Jim “Joe Mamah” Fisher In The News

By Loudoun Insider

Jim Fisher is getting his name in the paper lately.  Fisher was the guy who ran the show for Jim Plowman in Loudoun County, since Plowman never is confident enough to step into the courtroom himself.  Fisher finally got out of Loudoun to run the show in his native Fauquier County, but has been tapped to be the choice substitute for Culpepper County in the current police shooting case, and in Loudoun, where Plowman seemingly can’t find anyone else to deal with the Bennett case, even while they do their best to mess that up.

Even crazier in all this drama is why Jim Fisher would have thought it appropriate to begin blogging at the now defunct NOVA Common Sense using the racist tinged moniker “Joe Mamah” while on duty and running for election in Fauquier, mainly to prop up Plowman and the Loudoun GOBGN.  As someone pointed out in comments to that State of NOVA post, it would be interesting to see what would have happened had that police shooting victim been a minority.


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Joe Mamah is still listed as a blogger at what used to be NOVA Common Sense and is now The Chesapeake Liaison:


    Here’s his misleading bio:

    “Joseph “Joe” Mamah is our newest pseudonymous blogger here at Common Sense. He is a “grass roots” activist who grew up in Fairfax County, Virginia. He specializes in advertising and marketing. Mr. Mamah writes on topics of interest to all of the Commonwealth of Virginia with the usual emphasis on Northern Virginia.

    Mr. Mamah enjoys hunting, fishing and outdoor activities when he is not covering political issues. He has worked as a pamphleteer and door-knocker for his local Republican party.”

  • Loudoun Political Observer says:

    I remember thinking what a bad idea this was when I first heard about it. Not surprisingly, it has come back to haunt them. Fisher was a good guy until he got to Loudoun.

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