McDonnell and 3M (Mismanaged Money-losing Metro)

By Loudoun Insider

The Virginia Republican establishment may as well just fold up shop and go home for good.  Bob McDonnell, the supposed head of the party in Virginia, is now urging Loudoun Republicans to vote for this boondoggle.

You can’t get around the inconvenient truth that Metro is a mess.  I urge everyone to think about it as Mismanaged Money-losing Metro every time you see it mentioned.  After all the bitching and moaning about TARP and federal stimulus spending from people like McDonnell, they now expect Loudoun County to sign on to continual subsidies in the millions of dollars per year.

Metro is absolutely mismanaged.  Every week brings another news story that drives that point home.  As hard as it is to believe, the entity that has been chosen to complete this project, MWAA, is even worse than Metro itself.  Metro is a huge money loser.  Fares are going up again and yet it will still require millions of dollars in subsidies to keep it running.  On top of the basic annual deficits for operations, Metro is so behind on basic infrastructure maintenance and upgrades that it will never catch up.

So here we have a DC-centric mismanaged money-losing Metro system and we have supposed fiscal conservatives who supposedly want to shrink government telling us we need to sign on to this mess to help keep it afloat.  There is nothing conservative in that message whatsoever.

Don’t ever forget, people, that the spend-happy Obama administration that these so-called conservatives love to vilify declined to fund this because it doesn’t come close to meeting their standards.  So instead these so-called conservatives will push a scheme that is basically arm-twisting greenie weenie nonsense – let’s tax the crap out of toll road users to try to force the peons onto Metro.

Why the abandonment of principles?  Why else – money.  A lot of very well connected powerful people stand to make a boatload of money off of this.  Fiscal conservatives, my ass.  What a joke.  Stick a fork in the heart of any notion of the Virginia Republican establishment as being fiscally conservative.


  • Viper says:

    Uneducated ramblings!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Uneducated ramblings my ass. This kind of non-stop stupid spending is what has the country in debt way past its eyeballs.

    Suppposedly the new funding plan is “brilliant” and will save us all from the Metro debt:

    Bobby McD has spoken and all estabishment types will now fall in line.

  • Math says:

    Funny, you could replace Virginia with “National” and “Metro” with “Economy during the Bush years.

    How Too Conservative holds Virginia GOP to a higher standard than the National GOP still amazes me and I havent heard a good explanation yet. Where is the difference. Yet we get Drudge-like posts on “Obama’s The Most Arrogant Man in the World.”

    You reputation of holding all GOP, not just VA would serve you well.

  • Math says:

    When will tunnel vision Republican realize that deficits only matter when Democrats are in power.

    Elect Romney and watch the deficit EXPLODE with tax cuts and “Paul Ryans NO SPECIFICS tax cits”.

    Obama wants a deficit deal. Obama is the best chance to cut spending where it matters, not cutting NPR or raising taxes on the poor, but entitlements.

    Romney and his advisors are Kensyians in sheep clothing.

  • Liberal Anthropologist says:

    Under Romney, revenues will rise simply because of the improving economy.

    Tax cuts will raise revenues further in that counter-intuitive was that liberals can’t grasp.

    And spending will be cut. Massively. SS will be reformed finally. All major entitlements will be reformed.

    And the budget will see a surplus.

    Vote Obama and your taxes will be raised more than even his record breaking Obamatax. The economy will continue to stangnate under his failed leadership.

    We need a change. Obama wasn’t ready to be President and he still isn’t. Time for someone with business and executive experience to mage this stuff properly.

  • Leej says:

    Like I said before Loudoun is crapping itself up and destroying the original beauty on the eastern side by a bunch of greedy and and just plain idiots that pretend to just being doing their civic service.

    I just got home going hear some fantastic bands at my friends friend club in mid town Houston. Between downtown Houston and the largest medical system in the world. Yep the street level rail looks drop dead gorgeous with incredible landscaping etc. and it feels pedestrian friendly. 🙂 much more beautiful then the over priced garbage especially the silver line at a fraction of the cost. and it really feels like hometown america along it. It is pretty dam good 🙂

    Personally I don’t care what you build in Loudoun as long as my federal tax dollars don’t have to bail you all at. My point is the pompous people build your rail but don’t expect federal dollars to bail you out when you all get yourselves in trouble.

    Like the first half. One of the so called wealthiest counties should not brag too much since most of your wealth is made off the hard working taxpayer not even close to REAL wealth in the real America made thru innovation and real risk. And no taxpayer money many times born out of a garage. 😉

  • Math says:

    LI, you buy the National GOP BS hook line and sinker yet rake the local GOP over the coals for the same BS.

    “Revenues will rise simply because of the improving economy.” – How will the economy improve faster under Romney, the massive whole of the housing bubble has not been filled. Romney’s hair?

    “Tax cuts will raise revenues further in that counter-intuitive was that liberals can’t grasp.” – Liberals and Economists cant grasp this because its not true. It did not work for Bush. Romney is Bush on steroids. That is a scary proposition. Maybe Romney will use government jobs to boost the economy like Bush and Reagan did. We all know he will.

    “And spending will be cut. Massively. SS will be reformed finally. All major entitlements will be reformed.”
    Romney and Ryan have given no specifics on what programs they will cut. They say their tax cuts are paid for by spending cuts. There starts the vagueness. Romneys top advisors are Kensyians, so is Romney. You want to see how Romneys plan would work- look at Europe. Massive cuts DURING a weak economy.

    “And the budget will see a surplus.” – And Iraq had WMDs!!!

    “Vote Obama and your taxes will be raised more than even his record breaking Obamatax. The economy will continue to stangnate under his failed leadership.” – if I made over 250k, I hope they would and most Americans agree. The total amount of people affected this year by the Obamacare tax penalty = 1%. THE HORROR!!! Taxes under Obama remain historically low.

    “We need a change. Obama wasn’t ready to be President and he still isn’t. Time for someone with business and executive experience to mage this stuff properly.” – Romney the basis for Obamacare, sent jobs oversees, and raised taxes.

    Oncce again, this sites writers astonish me with their National GOP tunnel vision.

    Vote Obama. No war in Iran. No tax cuts for the rich that they dont need. Companies need demand. Demand comes from the middle class, not from tax cuts for the rich or as Frank Lutz has approved you to call them “job creators”

  • Math says:

    Liberal Anthropologist. Where is the difference between Bush and Romney? Where is the difference between the National GOP breaking fiscal promises vs. Loudoun GOP. There is none.

    Bring sanity back to conservatism. Vote for a moderate conservative,which if you took your blinders off, is Obama.

    “And the Romney budget will see a surplus” = most delusional thing I have read on this site to date. And you all call OBAMA the most arrogant man in the world?

  • Math says:

    And Liberal Anthropologist,
    In another case of GOP saying screw you to fiscal conservatism. Romney just said that he would repeal Obamacare, but keep states expansion of health care, pre-existing conditions, and people can keep their current insurance if they want it. AND HE HAS NO PLAN TO PAY FOR THOSE, which the mandate does.

    Sounds a lot like Bush’s trillion dollar medicare expansion that was not paid for.

    There was a day when conservatives were the ones who came up with the mandate idea, now your all crazy on anti-Obama juice.

    But maybe you can just close your eyes and say “surplus!!!”

  • liberal anthropologist says:

    Nationally the democrats rule and deserve the most scrutiny. Locally there is no democrat party.

    You just made statements about what Romney has said that are not true. Provide the specific quote from him in context and stop getting your news from hyper partisan sources.

    Romney is sober fiscally. Obama’s presidency had seen no reduction in spending. To call Obama a moderate conservative causes you to lose all credibility. In what way did he reduce the show of government during his term?

  • liberal anthropologist says:


    I should be clear. Any one who came up with a mandate to purchase a product was not acting in a manner consistent with conservative principles. And I would think most have reversed themselves. Such a mandate federally is clearly not conservative.

  • BlackOut says:

    Looks like Jack Robert’s changed his opinion:

    “Supervisors also got clarification on what it takes to continue as a funding partner in the project. While County Attorney John R. Roberts previously said without action, the board would be considered in the project, he clarified that this evening, noting he “made a mistake” with his previous opinion.
    “We will have to vote to opt in,” Chairman Scott K. York (R-At Large) told supervisors. “If it is a tie vote it would be deemed that we would not be opting in. There has to be a positive vote by this body.””

    That only really mattered if the vote was tied. Things are looking more positive after last night’s work session. Roger Zurn called the financing brilliant. And Ken Reid seemed to like it too.

  • Git er right says:

    LA: You said “Any one who came up with a mandate to purchase a product was not acting in a manner consistent with conservative principles. ”

    Originator: Heritage Foundation

    First Implementer: Romney

    Damn those liberals.

  • Linda B says:

    I’m a Zurn fan, and I agree the taxes should be borne by those closest to the metro, but I’m not sure how creating additional major taxes on Dulles-area businesses is “brilliant.” The last thing Loudoun needs is to tax businesses out of wanting to locate here.

  • Liberal Anthropologist says:

    They are not liberals. But they certainly espoused expansion in Government and should be absolutely and right chastised. And I believe heritage reversed themselves when they saw how much it was despised by conservatives.

    Be clear. Just because someone calls themselves conservative doesn’t mean they are. These were huge mistakes. Obama has magnified them massively. It is a mistake no matter whose idea and who implements it.

  • David Dickinson says:

    There is substantial risk here, as noted by Sup. Clarke. Since the Funding Agreement says nothing regarding if a vote isn’t taken, I suggest the BoS simply does not vote until this financing plan goes through the hurdles. As Clarke said, what if the plan doesn’t pass? Then Loudoun has its back to the wall, since it will have already opted in.

    This is not wise, and it is the fault of the previous BoS for not taking this action sooner.

    The obvious problem with this plan is that the residences don’t yet exist. That means, we need a large amount of development to occur to pay for Metro.


    And Loudoun is being suckered (or does the BoS know this) again.

    So, to pay for the Metro we need to build more residential units. That means more roads, schools, etc. Those costs are not paid for by this extra tax. Those come from the general fund. There are costs here not being accounted for.

    Also, I can envision developers coming back and saying that the 4,800 units planned is not enough. They’ll say that at that number, the cost per unit will be too high and, adding the extra tax, nobody will buy them. So, they need more units to bring the price down (i.e. increase there profits by building more units). Again, I don’t know if the BoS is ignorant of how developers operate or complicit. It is frustrating either way.

    And how will the people around this new district like all that new development? What will it look like? What will it mean.

    All that bieng said, I think this is a reasonable answer to the financing plan. But it needs to be passed and vetted through the public BEFORE Loudoun opts-in.

    Loudoun needs more time to think about it. Again, that isn’t this BoS’s fault since the previous Boards should have put thought into this and didn’t.

    I encourage the BoS to simply not vote until this idea is fully vetted.

    And a great big THANK YOU to Geary Higgins for stopping the final vote. We the people need time to digest this.

  • David Dickinson says:

    BO, was it you that castigated me for saying that there had to be an opt in or an opt out vote and that there was no default?

    Someone kept telling me that John Roberts said we have to opt out or we were in and I informed them (and others) that, in that case, John Roberts was full of crap because he was wrong.

    At least he addmitted his mistake.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Math, I think the national GOP is just as derelict as the local GOP – most of the other posts you refer to come from other TC posters.

    DD, Higgins hasn’t stopped any vote, unless he thinks not showing up again means he stopped it. This is going to pass, unfortunately. We’ll see how long the GOP voters’ memories are.

  • BlackOut says:

    Yes, that was me DD. And as far as I know I was the first to post his new thinking.

    I guess you could say I was wrong if you want but I was basing my opinion on what Jack Roberts said, and at the time he was saying we needed to opt out.

    And as I said, it only really makes a difference if Higgins doesn’t show up and we tie.

  • vacliff says:

    I didn’t see anything that says we have to build MORE residential units. There are already thousands approved as part of the Moorefield Station/Loudoun Station/Dulles World developments.
    The Developers that own the most land adjacent to the RTE 606 stop have plans that have NO residential as part of their projects.

  • BlackOut says:

    Good point vacliff, this is why I didn’t give any credibility to DD or taxpigs assertions. There have been so many obfuscations of facts.

    To their detriment, some of what they say is fact based but the hyperbole of everything else gives them no benefit of the doubt.

    Now, what will be most interesting is to see how the Reid votes on this. We all know it will only be based on politics. Watch him squirm.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    The only obfuscation going on is from the Metro pimps. Metro is a mismanaged money losing mess. Loudoun County doesn’t need it. Period.

  • Math says:

    Liberal Anthropologist,
    Here are some references that you asked for

    Romney slipping that he would not cut spending

    Romney: Well because, if you take a trillion dollars for instance, out of the first year of the federal budget, that would shrink GDP over 5%. That is by definition throwing us into recession or depression. So I’m not going to do that, of course.

    Nice collection of conservatives for a national mandate

    Romney saying the mandate is not a tax:

    Romney saying The Indvididual Mandate Is “Ultimate Conservatism”

    And my main man Barack Hussein Obama the moderate conservative and his lack of government growth.

    Get out of the cocoon Liberal Anthropologist,

    Even Tom Coburn has said he believes Obama wants an entitlement deal and believes he would do it. Coburn knows there must be consessions on both sides.

  • Math says:

    Loudoun Insider I appreciate you responding and I appreciate your sober posts on local GOP, but with official posts by people like Liberal Anthropologist on national issues, it really muddys the waters of the site.

  • G.stone says:

    LI. Sorry I am late to the game here. Working from i phone. Is a challenge . This is your best post in some time . It is spot on and should have these supposed fiscal conservatives hiding in shame. These Loudoun faux conservatives are patting themselves on the back for having created a new tax conduit. A conduit that future boards will use to suck money from the private sector for as long as the eye can see. Good for you for calling it like it is on this cluster fox trot disguised as a boondoggle. It is a complete mess and we have republicans up and down the food chain playing the roles of silent enablers or active nitwits. Both are equally as bad. Every republican with the exception of a few who ask me for money will get the standard response from me – Sorry can’t contribute now I have to save up to pay all of my republican imposed taxes in Loudoun.

  • G.stone says:

    My friend Roger Zurn is wrong . This funding agreement will in the long term repel economic growth. Business does not and will not gravitate to locals where they are taxed to death with little in return. Metro having failed the Feds funding criteria should be a clue it was not worth doing . Now we are going to create a new tax in order to fund a project already labeled a loser . Except for those who look to make millions and the clueless dingbats responding to silly worded polls. Suckers.

  • vacliff says:

    Have you talked to some of those private sector landowners who own the property around the Metro stops. I have. I’ve talked to a lot of them. I have found only one who does not support this tax.

    If they are the ones impacted, and they are willing to pay the tax to get Metro here (obviously because their land is MUCH more valuable with Metro than without it), then what’s the problem?
    Other than the obvious idealogical mantra that no tax is a good tax.

  • BlackOut says:

    Well Stoner, time to purge the LCRC AGAIN of the faux conservatives.

  • G.stone says:

    Cliff. The landowners surrounding the stations will make out just fine. If a tax surrounding the metro will pay the freight from this point forward youn might be on solid ground. This funding plan is a static model . The other issues effecting the plans effectiness in keeping the burden off other tax payers are so numerous we could write a book. Like Paul ryan has been saying for awhile now this is a time for local govts to get lean and debt free. The downward economic pressure is on its way. Those who position themselves via conservative fiscal policies will weather the storm . Those who go on a spending spree when all economic indicators tell them not to will get their asses handed to them .

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I can guarantee that the tax districts will not generate near enough revenue to pay for the Metro costs. It isn’t going to happen.

  • BlackOut says:

    The last thing in the world we need to be doing is looking for Paul Ryan to provide us advice. Too extreme. Not very smart. Plus what’s up with the Eddie Munster hair line? Can’t get over that when I watch him.

  • Leej says:

    On this rail thing you are all living in a la la land that will never happen.

    A bunch of want to bees sniffing up to a couple of developers and business people. Yes some so called people doing their community service so they can be on the edge of developers and real power and doers. But will never ever get into they real power circles. And when these community service people and politicians are no longer needed they will be tossed away. They just sniff at the extreme edge of real doers. instead of being real doers themselves instead politicians and community service workers never take the real risks themselves with their own money. And unfortunately MONEY is the real seat of real power. 😉 But community service workers and politicians don’t play with their money. They only want to play with the taxpayer money. Hmmmmmm 🙂

  • Linda B says:

    Would it be the businesses or the property owners paying the tax? My former employer rents an office within the district limits and I can guarantee they would want no part of paying a tax for a metro that would do them exactly zero good.

  • Linda B says:

    Of course, the question I posed is probably moot, as any tax a property owner paid would be passed on to the renters the next time the lease came up…. Most likely my former employer would be forced to move and a company willing to pay the higher rent would move in. But that’s the free market.

  • FedUp says:

    “The Feds are coming to save the day! Well, at least for safety.”

    Federal oversight = a lot more spending on the system! Hey, rich Loudoun is coming to the rescue and they can afford it!

    “The last thing Loudoun needs is to tax businesses out of wanting to locate here.”

    Good point. At what point do high taxes increase the cost of doing business to where these businesses will look to locate elsewhere? Some of the businesses in the new metro district are also in the rt. 28 district and will be paying over $1.60 rate. I see too many small businesses failing at the current rate.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Loudoun’s tax rate is already ridiculous, and this will only make it worse. Fairfax will still continue to completely kick Loudoun’s ass in luring big companies, and 2.9 miles and two stops of Metro with even higher taxes even further out are not going to change it.

  • G.stone says:

    You are correct 2.9 miles in exchange for higher taxes , the potential of having to bond more core obligations and being attached to MWAA and Metro from now until the end of time is a pretty deal .

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