The Morning After Metro

By Loudoun Insider

A nauseating song for a nauseating decision:


How ironic that the day before Independence Day the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors tied its citizens to a mismanaged money-losing mess like Metro forever that will require hundreds of millions of tax dollars for the incredible bounty of 2.9 miles of track and two end of the line stops.

Now that the vote is a done deal, news outlets can now be even more upfront about the massive problems facing the mess of a system that we just tied ourselves to forever, like in this telling WaPo article.  How can we solve problems like that?  Oh, don’t worry, we’ll just tack on a couple hundred more millions dollars to the local government subsidies, especially those rich suckers out in Loudoun.

Media whore Ken “Flipper” Reid tries to explain himself to Tom Jackman.  Don’t forget, all you LCRCers, this is the guy who filed to run as an Independent against an LCRC incumbent in 2007.  Did you really expect him to hold strong in the face of determined opposition?  He’s weak and vain and he caved to pressure and ass-kissing.

And I forgot to promote this earlier, but The Washington City Paper did an excellent article on the craziness that is LoCo, focusing on the Metro battle.  Nice sidebar on Lyme disease.  Maybe Reid has Lyme and that explains his flip.  Nah, he’s just always been a weasel.

Postscript:  Much of our state delegation has gone AWOL on this, preferring to sit it out, I guess.  Details in comments.

Postscript 2:  Jim Bacon weighs in.



  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Tag Greason falls in line after being silent:

    “I want to thank the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors on their difficult and historic vote to support Rail to Loudoun today. They have spent countless hours and days to create a better project including a tax district that will fund this project. The majority had the foresight today to see what Loudoun County can be 10, 20 and 50 years from today.

    Congratulations and Happy Fourth of July.”

    Oh yeah, congratulations are really in order. Maybe the cool guys like Tag will hang out with Ken Reid more now.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Minchew just put out a Fourth of July email with no mention of Metro.

    So he and Barbara Comstock and Dick Black and Jill Vogel have yet to make any public pronouncements after ducking the LTM:

  • Baron Rosedown says:

    Utter bullshit. The Loudoun Delegation (with the exception of Herring and late to the show-self-promoting Ramadan) remained silent on this and other key transportation issues. Last I checked it is their responsibility to ensure the Commonwealth sets a-side money to fund transportation/infrastructure projects, but no these clowns sat back and allowed $500M to be ear-marked for the C’ville by-pass and Rt 460…VA’s own Road to No Where.

    Thanks for the lack of leadership, especially Minchew, Greason and Black…three stooges who failed Loudoun commuters.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I don’t know which road project getting all the state money is worse – that Charlottesville bypass that no one wants down there, except the developers, or that ridiculous 460 project in Tidewater VA. McD and his boys pay off their pals while NOVA continues to get screwed. Thanks a lot.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Rent seekers indeed – they surely run the Clown Show in Richmond and the schizophrenic LoCo Crazy Show here in Loudoun:

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Their exalted leader Bob McDonnell called out the troops to get this done – just wondering why some hopped right on board like Ramadan and others have vanished into the woodwork.

  • G.stone says:

    Ken Reid’s response would hold water had he not uttered the exact opposite positions for months . He simply can’t square his previous positions with his position now . Let’s call it what it is , horseshit.

    Reid was disloyal to those he previously worked with and advised. The others voting for metro had a position and voted that way. Their only issues as far as I can see was their dismissive nature and attitude towards some who had previously supported them . It is never a good idea to publicly denigrate in public those you disagree with on an issue . For Ralph, Shawn , Matt and chairman York I have two words. Steve Snow. Call it the political prick factor. When trying to persuade folks to your point of view don’t be a prick.

  • G.stone says:

    Li. Had I elected to take one for the team and support this boondoggle I too would be laying low trying to hide. The time to hide will be 5 or 6 years when everyone has exhausted the supply of lipstick for this pig.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    “When trying to persuade folks to your point of view don’t be a prick.”

    EXCELLENT advice, Greg.

    Even better since you obviously have ZERO clue how funny it is for you to say it.

  • Glen Bayless says:

    Barbara, I will probably never agree on anything with you, but you have truly nailed Stone on his comment. CongratulationsQ

  • John Marsh says:

    TC’s perspective on this vote and its implications for Loudoun remains striking for its heat but lack of facts and strange embrace of the pusillanimous votes of our rural Supervisors — those who endorse the concept of Metro but, oh dear, couldn’t vote for it because all “t’s” weren’t crossed and all “i’s” not dotted.

    In the end Republican business perspectives trumped tea party ideology. One could do worse, however, limited that course.

  • Wolverine says:

    I would say that it isn’t too smart to sign onto any major deal when the “t’s” are not crossed and the “i’s” are not dotted, especially when the guy on the other side of the table has a reputation for poor budgetary and operational management. The “Republican business perspectives” had better darn well be on the mark, or those “t’s” and “i’s” could result in a real fiscal and tax problem for all of us.

  • John Marsh says:

    James Bacon described the problem of seeking certainty best:

    “While individual winners and losers can be clearly identified, the dynamics are so complex that it is impossible to say whether Rail-to-Dulles will be a net gain or loss for Northern Virginia as a whole. Not only is the answer unknowable now, it may well be unknowable 2o years from now. The results will be too diffuse and too complex to disentangle. It would be nice to think that we’ve learned some lessons from the years-long controversy, but I’m not confident that we’ve learned anything at all. People will continue believing whatever the hell they want to believe. “

  • FedUp says:

    Great pictures of the Tax Pig in the Washington City Paper article.

    The opt out group deserves a lot of credit for all the hard work they did informing the public of all the downsides of the metro extension.

  • Leesburgonian says:

    Is anyone truly surprised by Ken “Shifty” Reid’s vote? He is infamous for his boasts, his fabrications, his subterfuges, his pandering, his grandstanding. He took money from some people to advocate their views, yet never publicly acknowledged that he was shilling for them, it seems. What a poor representative he is for the citizens of Leesburg!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    JM, this isn’t TC’s opinion or post, it’s mine, and fellow TC poster Lloyd The Idiot supported Metro. I have not and will not ever base my positions on how any elected official positions themselves. I find myself on the same side as shifty cretins on various positions at any time. My opinions are purely my own.

    I don;t have time to refute and posts long lists of numbers in every post. I simply do not believe the rosy bought and paid for opinions of pro-Metro lobbyists, including Stephen Fuller. I will never believe that the Metro extension to Loudoun will ever come close to paying for itself because it doesn’t pay for itself already in denser inner city and suburb settings. I don’t think it will spur anywhere near enough commercial development to pay for itself, and it will add density and more government expenses. I think the financing plan is atrocious and amounts to nothing more than greenie weenie social engineering – let’s tax the crap out of toll road users to subsidize the few who will ride Metro and save the planet in the process. Metro’s own studies show it will do NOTHING to help traffic, and will in fact worsen traffic around the Metro stops themselves. It is simply to much money into eternity for way too little return for a minor spur off of Dulles Airport.

    Enough facts for you? I think this is a horrible plan.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Leesburgonian, I am absolutely not surprised and I begged and begged LCRC leaders to find someone other than Ken Reid to run against Kelly Burk. He’s a horrible representative for any party. Now that I think about it more, they probably wanted to have someone pliable and shifty like Reid in there to make sure they could get all their deals done.

  • Tom Conway says:

    Sounds like the same ostrich thinking that said Dulles Airport and the 28 tax district were the end of then world as we know it. Grown ups know you must spend/invest $ to make $

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Bullshit, and I am plenty grown up – enough to understand that Metro is a disaster while people actually use Rt. 28, which also carries commerce. I don’t think Metro is a wise investment to Loudoun County. That isn’t an ostrich opinion. Screw you – you and your wife can sign up now for the Matt Letourneau re-election campaign if you love this so much.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    LI, it won’t BRING increased density–that was approved at the rail station sites several years before you got here.

    The fiction that it will pave the west is just that: fiction, sometimes spread by people whose own new houses on old farmland are A-OK.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    “The fiction that it will pave the west is just that: fiction…”

    Well, rewrites are part of fiction and part of planning (the AM in CPAM).

    Already this BOS is forming the editing team (I think it’s called the Zoning Ordinance Action Group).

  • Wolverine says:

    Grown ups also know that, if you aren’t pretty darn careful how you spend that investment money, you could wind up with egg on your face and a maxed out credit card.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I still can’t get over the condescension in that comment, looks like he’s been taking lessons from Barbara Munsey.

  • Math says:

    Lets also not forget the Washington City paper mentioning of the creepy “key” parties that meet at Clydes in Ashburn. Now that was a little nugget that shocked me.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    eb, aren’t they reconvening the Zoning Ordinance Review Committee? That isn’t the same as any intent to amend. Keep an eye on it, if it concerns you.

    ohh, LI, I’m devastated.

    math, that’s gone around for years in lots of communities about the white rocks–some people claim it’s so, and others say it’s urban legend. Who knows?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Just rest easy knowing that you and Conway are now on the same side!

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    LI, if 62% (of Blue Ridge) up to 90% (of Dulles) supported Metro, MOST people are on the same side of this one.

  • Malcolm Baldwin says:

    LI, I appreciate your comments to John Marsh. Clearly, reasonable people can differ on the facts. The Lessor and Fuller studies offer facts and perspectives that I believe support Metro, but Burton and others (and you) disagree. I happen to believe, as I’ve written, that it will vastly help rural Loudoun, assuming we keep our zoning AND pursue a program for transfer of development rights (as Frederick County, VA now does). And that it will help suburban Loudoun.

    Also Missing from all the economic arguments are factors that economists always neglect: the fact that the vast majority of Loudoun residents, even in the west (from what polls we have) want it. Why is that irrelevant? Why irrelevant if Metro offers an alternative path to Tysons and DC?

    In any event, my sense is that the arguments pro and con rest more on perceived values, governmental trust or distrust, and where one happens to sit rather than on the always-disputable facts and projections.

  • G.Stone says:

    “Even better since you obviously have ZERO clue how funny it is for you to say it.”

    Again the context or actual argument flys right over head there Barb. What was I talking about ? Ahhhh elected officials . As you well know I am not an elected official and hence the difference. The degree to which I am considered a prick differs greatly, it would all depend what ox you are sitting on as I am doing the goring, and yes, I do alot of goring. Of late in your case, your ox has several large holes due to the fact that unlike others who give you pass for being the queen of confusion, I try my best to get you to focus. It is an almost impossible job. However, I will keep trying.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Greg, I know you’re not an elected official. That’s why it is funny when you claim to speak for “the taxpayers”, instead of just YOURSELF, A taxpayer.

    Also funny when you claim that “Everyone” believes something, when even one person in disagreement negates that. (and I’m not talking about whether the sky is blue, or water wet, etc).

    You don’t speak for all taxpayers. You don’t speak for everyone (in the county? the state? the country? the continent? the planet? get my drift yet?). You don’t speak for all Republicans. You don’t speak for all conservatives on all topics.

    That’s why the “don’t act like a prick” is a howitzer through a glass outhouse.

  • FedUp says:

    “Sounds like the same ostrich thinking that said Dulles Airport and the 28 tax district were the end of then world as we know it.”

    The Rt. 28 project has been a major success in providing much needed road improvements at a reasonable cost. Does anyone remember what that road was like 10 years ago before all the interchanges were built? It was horrible. It would take 30 minutes during rush hour to get from the Dulles Toll Road (back before the road became the MWAA’s cash cow to fund the metro and tolls were only 75 cents for a through trip) to Waxpool.

    The entire stretch from Rt.7 to I-66 is a freeway and is so much faster now. When I need to get to the Beltway, I can take 28 down to I-66 and avoid paying a toll. It’s great, especially on weekends.

    The tax district covers 75% of the cost of the road improvements and debt service is only $18 million a year, which will be roughly equivalent to Loudoun’s debt service for just 4.8% of just the Dulles Rail capital cost, not to mention the operating subsidies, which will likely be even higher than that. And, the best part is there are no tolls!

    This comparison just proves what a waste of money the Silver Line is.

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