The Who’s Who Of Whitbeck World

By Loudoun Insider

Since John Whitbeck and his political committee lieutenant, Commissioner of the Revenue Bob Wertz, have been in the news lately for their collaboration on official Loudoun County business, you should do yourself a favor, concerned citizens (all one dozen of you!) and see who else is on this vaunted committee.

We have supposed Tea Party leaders canoodling with establishment political operatives and pro-Metro PR agents.  We have appointed committee officials who aren’t even official voting members of the committee.  We even have an official “Sergeant at Arms” to provide protection to the royalty.

If Wertz gets tapped as Finance Chair why wasn’t Sheriff Mike Chapman tapped as Sergeant at Arms?  Oh, right, he embarrassed the crap out of most of the central characters in this crew by not buying their services and kicking their butts in the convention and election.

Is Jim Plowman the official legal counsel???


  • CONFUSED says:

    I was told that by showing up to help elect John Whitbeck as Chairman I was going to help stop Metro. Looks like I was fooled.

  • Facts says:

    Looks like an all-star lineup….glad to see so many good people involved from conservatives to moderates….

  • LowdowneVA says:

    Whitbeck said that after the convention he was going to come out in opposition to Metro. Wait for it…

  • Longshot says:

    People Lets get with it. Wertz is the only person who really knows wahts going on in the County.
    Currently we have a group of rookies not knowing if their asses are drilled or punched and let by a part time drywall instaler

  • Wolverine says:

    On the other hand, maybe Mike Chapman is quite busy enough doing what you wanted him to do: clean up the LCSO and bring it into the modern technological age.

  • BlackOut says:

    …or maybe Mike Chapman was smart enough to avoid the appearance of impropriety. And he didn’t have time for this side stuff because on the importance of his day job.

  • Wolverine says:

    I would posit that, if there is one post in particular which should be kept out of active partisan political work, it is that of the county sheriff, even if he belongs to the party and runs under its standard. Parts of this country have a long and often unsavory history of “political sheriffs.” Fighting it out in a primary and general ought to be the limit in Loudoun.

  • BlackOut says:

    Agree completely.

  • Loudoun Moron says:

    Tom Reed? lolz

  • LowdowneVA says:

    Wolverine could you make that two posts? What about Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, the office that is supposed to represent the county at large?

  • Wolverine says:

    LowdowneVA — Not so sure about the Chairman. Seems to me that he/she can’t avoid wearing a politician’s hat in a dual role to some extent anymore than POTUS can. But I would readily add the county attorney to the list. In fact, my personal druthers would be that both the sheriff and the county attorney be elected on an independent basis without involvement in party politics. But I dream.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    lowdown, you’re confusing two things: the BoS used to elect a chair annually from among the sitting members, like the school board still does. When growth began to take off years ago, the low density area supposedly advocated to attach the chairmanship to the at-large seat (which some boards/councils don’t have, just as some places have all seats at-large), and have the chair be a popularly elected position.

    Both an at large rep and a popularly-elected chair are still political positions–and that rep has no greater punchlist on values to hold than any district rep.

    “The county at large” is still people, from very different areas, with different needs, wants, goals, etc

  • Elder Berry says:

    So Barbara Munsey does Scott York only represent Republicans?

  • LowdowneVA says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. The reference is to the at-large seat, which if I am not mistaken is occupied by the chairman at present.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    elderberry, still waiting: are you 14, or 84?

    elderberry and lowdown, do district reps ONLY represent the people that voted for them, or the party that endorsed them?

    Is there something about the elected at-large seat (even with the chair’s seat attached to it) that should require no party affiliation by applicants?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    The local PR/political consulting conglomerate has things locked up good there. I’m surprised they didn’t give Seeman a slot. Candidates better watch out, there are lots more chances for payback now if you don’t hire the right people to run your campaign.

  • Ed Myers says:

    I agree with Wolverine, law enforcement should not be political. It should be like the school board. No party affiliations on the ballot for sheriff or CA.

  • LowdowneVA says:

    LI this is starting to sound like the last scene in the Wizard of Oz. Who is that man behind the curtain?

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