Can The Loudoun BOS Make The Tough Decisions???

By Loudoun Insider

First they get an extension for the Metro Opt-In/Opt-Out decision, and are still dithering and still miles away from figuring out how to pay for it if they opt-in, and then they punt again with yet another extension on the OpenBand issue.  Another issue where they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.  While the Metro decision was handed to them by previous boards, their big problems with OpenBand are entirely of their own making.  The last board voted to deny the franchise.  The new board caved to OpenBand’s lawsuit threats after a majority of them took thousands and thousands of dollars from OpenBand principals and the parent company MC Dean.  All while OpenBand bragged that they think they will get a different reception from this new board.  No shit.  This 9-0 LCRC BOS knows how to reward their pals.


  • edmundburkenator says:

    How many meetings has Higgins missed already?

  • Baron Rosedown says:

    ED: Too many. Higgins is like a ghost who rarely attends meetings.

    This BoS continues to punt on the “tough decisions”. While their constituents are saying: No shit Sherlock, you were elected to make tough decisions, not punt them.

  • LowdowneVA says:

    One of Leisure World’s five residence buildings is dropping Open Band at the end of this month and going with Comcast. Two others looking for an out. They only had ten year contracts and they own their easements.

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