Ralph Buona Wants To Raise Your Taxes!

By Loudoun Insider

Of course if you were a huge SCTV fan like I am, you would say that in your best Lola Heatherton impersonation voice (classic SCTV bit where Lola, played by the great Catherine O’Hara, would blab out “I wanna bear your children” in bad attempts at comedy).

Since only at best two TC readers will get that, on to the meat of the post.

Someone sent me a copy of Ralph Buona’s latest Facebook page update.  he actually talks about how funding Metro will only cost us 3.5 cents additional on the tax rate.  Yep, rich Telos VP Ralph Buona is telling us peons that it will only costs us a few bucks to make his pals at the Chamber very very rich and provide basically no overall transportation benefit.

Here are his own words.  I cannot believe he thought it would be a good idea to post this:

Erika Jacobson Moore pens a good overview of our finance work session on Rail to Loudoun last night. We discussed various funding options, including special tax districts around the stations, commercial & industrial taxes and general fund revenue. KEY TAKE-AWAY — if the BOS chose to rely on general fund revenue (only one possible scenario), the tax rate would only be raised about 3.5 cents… which is about $98 per year for the average homeowner or .27 cents a day.

Postscript – On second thought, the parallels between the fictional Lola Heatherton and the song and dance the Metro proponents are pushing on us really do have a lot in common!


  • edmundburkenator says:


    All you folks that see Metro as “finally” getting some benefit from those taxes…

    Just wait for the cuts you are going to see next year (or the year after) so you can afford to ride into town on the weekend.

    Commuters, I feel for you, but you are going to see some services go away so you can ride — or that argument will be made.

    Maybe you can use the library in Fairfax. Is there one near a stop? Parks and Rec, perhaps try Arlington’s.

    I hear there is a robo call going around from Americans for Prosperity. I’m sure these guys want to spend our money in another way (more roads to open up PWC development?).

    Fools to the left. Jokers to the right.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Looks like Loudoun Rail Now sent out a mass email alert to bomb TC with pro-Metro comments now that the LTM has shut down comment spammers.

  • Wolverine says:

    Be careful what you say, Ralph. I’m about to cut a big cheque for my 6-month property taxes — on a basically fixed income.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Come on, Wolverine, rich Telos VPs aren’t too worried about those on fixed incomes in Sterling! His Chamber pals need this!

  • Wolverine says:

    That’s why I said something. Ralph keeps talking like this, and the Wolverines give TC a thumbs up to rip this guy a new one. In terms of the wealthiest county in the country, we in Sterling Park are usually the poor cousins on the other side of the tracks. For years we have deliberately not asked for the official tax exemption for seniors because we believe that a stakeholder has an obligation to put in his share. But, if this guy starts talking as if an upping of our “contribution” is only to sneeze at, well, maybe he could use a new one.

  • FedUp says:

    Ralph also said that a special tax district with a 9 cent tax rate would ONLY be a $450 tax increase for a half-million dollar home. No big deal; pocket change!

    It looks like this BOS doesn’t mind increasing taxes, as long as it only applies to a small minority of homeowners.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    This Board is all about paying back the people who put them where they are. Like I told you they would be. These people are not real conservatives.

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