Mess With OpenBand, Get Stabbed

By Loudoun Insider

I am sure DC Councilman (with a temper and a potty mouth) and OpenBand exec David Catania was joking when he said he wanted to stab an HOA representative with a sharp object during “negotiations”, but good grief, what a stupid thing to do.  Of course when you’re an OpenBand bigwig and you think you’ve bought the new Board of Supervisor making the decision on your cable franchise, you probably think you can say and do just about anything and still get what you want.

From the WaPo article linked above:

Doug Granzow, vice president of the Southern Walk HOA, told the supervisors that he had been threatened by an OpenBand representative, whom he later identified as OpenBand attorney David Catania, during a negotiation meeting last week.

“The subject of pricing came up, and when I challenged them on their claim that they are the lowest-priced provider in the county, the OpenBand representative snapped at me,” he said. “He said, and I quote, ‘It’s comments like that about our pricing that make me want to jump over this table and stab you with a sharp object.’ ”

Granzow said he was shocked by Catania’s statement.

“I have never had someone say something like that to me in any kind of business discussion, ever,” he said. “This seems to be their standard operating procedure. Dominate, intimidate, threaten.”


  • LowdowneVA says:

    Mr. Catania thus validates the southern aphorism that “a bit dog will holler.”
    One of the five residential divisions in Leisure World is not renewing its 10 year contract because Comcast made a better and less expensive offer. The savings is reportedly about 28%.

  • Liberal Anthropologist says:

    Not only that, but if you go watch the video of the BOS meeting on the website, Catania is clearly disrespectful to the BOS. He basically says it is none of their business and to stay out of it. He acts openly annoyed at supervisors and represents Openband badly.

    They should get rid of him.

    The BOS should not allow themselves to be bullied by these folks.

    Just watching them in action at this hearing you get exactly why so many are upset with this company.

  • Dylan Thomas says:

    Ill advised? Yes. End of the world? No.

    Not tangible to the franchise agreement. Along with the easements if you ask me.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Of course it isn’t the “end of the world”, and I never suggested it was. I don’t take his stupid statement literally, but it is a ridiculously stupid statement to make nonetheless, especially during discussions with one of your “customers” (known as “hostages” in OpenBand land).

    LA, I didn’t watch the hearing, but I can only imagine how cocky they were. After all, they helped get this new board elected, didn’t they? They owe OpenBand, and OpenBand owns them.

  • Liberal Anthropologist says:

    The video can be seen here:

    The Openband issue begins at 1 hour 31 minutes in.

    It certainly makes for interesting watching. you get the arrogance, the stabbing discussion, the accusations, the confusion…

    It is riveting in the way that BOS meetings can be. 🙂

  • Baron Rosedown says:

    Jesus, talk about Open Band’s special brand of customer service, no wonder why their customers feel like hostages. Joking or not, Catania threatening a HOA rep with bodily harm is about as dumb and arrogant as it gets.

    It’s obvious that all three HOAs were unified in their message to the BoS: Open Band’s negotiations were a huge serving of dog-shit and Open Band went into the negotiations kicking and screaming and the “negotiations” netted absolutely zero results.

  • Defrauded Resident says:

    Looks like Granzow was right: OpenBand’s standard mode of operation is intimidate, bully, lie, mislead, and obfuscate all the while laughing all the way to the bank. Crooked Bastards!

  • LowdowneVA says:

    Open Band spokesmen at the hearing mischaracterized the decision by Potomac Ridge (Leisure World residence) to dump OB in favor of Comcast. It was not because OB can’t guarantee a county franchise.
    It is because of inferior service and usurious business practices.
    Magnolias will likely follow suit when their OB contract expires Aug 1.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    What a surprise, the HOAs aren’t happy with what OpenBand has to offer:

    I would never buy a house saddled with OpenBand. I really do feel bad for those who are stuck with it.

  • liberal anthropologist says:

    Let’s all remember that MCDean is Openband.

  • DC Beltway Bandit says:

    That’s pretty surprising that ALL of the HOAs had identical outcomes from the negotiations. I think it’s proof positive that Openband had no intention of negotiating with the HOAs and they simply putting on a dog & pony show for Sups Buona & Williams.

  • LowdowneVA says:

    In today’s mail some Lansdowne residents got an offer to “enjoy the internet 800% faster” with “exede broadband” from Wildblue.
    The offer is for “super fast satellite internet service” for $49. 99 a month for “up to 12 mbps” service. Maybe the marketers did not investigate what Open Band offers in Lansdowne, because the comparison is with dial-up, but this direct mail piece does raise the question of what will happen when Open Band’s broadband — which was cutting edge in 2001 — is no longer in demand because residents can get it faster, better, cheaper somewhere else without any need for Open Band’s easements and fiberoptic cable. Sort of like smart phones and satellite television.
    Will HOA members still be forced to pay $147 a month to two people who signed a 75-year contract 11 years ago to keep them both wealthy for the rest of time? Already, most residents don’t want one ore more of the bundled services from Open Band: cable TV, hard line telephone service that costs long distance to call Washington DC, and broadband internet service that IS very reliable and fast. No one’s complaining about the internet service but just because it’s good should not mean a life sentence for HOA residents to subscribe to telephone hard lines and pixillated television images when they can get all this from the cloud. Even if there’s a data cap.
    OB should provide the spread sheet to show when they paid down the cost of laying fiberoptic cable for broadband.
    When they boast about employing local people, they forget that also means that their customers get a good look at some of what they do with all that money.

  • DC Beltway Bandit says:

    What I found interesting is ALL and I mean all other media outlets (Post, Leesburg Today, all iterations of the Patch) quoted members of the various HOAs…but the only local media that failed to cover last week’s public input…drum roll…Loudoun Times Mirror. At this point that paper just needs to go ahead and change their masthead to “Bill Dean Times”.

  • ACTivist says:

    About the “stabbing” statement made: reputable companies would either send you to anger management or fire your ass for that. These “threats” are no longer taken lightly (as can be seen with stories of work assaults/murders) and it has been this way for many years. This incident should not be looked upon as an idle threat but as a company that condones bad behaviour and possibly harmful intent towards others.. It let’s you know who and what you are dealing with. Time to dissolve any dealings with these clowns!

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