have the right to proclaim that this is reflective of Obama supporters per se.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    Well, based on the rash of sh*t LI was getting from a collection of morons some months ago (that he brought to light recently), I would say we can start connecting of few dots and say the local Rs have a little touch of the crazy in the ranks.

    I hope they can shake it. I know some pretty decent Rs that find this kind of thing appalling.

    You find it appalling, right Wolverine?

  • Wolverine says:

    Need you ask, Burkenator? From what I see in this particular thread, LI has pretty much narrowed it down to one poster on some sort of out-of-bounds vendetta. How does that translate necessarily into being “the typical Whitbeck supporter”? Premature generalization, no?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Wolverine, if the people making these kind of comments and threats were just far flung supporters it woud be one thing. Since they are close associates of his, it’s another entirely.

  • liberal anthropologist says:

    These comments are consistent with the past behaviour of Whitbeck supporters in other circumstances. Threats and vulgarity have been hurled at me and my family by Whitbeck supporters. For merely being critical of policy and leadership skills.

    Let’s face it. Whitbeck has done nothing for the party. Like Obama, he was not vetted.

    Actually Whitbeck has a lot in common with Obama.

  • Wolverine says:

    Then, LI, contrary to your statement in the thread itself, you must know exactly who it is. Yes or no?

  • Wolverine says:

    Now, that is a most interesting revelation, LA. Knowing you only from our exchanges on the blog, I sort of pictured you as a RPaulist libertarian “lone wolf” out there. Are you saying that you actually are or have been directly active with the LCRP? In what capacity? That’s a handy thing to know for future discussion.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I don’t know exactly who it is, but I have a pretty good idea, and this is only one example of the sleaze perpetuated by close associates of Whitbeck. See my previous post about threats for more – those are all from close Whitbeck associates.

    Don’t do anything to piss off Whitbeck or his pals, Wolverine, or you’ll end up in the same boat.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    It’s also pretty darn obvious that they are concerned about the sleazy financial irregularities with the 10th CD’s finances with all this focus on the treasury.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    I know people who supported him at the convention who have little or nothing to do with the group with whom you war (mutually). Some seem to have been seeking a change to cut all ties to any vestige of Jim Rich, but that’s just my take on what little they said about it.

    IOW, there may be a bit of simple changing of the guard due to age. Younger hands take the reins on things all the time, and that gets neck bristles up just by itself.

    I’m also prepared to consider that the folks with whom you take greatest issue LI (and for personal reasons too, with good reason in the case of bringing in noninvolved noncombatants) may bring their own brand of support to Whitbeck simply because that’s their business, and they’re working it.

    Something I found quite funny last year were the efforts by people who quite thoroughly hate my guts to be my very bestest friend through campaign season, to the point of one individual seeking me out at events, taking my elbow in a tight grip, and putting their face next to mine with a grin while hollering for someone to snap the picture. Sometimes in a crowded room there’s really nowhere to bail, you know? Lo and behold, there those snaps were on facebook before the clock had signalled another day.

    I’m an insignificant potato with a free mouth, and that’s what I got from someone who now is back to normal, sniping away when our paths cross. I can only imagine what happens to people with more volunteer responsibility and visibility than I have, when they fall in the sites of people who survive by gauging and attaching to power.

    I’m not saying any one the folks you’re discussing are the enemies of people like JW or vice versa, but there may be a bit of mutual “friends close, enemies closer” going on, and that’s normal in bloodsport politics.

    Particularly around here, where “the enemy of my enemy is my ‘friend'” has coalitions changing sometimes by the week.

  • BlackOut says:

    Colleague, I laughed when I read this: “I’m an insignificant potato with a free mouth”. That is awesome(!) can we use that as our new branding slogan for BarOut?

    Ya the I want to get a picture with you thing is funny. There are a few out there with me and some of my nemesis that make me chuckle.

  • A few quick notes. First, the comment about being cornholled actually used my real name, not the Lloyd pseudonym. Second, I have nothing against Whitbeck (having never even met the guy) nor do I have any reason to believe he’s behind it.

    That said, I do have every reason to believe it is Ken Reid – again – which I suspect will be easily confirmed with a quick call to our resident forensic IT guy, Stevens Miller.

  • liberal anthropologist says:


    Yes, I am active in the party. Less so lately. I say the same things in person. I only maintain anonymity in writing because of my work. I may even have met you, but we wouldn’t know.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I did make that substitution, Lloyd.

  • And I thank you for that. I just brought it up to show even more what a pathetic jerk he is.

  • Loudoun Moron says:

    “Actually Whitbeck has a lot in common with Obama.”

    Occidental College in the house!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I’m sure you’re talking about that noxious old tweener Lovettsville “Lady”, Barb. Looks like that testy Facebook exchange was removed. That nasty woman gets banned and deleted everywhere she goes.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    LI, the Facebook posts were deleted by the author, apparently when it dawned on them that it didn’t look too good to:

    A) attack others and tell them what they may or may not say on someone else’s post–that’s the page owner’s privilege

    B) make the howler of saying that acting like an “obnoxious snot” doesn’t do much for one’s cause.

    When I noted that the poster was correct and should follow their own advice, the posts were deleted with an “apology” for “encouraging” my “foolishness”.

    I think there are too many chiefs in that group (aren’t we ALL chiefs on this bus in LoCo? lol), and somebody made a terrible unforced error with the fake flyer pretending to be from Loudoun Transit. Credibility OUT. THE. WINDOW.

    But all’s fair in constant war, when the end justifies any and all chiefs’ means, right?


  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Colleague, if you can design a logo, I’m willing to consider it.


  • Baron Rosedown says:

    Has Miller provided any insight or proof that Whitbeck-Fan is in fact Reid? I had suspected it was Reid’s aide, but not Reid himself. Regardless, the comments are unseemly and repugnant.

    I think many of us do not take for granted the anonymity that this website offers, but I say all bets are off when a person uses that anonymity to go after this sites owners/contributors.

  • EM Barner says:

    As ignorant and repulsive as those sorts of statements are, it is beyond ridiculous that a blog that wants to consider itself part of civil political discourse in VA would use the outrageous comments of an anonymous self proclaimed supporter to tarnish the newly elected 10th district chair. Have what opinions you will of his qualifications, convictions, experience, leadership skills, etc (I think highly of him on those counts but you don’t have to), John Whitbeck has conducted himself with class, decency and responsibility at every turn.

  • BlackOut says:

    Barner, a fair share of people don’t agree with you. Ask the Lansdowne HOA folks. Whitbeck is controversial.

  • Liberal Anthropologist says:


    What do you base that opinion on? Have you seen him in action. Most of the commenter on here have read the man’s record, listened to his speeches, and some have watched him yell at people who were not yelling at him first.

    He is emotional and immature. That is not class or decency. And his is far from responsible. Do you want to defend his record of fiscal responsibility?

    Or are you just yet another person that met him at a party and has no idea who he really is. As BO said. Ask his neighbors. He is controversial disliked by many if not most and has been surrounded with scandal.

    He is an embarrassment to the Republican Party and may cause so much strife within the party that the 10th goes for Obama. And perhaps more likely is that Whitbeck is putting Wolf’s seat at risk. Whitbeck’s past unfair and dirty attacks on Republicans do not bode well for his ability to bring together the Republican vote.

    And if you KNOW better, then do not simply just spout words. Tell us his record. What leadership? What class? Was it class when I saw him yelling at at an old lady?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    My guess is that EMB wants to run for some kind of public office. She knows who she owes and has to pay fealty to to help make that a reality.

    Is this the same Eve Marie Barner who stood up proud at that controversial 10th District Convention so long ago and rattled off the names of attendees who had given money to Democrats in the past??? If so then why is she not screaming about Whitbeck’s appointment of David D’Onofrio as Communications Chair of the 10th CD, a guy who was recently business partners with the LCDC Communications Chair and who supported Jennifer Bergel against LCRC nominee Paul Arias this past election???

    How can this be, Eve???

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