Where Does the SCOTUS Obamacare Decision Leave Cuccinelli?

By Lloyd the Idiot

As I said two years ago and several times since then, the suit challenging Obamacare was destined for failure.  Today, unfortunately, we have further proof that I am all-knowing.

As winners and losers go, there are some obvious ones.  Indeed, now that his hallmark case has been shot down (by a conservative jurist no less), Cuccinelli’s star isn’t shining so brightly.  Probably not enough to derail his gubernatorial bid, but it should help check his ego somewhat.


  • Liberal Anthropologist says:

    “But if you DO believe this, LA, how can you support a candidate that imposed this same “tax” on his state citizenry when governor – heck, who basically INVENTED the idea?”

    In the primary, I supported others originally.

    Are you suggesting Obama will repeal it?

    Those are my two choices. Obama and Romney. And no matter what he did in the past, he is dedicated to repeal it at the federal level. He will get the vote of the high percentage of Americans who want it repealed.

    You all need to start thinking of what you want this tax replaced with.

    What specifically do you not like about Romney’s plan?

    I am very happy still today. Romney now has a better chance of winning. Obamatax will disappear within decades no matter what. And government growth is restricted.

  • liberal anthropologist says:


    What do you think of Romney’s plan as compared to Obamatax?

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