God Dispenses Vengeance to Evil NOVA!

By Loudoun Insider

Good grief what a mess out there. They’re saying it may be seven days before everyone has power again. But don’t expect the politicians bought and paid for by Dominion and other NOVA power companies to do anything substantive about it. Maybe Bobby McD can ask Pat Robertson about what pissed God off this time. Persoanlly, I think it’s Bobby pushing for Godless Metro that did it this time!


  • Barbara Munsey says:

    LI, did you live here yet when the tornadoes came to western Loudoun and destroyed the barns at the fairgrounds, along with some private landmarks?

    The LTM editorial said it was God’s judgement on Loudoun for electing a 6-3 R BoS.

    Then Jim Clem and Randy Minchew sent out a letter apologizing for it, and did a fundraiser to rebuild the 4-H barns.

    Eeeeeeevillll humorless Republicans!

  • Hillsboro says:

    I don’t think we’ll see an editorial like that again from the LTM, Barb!

    Apparently God loves Verizon’s new 4G service. It dropped down to 3G for a while, but never died.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    So hillsboro, you’re thinking that’s a GOOD thing, or a BAD thing? 😉

  • God must be furious with Fairfax, then, because we’ve struggled with 3G and landlines all day!

  • Hillsboro says:

    Barb, You mean broadband that we actually have to pay for here in Real Loudoun? BAD of course!!! 🙂

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    lol hillsboro! No, I meant the editorials.

  • Hillsboro says:

    To answer your question, a shift to the right on the LTM editorial board would be awesome. Unfortunately, I don’t really think that has happened. Instead they seem to be in a strange place with Bill Dean pulling the strings.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    I don’t know if it so much that he is “pulling strings”, as that his seat on the board provides a convenient excuse to claim he is, when the standard policy of eld was to be the coffee table light reading of hunt country (hunt country as in one had 100 or more acres in the hunt, as did one’s ancestors, as opposed to “I built a townhouse in Purcellville last year because I wanted to move to the country, and this growth just has to stop!”

  • Hillsboro says:

    So are you fine with the explanation that everyone knows who Bill Dean is – so there’s no journalistic obligation to make any disclosures on his editorials?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Don’t worry, Barb, the Arundel PEC influence is still there as well – just look at the debut cover of their new magazine with none other than Andrea McGimsey on the cover.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    I noticed it. I also noticed The Operative’s negative comment on the article showcasing it–same Op as old Op? Interesting if so, given that that blog was pro-McG 24-7-365. However, as partisan as the Op was, it wasn’t stupid: lots of folks on both sides of the political aisle saw how incredibly dumb that redistricting plan was.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Hillsboro, he’s one seat. Not the Emperor. The do MCDean disclosures all the time, on articles as well as opinion.

  • Leej says:

    Op as Mc G 😉

    Hope everyone is OK back in DC

    Life here in Texas is Pretty Dam Good 🙂 I don’t why I ever left 😉

  • Leej says:

    And further I am sure, are we not, home depot is just super happy about being taxed for rail and the low employment on that huge piece of land of those data centers next to the metro yep they are probably throwing parties on being taxed as well ;-). and how about the second office of a politician and community service worker called Panera Bread and I am sure they are happy about being taxed higher, if indirectly by the landlord. Give me a break most businesses are not happy about being taxed higher.

    This rail will be a albatross to Loudoun in a huge financial way for loudouns grand kids. But these selfish community service workers and politicians and a few developers want to ruin Loudoun even further. The big money is going to the redesigned Tysons first then Reston and the scraps as few will fall to Loudoun like they always have. Just think about how many stations there are open for development before it it gets to the boonie stations in Loudoun. 😉 Give me a break

  • Leej says:

    I just caught CNN reporting from FairFax how bad you all have it . Dam it All that power needs to be under ground period. Don’t let big business fool you all like the power companies. It might cost a bit more up front cheaper down the road. Further wait till all these power companies want a big raise to pay for all this. it will come. Ever think the power companies don’t want it under ground because everytime there is a disaster they can come back and even make more money by the way of asking for higher rates hmmmmmm 😉

  • Wolverine says:

    What ho, Leej!!! Right again. I live in a section of the Park where the lines are all underground. We never lost power or anything else, even for a minute. Mrs. W just came back from a run west on Route 7 where the stop lights are out. One big mess.

  • Hillsboro says:


    Do you feel that LTM properly disclosed Bill Dean’s interests in this editorial?


  • Eric the 1/2 Troll says:

    If anyone is still without power in Loudoun and wants to borrow a propane generator, let me know at edeaver@comcast.net. Might take a bit of work to retofit but it will run a couple frig’s, lights and a freezer.

    Unfortunatley, not central air or well (unless you have them already wired for such which would suggest you do not need a generator.

  • Liberal Anthropologist says:

    e1/2t, that is a very nice offer.

    I am missing all the fun. I am very close to the equator now and it is cooler here. 🙂

  • edmundburkenator says:

    No electric, no water, day three. Even my dog is tired of this…

  • I lived three years in a new subdivision with no trees (little spindly things) and underground wires. Benefit was that we never, even when a cell was directly over our houses (it broke every glass table on the court and everyone lost at least one electrical appliance and/or television receiver) we never lost power. Bad news — it was extremely hot and sunny day in and day out and the winds often blew so hard that pieces came off the roof. Sound travelled with little to buffer it, and bird and wildlife had been pretty much snuffed out.

    Now I live in an older (early 1970’s) subdivision with tall mature trees and above ground wires. Advantages — day to day life is very pleasant — even in this weather I can usually enjoy my north facing screened in porch in the mornings and late evenings (and I HATE heat.) The winds are tempered by the trees, sound is muffled, even though we live closer to denser congestion, and we enjoy our birds, foxes and even the occasional deer. (I could do without the squirrels, though.)

    But in storms like this week’s, however, MAJOR disadvantages. We were fortunate, but many around us were not.

  • (Trying not to envy LA and failing)

  • Shiloh says:

    Big, shady, breezy front porch with swing; lemonade (or mint juleps for those so inclined); long, gauzy skirts and sandals; Julians for lunch; Tuskies for dinner, and a really good novel — life is good!!! But, then, I always have looked on the bright side of things.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Gretchen, our lollipop stick trees now house many birds, and we worry about losing them in storms (lost a few this one, but fortunately not on our lot), but buried wires are a blessing. Trees grow, thank God!

    Shiloh, enjoying my porch too, and my hippie muumuus, with iced tea (two parts Irish Breakfast, one part orange and clove, unsweetened), but the AC is good too. Especially for the pooch.

  • Shiloh says:

    Always good to enjoy our porches, Barb. As for the pooches, you’re right — it’s hard on them. We just keep putting ice in his bowl to help him out. It’s about the best we can do.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    We are very lucky with the buried lines–power flicked a few times, but never went out.

    Pooch is extremely active, but a good hydrator–he likes ice in his bowl too.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    My power finally came back on at 6 last night.

  • Shiloh says:

    And now that our power is back on, we have neighbors and friends using our shower, juicing up their electronics, etc. We arae no longer among the “great unwashed!”

  • ACTivist says:

    WVA was a total mess. When we left there yesterday they were still on day 3 of 100 degree heat. No ice, no gas, no foodstores or restaurants in too many places. Even the funeral home was without power. Ohio got it hard too. Lots of people suffering on this one. When I left they were still using helicopters flying the lines, looking for the down wires. Not good and not too funny.

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