Weintraub Roasts Government “Reform” LCRC Style

By Loudoun Insider

Great LTE at Leesburg Today from Jonathan Weintraub, who has been attending all of the Government Reform Committee meetings and asking the questions the actual press should be asking.  I guess if the press wants any access at all to Loudoun County government, they better not ask any tough questions lest they be shut out.  This is what happens when you get single party rule.


  • John Marsh says:

    Excellent letter. Apparently there’s no incentive for our local press to devote time and money to covering the “Reform” Commission and key questions being ignored: what’s “broken” that a GRC should address? What should the GRC bring to BOS decision making that’s now lacking?

    Our 9-zip BOS hasn’t a clue. It lacks any vision of how to rank needs for services or expenditures. It ignores cost-benefit analyses and undergoes little or no debate: it ignored staff analyses of costs and benefits and cut the Drug Court, it cut the volunteer sign removal program without analysis and gave the Redskins $2 million without analysis. Likewise It cuts mental health programs. While the BOS Metro decision rightly responded to what Loudoun citizens overwhelmingly wanted, the decision could have been made more clearly supportable with a long-term and socially/environmentally inclusive cost-benefit comparisons.

    Might the GRC focus on methods readily available by which the BOS might make transparently rational decisions?

  • BlackOut says:

    I am disappointed that we haven’t heard of an consolidation of support services between the SB and the BOS from the GRC. It would be great to hear something come out of this group that says we should consolidate land acquisition departments, IT dept, and HR. That would be reform that leads to real dollar savings. At the least recommend a study of it.

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