Come to the Dark Side, BOS!

By Lloyd the Idiot

Seduced by the popularity of Metro to Loudoun (supposedly 80% of Loudoun residents support it), the push of other notable Republicans (Wolf and McDonnell) and the political support of those who stand to benefit financially from its construction (MC Dean), the Loudon County Board of Supervisors almost hypnotically draws closer and closer to the Dark Side of politics, that being reckless blank-check spending.  Supervisors York, Buona and Letourneau already have boarded the Death Star.  Volpe is on her way and Reid will just follow the majority like a weak-willed storm trooper.

And the circle will be complete.

Make no mistake, I like the idea of Metro.  However,  I also expect well-reasoned decisions from my elected representatives, and the BOS has done none of its homework here.  They haven’t agreed on how we’re going to pay for it, or even how much it’s going to cost.  No doubt, if they came out with information on special tax districts or confirmed property tax increases for everyone, the support numbers  would drop dramatically.  But they haven’t done that, effectively capitalizing on the childish excitement of  something shiny and new without doing the grown-up analysis of the price.  And, in the process, they wholly abandon the promise of fiscal conservatism upon which they were elected.

Listen, I’d rather spend the Metro billions on widening Rte. 7, opening I-66 inside the beltway, my own personal HOV lane with a police escort, and my own helipad.  Since those are equally unlikely, I choose Metro.  Like I’ve said before, it is the only meaningful transportation thing going.  In essence, my support is a desperation move.

That is, a desperation move to the Dark Side.

UPDATED:  Matt Letourneau’s exhaustive  statement on Metro  provides some additional insight on the Death Star construction costs along with his thoughts on paying for it.


  • LoudouninNC says:



  • edmundburkenator says:

    LoudouninNC, I just want to say thank you for your knowledge and contributions to these Metro/planning threads…

    I think there is probably more than meets the eye with the cargo capacity discussion. I do wish there was a debate on what kind of economy Loudoun is going to promote for this area in the future.

    Is it cargo/freight flavored? Is it knowledge/technology? Some hybrid? These discussions don’t take place in the public sphere it seems to me– but maybe I need to pay better attention.

    I do wonder if we’ll see the the Tax Pig out fighting the LC/PWC road.

    Somehow, I doubt it.

  • LoudouninNC says:

    I love coming to read/comment on these threads. Transportation became my favorite issue a few years ago in planning school and I follow it very closely both locally and nationally. I’m not as in tune with some of the issues I knew better when I was still in Loudoun, which is why it’s hard to comment on the economic factors.
    The future economic spectrum is a really interesting topic, so if anyone has insight into that, I’d love to hear more.
    As far as the little Piggy, I think you’re right. Critical analysis tends to stop short when conclusions might actually affect the status quo. That’s why I get my feathers ruffled by people like Scott Walker.

  • liberal anthropologist says:

    “Critical analysis tends to stop short when conclusions might actually affect the status quo. That’s why I get my feathers ruffled by people like Scott Walker.”

    What does this mean?

  • LoudouninNC says:

    If my post in the other thread had made it out of moderation, it would make more sense. What it comes down to is a very clear breakdown of when ‘fiscal conservativism’ is used:

    Basically, whether it’s Metro, ‘high-speed’ rail, bike paths, or another non-road transportation mode, they have been almost universally excoriated. Detractors talk about the tight budget, the unclear projections, and…gasp…subsidies, preying on the rhetoric of the moment.

    As the “practical” alternative, they then turn to road widening, new highway construction, etc. as the “best” fiscal alternative.

    This ignores a fundamental fact of transportation policy. Roads are subsidized to a greater degree than any other mode. They do not “pay for themselves”, they do not pass performance benchmarking, they do not create sustainable economic development (e.g. Best Buy, Circuit City, Linens & Things, et al), and their ongoing maintenance costs are frequently ignored in the financial “analysis”. Yet, somehow, officials like Scott Walker can lambaste rail plans (prompting manufacturing jobs like Talgo to leave), devastate Milwaulkee’s transit system funding, and then turn around and award record-breaking road construction projects that fail almost every performance test to his largest campaign donors. I really loathe Walker (and it has nothing to do with unions, purely transportation).

    I left links out so, since I think that’s what held the last one up.

    I hope that explains my somewhat ambiguous closing statement.

  • Baconator says:

    My other Posts here seem to have disappeared. I guess if someone is pro metro on this forum then they get taken off so people don’t get to hear what they have to say. I want Metro, just like most the people here in Loudoun. Hope the politicians are listening even though attempts are made to quiet us down.

  • Baconator, I cannot see the details of this post, but I can assure you… no comments are in moderation, and nobody’s comment is deleted because of their opinion. IIRC there was someone pro-metro who was posting with multiple names, which we don’t allow. Maybe that is why some of your posts were deleted.

    If there was content you want back up, then repeat it, and use the same name.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    Baconator, you are a victim of the stupid 50 comment jump. After 50 comments, the pages starts over. Your comments are there, just accessed in “Older Comments” at the bottom of the page.

    Nice jump to conclusions though…

  • LowdowneVA says:


  • By the way, Baconator, stick to one name or you WILL end up in moderation. Commenting on your own comments under a different name is in especially poor taste.

  • BlackOut says:

    Baconator, I am strongly pro Metro and have had a free voice on the subject without issues. Maybe you are getting confused with trying to handle too many voices. Give the moderators a break.

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