Loudoun Blogging Takes A Nose Dive While PWC Blogging Takes Off

By Loudoun Insider

The Loudoun blogosphere has definitely had a slow down in the last year, across all blogs.  Several new blogs appeared recently, only to quickly fade.  I almost feel sorry for Loudoun Dems with the sorry state of liberal-oriented blogs in Loudoun.  On a good note, I must say I am glad that Loudoun Opt Out has decided to keep on blogging.

On the other hand, Prince William County has seen a real increase in quality blogging, with The Sheriff of Nottingham in PWC taking the prize for best new Virginia blog.  Al Alborn has been doing great work as well, and a new blog called The Derecho has chimed in as well.

I’ve added Loudoun Opt Out and The Derecho to the blog roll.  Keep me posted of anything else new coming down the pike.  Loudoun needs some more people to step up to the plate.


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