More Metro Mismanagement As McDonnell Moans

By Loudoun Insider

I listened to Governor McDonnell bitch and moan about MWAA on the Mark Plotkin show on WTOP yesterday.  As pointed out in this disgusting Washington Examiner article about special insider deals and this even more infuriating Washington Post editorial focusing on a $200,000 payment to a guy who DIDN’T get the CEO job, MWAA is a freaking disaster.  So instead of driving a harder deal home and demanding reform first, McDonnell and the rest of the Virginia and Loudoun Republican leadership led the charge to sign on the dotted line with these DC-centric bureaucrats without any certainty of real reform.

Sorry, Bob, I don’t buy into your outrage.  You don’t sign on to deals with people like this with no surety of reform and then get to whine about it later.  And adding two more Virginia MWAA Board members while giving Maryland and DC one more each does nothing to change the balance of power.  All that does is expand government, something I thought Republicans were against.

On a side note, I added Unsuck DC Metro to the blogroll.  Make it a regular stop on your news rounds to learn more about where your tax dollars are going.  What a joke.  Thanks 9-0 Loudoun Republican Board of Supervisors.


  • Leej says:

    Unsuck DC Metro that post is sick as can be. Having said that it really is talking about our many government employees in general white green yellow black or whoever. And it starts from especially congress on down. That post is not about blacks it is about the majority in government whether national or local and how government corrupts many absolutely. from the top down.

    JUST WAIT THE THE HORRIBLE STORIES THAT WILL COME OUT about the silver line in years to come. I will say it again Loudoun could of connected to the silver line without the mafia price tag. It shows the lack of education and correct knowledge of the people that supported this boondoggle and in a few years the biggest mistake Loudoun has ever made is going to hit them in the pocket book big time. And many of those hard core supporters will fly out of loudoun in droves never to be heard from again. or crawl under a rock if they stay in loudoun..

  • Dan says:

    “All that does is expand government, something I thought Republicans were against.”

    What in the world have you observed from Republicans during the past thirty years or so that would have given you the impression that they were against the expansion of government? They talk about it incessantly when they are out of power. When the voters entrust them with the reins of power they always do exactly the opposite. Always. From the sainted Ronald Reagan up to the present day this has been their M.O. And yet, so many people still believe their rhetoric.

    Reminds me of the words of Elwood Blues. “That wasn’t lies. That was just bullshit.”

  • Wolverine says:

    I would posit that trying to achieve a better representative balance on a governing entity already in existence is not quite seeking to “expand government” in the real sense of that expression. That said, I agree with LI that adding more reps from DC and MD to the two proposed VA reps is hardly a move toward better balance.

    Anyway, in the spirit of LI’s post I might add a quote (sort of) from a famous old-time comedian: “This is a fine mess you have gotten us into.” Step down from a part-time volunteer position for reasons of “health” and walk into a full-time consulting position at $180,000 per annum? We should all be so “lucky.”

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Come on Wolverine, we’ve seen time and time again how these MWAA Board members live large, including sweetheart contracts and consulting jobs. It will cost more, with no real advantage for Virginia, other than Bob McD getting to dole out the patronage positions.

    To quote Bruce Hornsby, I know that’s just the way it is, Dan, I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy again.

  • Wolverine says:

    Nah, LI, just standard business practices is all. You see it every day. A CEO candidate owes $75,000 in unpaid taxes, you botch up the hiring process, decide against the appointment, and then fork over $200,000 so the guy won’t sue you. Then you give some other guy $42,000 to arrange for shipments of Ethiopian flowers to Dulles because he knows Ethiopians. No biggies. Happens all the time.


    What the heck have we gotten ourselves into?!!!!!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Ask Bob McDonnell, he was all for this, or any of the Loudoun state legislators, or any one of five Loudoun supervisors.

  • Leej says:

    Wolverine you crack me up. 🙂

    in a good way 🙂

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