Burton Blogs!

By Loudoun Insider

Well, not exactly, but I liked that snappy title!  Jim Burton has updated and reorganized his campaign website into an excellent resource, and will be chiming in on issues from time to time, as he has done with this excellent piece on Metro.  Boy could things be just a little bit different and better if we still had him on the BOS instead of Queen Conflict.


  • The Operative says:

    I think the link is broken or the site is down for maintenance as per the Access Cloud message.

  • Ross Patterson says:

    The links are working now.

  • FedUp says:

    Glad Mr. Burton mentions the $135 million cost of the parking garages. The county pretends like this will not even be an expense to be concerned about. The county is using some pie in the sky revenue projections — $10 parking fee and 95% demand for parking spaces — to show the operating revenue will cover operating expenses and debt service. Who is going to be willing to pay $10 and what makes them think the garages will fill up like that? My guess is taxpayers will end up subsidizing the metro station parking.

    Mr. Burton also makes a good point about the $9 million the county rakes in from the gasoline tax. Not only do we pay 35 cents/gallon in state and federal taxes, but we also pay a county tax. It’s one of the reasons the price of gas is higher in Loudoun. Gas in Winchester this weekend was just $3.25/gal and the lowest I saw was in Mt. Jackson at $3.09/gal. Anyhow, his point is that the massive amount of metro funding will take away funds could be used for road construction. It will take a tax hike to replaced those funds.

  • G.stone says:

    I applaud Mr. Burton ‘s honest assessment . I believe he is right , it will be money interests that are the deciding factor.

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