What Would Jesus Do, Loudoun BOS Staffers?

By Loudoun Insider

I can’t help but wonder what Jesus would do if he were a Loudoun County Supervisor or staffer.  Would he go along to get along, or would he rise up and make a stand for real righteousness?  Patrick Henry College students are in staff positions and they are well educated in the ways of Jesus, and for that matter, what would Patrick Henry himself do when confronted with petty drama, conflicts of interest, and just all around bad behavior by elected officials?

Would Jesus stand idly by while such nonsense is committed in the halls of government, or would he rise up against the modern age Pharisees?  Come on, PHC students and other self professed pious Christians in government service, quit playing the game and really stand up for what is right.  Stop talking the talk and start walking the walk.


  • Ashburner says:

    All this crap going down with the BOS makes me think about the good old days of the last BOS. They have not got along but they showed up (Higgins) and the Redskin issue was a couple of thousand and they played here (not a couple of million). Government appointments were for skill not for cronyism. Hell, Eugene was the crazy guy (now I can’t decide which one).

    Bring back the old BOS PLEASE!!!

  • Leej says:

    Well I beginning to think when Snow’s BOS might have better then the last two. I an not a fan of Snow. But he would personally return every one of my phone calls and emails in depth unlike the guy that took his place. Further snows BOS although everyone thought it was too developer friendly . Many on the last BOS moved here and live in one of there homes because of what the good developers built . I put developers in several categories. You have the good developers which built the puds that people live in including some on the BOS. then these BOS members turn on the good developers they just bought a home from. Why buy a home from a developer then turn on them. These BOS and others should never moved here in the first place if they were so unhappy. These bos that bitch so much should of been working with these good developers which all of a sudden turned evil developers to build a infrastructure that would work for the whole county instead of gambling that the metro which in reality will only service a misiscule part of the county

  • Leej says:

    OK i mistakenly hit the wrong button to post my message.

    To finish I meant a small part of the county especially metro will help at a horrible cost to effective ratio a small part of the taxpayers. Where that hundreds of millions could of been more effective helping a majority of tax payers in roads. And Loudoun could of also at a small price connected in various ways to the metro system without the horrendous cost. Very very and very shortsighted by our BOS and precious BOS. What did that presidential candidate say a long time ago I knew JFK and you are no JFK. Well I know the metropolitan NYC area and New Jersey and Connecticut because of close friends and a zillion relatives and Loudoun is NO metropolitan NYC and will never ever be. 😉 I know three areas very well California Texas and the metropolitan NYC area. I thought I knew the people of the DC area but the new ones of the last fifteen years or so the many people people that have moved in the so called newbies wanting to get rich of the american taxpayer have made me somewhat unhappy about how they want the area to be. That is why I agree with LI one hundred percent what he has said lately. LI in right on the mark. And the newbies of the last very may years living many in the so called evil developers homes and pud turning against the same developers that makes there life in Loudoun far better then where they came from. ANd the newbies including many on the BOS now and in the past of loudoun living in the evil developers homes and PUDS are the problem not the developers . LI may differ with me on that a bit but it is the truth. It just blows my mind that the developers that made many in LOudoun a wonderful life and these same people then turn on the very developers that give them the good life and then they get into politics and in HOA’s and the ones doing their so called community service and they ruin loudoun with their brain dead ideas such as the rail which has becomes to many their new god and savior. OH well what can you do 😉

  • Leej says:

    ok I am having a harder time then usual putting my thoughts to words ha ha 😉 I meant previous BOS’s then precious BOS although that perhaps in a odd way could also be correct. 🙂

  • Leej says:

    oh here is a thought could we set this forum up where I could turn my ideas and thoughts into a story board like they do in the movies before Stevens Miller comes out again and sarcastically says again the way I put my thoughts to words is a sign of a good education just because he is a lawyer and good at writing does not mean I am and many others that have a hard time writing or putting thoughts to words as well as Miller does does NOT mean we do not have a phenomenal education is especially in the ways of life and living and art and craftsmanship and I could go on and on. I do like the Millers personally but his comment way back really bothered me on how he thinks. And Romney puts his foot in his mouth the same way. 😉 OK I will never bring it up again and I will forgive Miller for that very insensitive comment that would hurt millions if not billions of people in the world 🙂 Yet I do come from a family of Lawyers my brother and tons of relatives so I can understand where his ego is coming from. 😉

  • Fear & Loathing says:


    I guess since you are in Texas everything is bigger including your comments. Are you the new prophet from Abilene? Give it a rest and find a blog in Texas, y’all know.

  • Leej says:

    Fear I have family and friends and business back there 🙂

    I am on blogs locally and nationally mostly building and architecture but.

    I guess I get amused by the DC area and the DC area in general.

    Texas is called the can do state 🙂

    And my many years in the eighties and then again in the late unities to current.

    Learned the DC area is the do it wrong place. Why

    it is the mentality there and not thinking out of the box.

    It was fun making money there until the national builders like Toll Bro etc and bought all the land and dictated how you are all going to live just like the national and local governments back there do.

    Don’t get me wrong I consider the toll bro both good and what is wrong with building. They have not taken over texas although they have a small presence here unlike they did to the dc area including the other national builders have also. Actually Neil Cavuto interviews bob toll regularly to get the pluse on the nations building it is like toll bro have been elevated to the god level when it comes to building 😉 When they control markets like the DC area the other national builders fall like sheep and they start to copy each other. especially the toll bro. Don’t get me wrong they are a phenomenal building company and know how to get people to buy their tract homes including their multi million dollar tract homes. They are phenomenal marketers don’t build the best quality but have learned to suck you in to buy a inferior product by the amount of lawsuits and problems they have. As most of the big DC builders do. Yet at the same tome they build beautiful developments and models and the real homes people rarely ever come close to looking as good as their models. They sell the fantasy not the reality. 😉

    The big developers that did Brambleton and the broadlands etc build a beautiful development from the surface or outside then again the actual homes never live up to the beauty both inside and out never live up to the overall beauty of the actual development or pud. It is all about selling fantasy not reality. 😉

    And DC is not the only area in the world that has this problem but it is one of the more prominent ones.

  • Facts says:

    Jesus certainly would not defame people on a blog with half truths and embellishments…

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    If I am defaming anyone they can sue me. I’m not. Please don’t ever let your party hack blinders fall off your face, you may have a heart attack.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Hey Facts, go look up Todd Kaufman and ask him about defamation and the great religious leaders running this county.

  • There are two views of Jesus. Jesus, the pariah who stood up to the religious and political authorities and sided with the lepers, the unclean, and the outcasts; and Jesus the King of Kings, the ultimate authority who became the incarnate government authority under Constantine. That tension is the tension that is tearing churches apart, and tearing at the hearts of many in the Evangelical community. I’m not so sure that you’ll see a grand coming out within the staff because reconciliation of that tension requires time, struggle, and personal reinvention. For the most part, it won’t be a public process, not if the relationship between Supervisor and staff is loyal and respectful.

  • Eric the 1/2 Troll says:


    A new (related) Real Loudoun post on Higgins’ library board appointee who happens to be a PHC senior administrator…

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Good grief.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    LI, Jonathan, etc, you guys are way too funny: if they really DID publicly say “WWJD?” and then publicly ACT on it during business hours, you guys would be first in line with the courthouse square atheists to loudly and stridently condemn it.

    (unless, of course, they acted in concert with your personally-defined Jesus, yes?)

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I’ll just settle for politicians telling the truth, acting responsibly, and looking out for everyone equally. But I know that’s too much to ask. Maybe asking WWJD will prompt some of them and their staffer to do so. Probably not, but it’s worth a try. Money and peddling influence seems to be the prime motivator, and I can’t do much on that front for them.

  • G.stone says:

    What would Jesus do ?
    A. Get a 12 pack and go fishing
    B. Smack Blackout in the mouth

    I am going to go with B and then A.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Nice to see the 10th Republican Congressional District Sergeant at Arms tossing out threats of physical violence again! Is that a paying position, Stone, like it was under Howie Lind?

  • G.stone says:

    Get a grip. Maybe reading it again will help . The only two persons mentioned were Jesus who by the way could be the starting catcher for the Nats and Blackout. This does not involve me , I’m just responding to the question . Silly questions sometimes get silly answers . I still going with B.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    You opining about smacking Blackout in the mouth is ridiculous, Stone, but in keeping with your methods.

    Are you being paid for security by Whitbeck as you were for Howie Lind?

    If you’re going to be an appointed official of Frank Wolf’s congressional district committee, and serve on a county criminal justice committee, maybe it isn’t a good idea to talk about smacking people in the mouth.

  • LI,

    Can you authenticate the “G. Stone” comments? Blackout hasn’t commented in this thread.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    That’s him, the guy who likes to try to physically intimidate people, one of the resident enforcer thugs of the LCRC. You guys know the other one. Two peas in a pod.

  • G.stone says:


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    That’s exactly my reaction to your attempts at threatening people, Stone.

  • LowdowneVA says:

    Have you heard of Texas state Sen. John Carona of Dallas?

  • Leej says:

    lowdowneVA don’t know much about him except he went to Bryan Adams High School and I went to Thomas Jefferson High school in Dallas and our rival school was w t white high school.

    And hung out on the weekends on Forest Lane in Dallas which was like the movie American Graffiti 🙂 and drag strip magazine called the best street drag strip in the country a zillion years ago but me and my pals main goal was to meet new chicks 🙂 not drag racing on public streets. 😉

    And they left a dead cow at the front door of my high school when they lost to us in football 😉 Anyway I have lost touch with Dallas the last many years and know a lot about Austin and Houston. Where I am spitting my time with.

  • Ed Myers says:

    Jon’s observations about the two views of Jesus is true. Those who believe in separation if church and state can accept both views. Jesus is the king of the church and the savior of the downtrodden from an imperial government. When you mix church and state you end up with corruption and scandal because you can’t reconcile the two views.

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