Delgaudio Plagiarizing?

By Lloyd the Idiot

In an email blast yesterday, Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio called the Metro the “Death Star of Debt.”

Hmmm.  Now where have I heard that Death Star reference before?

Relevant portion of email below the fold.


All the financing options being discussed are dependent on increased taxes for somebody or everybody. There is no federal money for this. Zero.

To say “yes” to Metro would mean “yes” to whatever costs come down the line for construction, operating funds and minimum expected safety improvements and upgrades which have gone unfunded for 30 years!

With Sterling homeowners having to pay all the costs if financing has not been worked out and we, you and I, would be the “backstop” when landowners say “no way” or five new supervisors decide raising property taxes is simpler. I hope you tell the b o s what you think (yes or no) at


  • edmundburkenator says:

    “My goodness, all this in a country virtually carpeted with advocacy organizations all across the ideological spectrum which operate in the same way he does.”


    Wolverine, I appreciate your contributions here and elsewhere (I think someone else may have said that), but I find it odd you would choose to exert so much effort on Delgaudio’s behalf.

    But perhaps he is, in some way, deserving of your loyalty and strident defense.

  • Wolverine says:

    Ed Myers — I got the same Delgaudio newsletter you did. Personally, I don’t know if it was sent under a county government frank or by using his own campaign funds. You’ll have to ask Eugene about that.

    But I certainly agree with you concerning wasteful expenditure of the taxpayers’ dollars. In fact, I would extend my complaints to having to spend those dollars on frivilous lawsuits — like the one where some guy sued the Sheriff’s Office because he wasn’t allowed to participate in a self-defense class for women.

  • Wolverine says:

    TCJohnson — I know exactly what you mean. Myself, as a conservative with Tea Party inclinations, have been the recipient of some real lulus. Who would have thought that a one-time professional counterterrorist officer was now himself a “terrorist”? But just ask Pelosi. And then there was the implication that I and my compatriots are just rubes who cling to our Bibles and our guns. Well, excuse me for now. I have to go out there and throw some old people off a cliff. Then I’ll check into the SPLC website to see if my name has made the list of haters.

  • Wolverine says:

    Burkenator — This is not a defense of Delgaudio. It is a defense of the process of free speech and advocacy in a country which is supposed to accommodate both. There are far too many all across the contemporary ideological spectrum who seem to have gotten the idea that free speech and advocacy is only for them and not for their opponents. As I said, to advocate is to hate if you are not on the “correct” side of an issue. The utimate PC. I object to that regardless of the source. I would come to the defense of a Stevens Miller on this issue as fast as I would Eugene Delgaudio.

    Am I stump preaching here? Well, probably. But it is a sore point. I have lived and worked in places where free speech and free advocacy could be punished by execution. I have had every word I uttered reported to someone else. I have had every letter I wrote opened and read. The same goes for every single piece of mail received. I lived in a situation where a slip of my own tongue could have gotten me shipped out and other people jailed or worse. I do not take kindly to seeing genuine debate over the issues in this country turn toward calls for shutting up the other guy because you don’t like what he is saying.

  • “You can all badmouth the guy ad infinitum but after years and years of crazy behavior and ridicule, he still gets out the vote and holds his seat”

    Eugene Delgaudio . . .

    or Marion Barry?

  • Ed Myers says:

    Sorry Wolverine, free speech works both ways. If you via law enforcement and government resources are going to discipline citizens (like me) by criminalizing behavior around speech that criticizes the government in the hope of deterring that speech, than I have a right to reciprocate. The cost of the court system is a good point but since you (and Mr. D) oppose providing an independent way (such as a citizen review board ) for citizens to be heard on complains about constitutional officers, then your cost argument is really a back handed attempt to restrict speech. If you don’t want to spend tax dollars defending government actions in court, then make government decisions more transparent and open up forums for people to provide feedback so the courts don’t have to be the only place one can complain without fear of being prosecuted.

  • Ed Myers says:

    Oh, on a tangent, SCOTUS says local government can not criminalize aliens for being here without a valid visa or the free speech associated with asking for work. Criminalizing illegal immigration is something Mr. D. was spearheading for Loudoun.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    Wolverine, I’m happy you are such a proponent of speech.

    It would follow on that you would also be someone that would not curtail, withhold, or limit the rights of some of our citizens while providing the same rights to others — or, in other words, Delgaudio’s full time job.

  • Ben Dover says:

    “I do not take kindly to seeing genuine debate over the issues in this country turn toward calls for shutting up the other guy because you don’t like what he is saying.”

    Wolverine – forgive me for piling on, but explain something to me: How do you equate sending out a fund-raising letter that effectively states: (paraphrased) “If you don’t join me in the fight against the radical homosexual agenda, militant gays will be trolling Sterling Blvd. for boys…..” to being a component of any “genuine” debate? What’s genuine about what Eugene writes and transmits?

    Eugene advocates hate – plain and simple, and apparently you condone this, which is your choice. But, don’t try to sugarcoat Eugene’s hate speech by equating it as being part and parcel of any legitimate debate. Replace the word gay with “Jew” in any of his fundraising letters and maybe you’ll view his writing in a different light. Replace the word gay with “black” in any of his fundraising letters and maybe you will view his schtick differently. Is he within his rights to push this stuff out there? Sure. Is it your right to condone it? Sure. But if you are going to condone it, don’t be surprised when people look at you like you have 3 heads.

  • jimbo the average stelringer says:

    everyone should have voted for Ali Shahriari, im sure he will be back, and at being able to gain nearly 500 votes as an independent with only 1,000 dollars, you can bet on it that he can win any office! Suckers!

  • Wolverine says:

    Ben — Whether or not you consider what Delgaudio writes or says to be part of a legitimate “debate” is immaterial here. You can ignore it, criticize it, condemn it, mock it, whatever you want to do with your own free speech. But you cannot shut it down just because you don’t like it.

    Condoning free speech does not mean condoning the content of the speech. It means simply that someone is free to voice his opinions so long as those opinions stay within some very strict parameters regarding very hard evidence of incitations toward violence against someone else or against our constitutional government. Personally I can sift through the blogs and find all kinds of speech which I consider to be insulting, vulgar, hateful, and abhorent. But try to shut the speakers down? Not on your life. That’s a bad road down which to start if you want to keep free speech.

  • Wolverine says:

    Ed Myers — I really do not know what you are complaining about. There is certainly not a lack of forums in this country through which you can freely launch criticism of your government and government officials. You’re on one of them now where such criticism is daily and loud. If we were in danger of having such free speech “criminalized” as you seem to believe, LI would have been wearing an orange suit a long time ago.

  • BlackOut says:

    Wolverine, replace gay with black; or replace gay with women; on Delgaudio’s hate material and tell me it’s not offensive. That’s not the person I want representing Loudoun County.

    Of course it’s protected by the first amendment. Just like what Westboro Baptist Church does. WBC isn’t in jail and neither is Delgaudio for that matter. So they are free to speak away.

    But they can be shut down. Delguaudio has earned the right to be harassed over what he is doing at every step. Eventually more and more light will shine on his antics. That’s a good thing.

  • BlackOut says:

    I hope they sue the pants off Delgaudio. So much for Delgaudio’s little innocent hobby that doesn’t hurt anyone.

    …what is it with the local GOP and their complete lack of ethics related to the use of graphics.

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