Metro Makes Women Cry, Will Need Help In Loudoun

By Loudoun Insider

I opined earlier for the need for Loudoun Sheriff Mike Chapman to assign LCSO deputies to watch over the corrupt and unprofessional Metro police, and now I think we need to have him take over emergency response for the Loudoun portion of the Metro lines since Metro is so obviously incapable of responding adequately to emergencies.  Can we bill MWAA or WMATA for this extra oversight, or at least deduct it from our annual subsidy payments???


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Be sure to read the comments from regular Metro users to that WaPo article:

    That is what we will be paying millions of dollars for every year.

  • Shawn Pickrell says:

    Should Metro supporters be posting about carjackings, etc., just to be fair?

  • NotJohnSMosby says:

    Shawn brings up an excellent point. After the next traffic accident on the Greenway, should the road be closed permanently? You guys are nitpicking isolated incidents. Every day, there are what, over 750,000 trips on Metro? Out of that, every once in a while, there’s a problem? I admit that some of the problems are big ones, but by and large, as the 2nd biggest subway system in the US, Metro does a great job in getting people where they need to go.

    So, if you’re going to bitch every time Metro has a train break down, then you have to bitch every time a traffic accident caused by a pothole, poor signage, road construction or overall overcapacity happens.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    I tried (as hard as it merits) to find a youtube clip of Graham Chapman as The Colonel doing his “now this is just getting silly” bit, but one didn’t come up on the first search page so I blew it off.

  • Shawn Pickrell says:

    Hillsboro, are you arguing Prince George’s would be crime-free except for the Metro?

    What about the time a Metro construction crane fell over on 267? Is that a cause to bitch about Metro or bitch about cars?

  • Hillsboro says:

    Don’t be so touchy – I just thought that was an amusing way of covering all arguments…

    metro brings crime, metro is unsafe -and- automobiles bring crime, automobiles are unsafe.

  • Leej says:

    All kidding aside all this metro has to is spur major economic development, if it does not heads will roll and people that called this Loudouns economic and traffic savior will be running far away with their tails between their legs.

    When you spend this kind of money and the promises made people expect and will demand big big results and soon not 15 20 years down the road. If not the blame game before this BOS is out of office will be horrendous. 😉 Has any of these developers stepped up to build these zillion dollar parking garages ??????? OH as far as the tax district. Yep home depot probably can’t wait to deliver their lumber by train. Same with giant people can now come up from DC to buy groceries. And just wait places like Pizza hut and other places that have delivery etc will be clamoring to build places right next to metro so now they can deliver to the whole DC area. Yep they can’t wait to be taxed. ha ha ha 😉

  • NotJohnSMosby says:

    Seeing as, with recent polling, the vast majority of residents of Loudoun want Metro, you guys are arguing against the wishes of the majority. If the BoS had voted no, then in 10 years, there would be screams to extend Metro beyond Dulles, and it would cost twice of much then as now.

  • Ashburner says:

    OK. OK. Votes over. Metro coming.

    Stop crying. Time to move on. Win all win some and lose some. (And I have lost my share).

    Lets work on the best development, best funding, lowest cost, best planned feeder system for Loudoun. And lets do this together.

    Paint the pig some other negative slogan, hate issue or attack.

  • BlackOut says:

    lee, you do realize no one from Virginia has every consider an opinion from Texas as being worth a s*it. But carry on, Up her in the Commonwealth we are use to hearing screaming rants from the south. And we are very good at ignoring them.

    BTW, would you like me to do a little research to find you a nice little blog down there in cow country for you to play in?

  • Wolverine says:

    Heck, I try hard to ignore rants out of Ashburn Farms.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    This is an old argument that has been settled by a vote.

    Heads will roll if this thing is a hot mess? Who’s? There will be no one around that was responsible by the time the dust settles.

    Why do we pay all this money in taxes and sit in traffic now? The short, and somewhat unfair answer is this: because of another group of Republicans 20 years ago.

    Their heads are on just fine.

  • Leej says:

    BlackOut it does not take much to irritate you these days. 😉

    NotJohnSMosby the wishes of the majority is a extremely successful economic development these stations are supposed to bring especially with a enormous price tag the feds would not touch. And how much is the state of Virginia chipping in???????

    Well next time I design something in Mclean south of tysons we will have the lumber delivered by rail from Home Depot and Panera Bread the second office of a politician and a person doing community service can have the place deliver lunch by rail 😉 And then have Giant deliver groceries to the workman by rail to take home in the evening ;-). Wow this rail is going to be great for Loudoun.

    All kidding aside the people of Loudoun got what their politicians sold them on. My concern is we don’t want the feds bailing this out and don’t forget there are years and years of major downsizing of the Feds. Don’t forget their are some key triggers looming after the election to get the deficit way down if our politicians don’t figure something out in another direction.

    BlackOut just chill partner. OH wait that is Texas slang 😉 Should not be used in Virginia 😉 Barb just teasing your buddy BlackOut here. 🙂 Just having fun about a serious topic. Believe me I really do hope these metros do work out for Loudoun.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Can you just imagine the whining and kvetching if this had gone 5-4 the other way???

    “Loudoun is backwards and will never grow or attract any businesses” etc., etc.

    Oh yeah, the businesses are going to be lining up to pay our already exorbitant taxes with a special Metro tax on top of it, all to be further out from DC and ruled by the most embarrassing BOS in the state. All while Fairfax remains closer with significantly lower taxes and a much more professional BOS and planning staff. Yep, they’ll be flocking to the Loudoun Metro stops. Look for more residential upzonings at the stops as commercial doesn’t pan out as expected.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    LI: isn’t Fairfax’ business rate higher, and real property lower? I may be wrong; look it up.

    (because of all the businesses, that they actively recruit, instead of doing the alternating dressed-up sheep and plastic pig shows

  • G.Stone says:

    “Heads will roll if this thing is a hot mess? Who’s? There will be no one around that was responsible by the time the dust settles.”

    Except the party that bought the pig in the poke. I know i know we disagree whose crystal ball is clearer, save your self the effort, disagreement noted in advance.

  • Leej says:

    Stone said it better then me . But I also meant these politicians can forget about any consultant job in this county or a bigger political career if this potential massive financial liability does not see major economic development before their terms are up. Loudoun is now responsible not just for Loudoun it has financial liability on the entire DC metro system.

    This is a shame because all of Loudoun could of tied into the metro system at a much cheaper price. And gotten potential economic gain without the metro liability. Yep you can build a massive bus and transportation system and roads to them. But Loudoun could of cut the cost of the rail and liability into the entire DC area metro by tying into the rt 28 station.

    And that station is actually easier to get to from dulles south and rt 7 area. And you still could get to rt 28 station from the greenway if you want to pay the rising tolls. So nothing is gained for the public for the boonie stations that could of not been gained without them.

    Further if Moorefield and Loudoun Station and the 606 whatever that is going to be in a industrial area could of most likely got through express buses to the rt 28 station faster by bypassing the dulles airport station. Hell these developments could of built garages and cutie and very inexpensive stations for the express buses. 🙂

  • Leej says:

    Has this country gone nuts. Now in california it is the dems that voted to spend eventually 68 billion dollars on high speed rail from LA to San Francisco. But phase one is in the middle of nowhere basically from Madera to Bakersfield and the feds like this one kicking in initially almost 4 billion. Initially spanning 130 miles in phase one. At least they are getting a bigger bang per mile for the buck then DC 😉

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