“Hit the Road, Barack!”

By Lloyd the Idiot

I couldn’t believe it when, as I stood in line at Harris Teeter, I saw this week’s cover of Newsweek which reads, “Hit the Road, Barack – Why We Need a New President.”  Now, regardless of the author or the content of the article, the simple fact that such a statement appears on the cover of a notoriously liberal publication truly reflects just how poor a leader this man is.


  • BlackOut says:

    Did you look on the back cover? Not much there as an alternative.

  • Mike says:

    All their trying to do is sell magazines – and controversial positions sell at supermarket checkout stands.

  • Mike says:

    Sorry that should have been “they’re” not “their”.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    the usuals are foaming about it, damning the author thoroughly.

    All i could think of was the Raylettes singing it.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    Is this Ferguson’s article?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Lloyd is back from summer vacation!

  • LowdowneVA says:

    Internet buzz:

    “The National Enquirer profits on controversy. Perhaps, Tina Brown and company realize that with a struggling business model, it’s time to court radical and far-left commentary while leaving fact-checking in the dust.”

    And from Politico:

    “Newsweek is also paying tribute to newsstand sales, of course. Brown’s tenure at the helm of Newsweek has seen a string of controversial covers, and after Time Magazine challenged Brown with the breastfeeding issue — which is still getting play on cable news, mind you — Brown confidently declared, ‘Let the games begin.’

    “In the span of newsweekly history, these ‘games’ will seem a bit cheap to some: Winning the news cycle while killing the brand, and all that. Newsweek says newsstand sales have increased 30 percent, so maybe they’re doing something right.”

    Not having read the article, even the TC Ombudsman would point out that Newsweek is on the ropes and Tina Brown has a reputation to uphold in the magazine world.
    Newsweek has been providing free, unsolicited, subscriptions to for about six months with a subscription to the Washington Post.

    The readers who are aghast at this cover must have missed Time’s breastfeeding cover and Obama as “the first gay president.”
    These are not the same magazines you may have read in current events class in college.
    Print journalism everywhere, at all levels of professional competence, is in a dizzying downward spiral that seems to increase weekly in torque and velocity.
    Print journalism is not ever going back to having Democracy’s back. As yet there has not been a new business model that survives its own rollout to replace it.

  • FedUp says:

    What a great piece exposing the failures of The Six Trillion Dollar Man. Incredibly, that is how much debt he will have racked up by his last day on 01/20/2013. President “Forward Over the Fiscal Cliff” Obama has proved he is over his head and incapable of leading the country.

    But let’s face it, he is not 100% to blame for the mess the country is in, as he is often quick to point out. He’s just blaming the wrong person. The economic disaster really started when Democrats took control of Congress in 2007. It wasn’t until 2011 that the Republican-controlled House started imposing any kind of fiscal discipline with legislation like the Budget Control Act of 2011 they forced Obama to sign.

    Sadly, I do not think Romney/Ryan and the RNC have done a got enough job spreading the truth of Obama’s failed presidency to the American people. I hope they will step it up and soon!

  • Matthew Osborn says:

    “Romney/Ryan and the RNC have done a got enough job spreading the truth of Obama’s failed presidency to the American people”

    Do you not know that Paul Ryan voted for two unfunded wars, the Auto Bailout, unfunded Medicare Part D, Bush tax cuts and TARP (all of which contributed to our big ‘ol deficit)….or do you just not care?

    Also pretty sure that more private sector jobs were created during his first term than under any Presidential term.

    Taxes are low. Stock market is up. The US is on it’s way to energy independence. Libya is free. Bin Laden is dead. Troops are coming home. Student loans are more available.

    Maybe the Romney/Ryan ticket and the RNC haven’t done a good enough job spreading the truth of Obama’s failed presidency because there IS no truth to it?

  • “Taxes are low. Stock market is up. The US is on it’s way to energy independence. Libya is free. Bin Laden is dead. Troops are coming home. Student loans are more available.”

    What? Are you playing Six Lies and a Truth?

  • edmundburkenator says:

    Lloyd, which of these are saying is a lie?

  • Cato the Elder says:


    President Obama makes a lot of good points about Romney not being ready to be president. For example, we don’t even know if Romney plays golf and if he does, what his handicap is. And this whole capitalism thing is just a right wing ploy. From each according to their ability, baby, just like in Chicago.

  • FedUp says:

    Matthew, The number of private sector jobs created is a good example of the type of misleading statistics the Obama campaign is using. His web site says he has ADDED BACK more than 4.5 million private sector jobs, but that is just over the past 29 months and does not include the millions of jobs lost in the first 14 months of his term. The fact is only a net of about 330,000 private sector jobs have been added since his term began. Not very impressive, eh?

    He focuses on the number of jobs because he does not want to bring up the dismal unemployment rate of 8.3%, which he promised would be under 6% by now. It is normal for a large number of jobs to be created every year just to keep up with population growth. The key statistic is the unemployment rate and 8.3% is pathetic. He focuses on private sector jobs because there has been a large net loss of government jobs, mainly at the state and local level, during his term.

  • Elder Berry says:

    Wait, Fedup is going to bame OBAMA for the loss of state jobs????? We really are Alice down the rabbit hole, aren’t we. It seems that doublespeak and doublethink are now the official Republican platform.

    I’m with the Nuns on the Bus. The current Republican economic and budget proposals are immoral. Most current Republican social policy proposals are medieval and women-hating. The whole party is one small step away from the John Birch Society, which even Barry Goldwater thought was a lunatic fringe. The American Revolution was fought to throw off an oppressive economic overclass. And where are we now, exactly, except on the verge of accepting a permanent economic overclass?

    I would say our nation’s prospects are somewhat better than they were the day Obama took office. Not hugely better, but somewhat better. They might have been much better if the Republican party in Congress had decided to participate in governing instead of just sitting on their hands as obstructionists. That provides me with my position: Obama at least tried to fix the mess Bush left, and in the face of our worst national crisis in many decades all the Republicans tried to do was oppose Obama. Therefore Obama gets my support.

  • Matthew Osborn says:

    Yeah, Fedup….there was a huge recession. So jobs were lost in the first year of the Obama administration. And he’s helped create MORE jobs than were lost.

    Which actually IS impressive.

    Elder Berry covered the rest of it pretty well.

  • FedUp says:

    “And he’s helped create MORE jobs than were lost.”

    Not exactly, Matthew. The total number of non-farm jobs in January 2009 was 133,561,000 and by July 2012 it had slipped to 133,245,000. The recession ended in June 2009 and the stimulus package was enacted in February 2009, but there was no positive job growth until March 2010. Obama has had over 3 years after the recession ended to turn things around and he hasn’t. What makes anyone think he will do any better if given 4 more years?

  • Liz Miller says:

    American auto makers are doing well, farm jobs are still jobs, as far as I can tell, and all the GOP in congress seems to want to do is pass laws limiting abortion.

  • Elder Berry says:

    “after the recession ended”??????

    When was that exactly? According to the leaders of the Republican Party we are still in a recession, aren’t we?????? Isn’t that what Romney and Ryan are running on, that Obama has done nothing? And if we are still in a recession, by the way, what responsibility do the Republicans in Congress have for being completely noncooperative in passing and bills to help create jobs?

    Or are you accurately saying that Obama did end the recession that Bush and the Bush-Cheney (Republican) policies gave us? Tell it to Romney and Ryan please.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    “… The recession ended in June 2009…
    “…but there was no positive job growth until March 2010…”


    This is a rather odd claim to make given how economists define recessions.

  • Ben Dover says:

    Technically speaking, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) identified June 2009 as being the month in which the economy ceased contracting. So, I can agree with FedUp on that particular point.

    Where I will disagree with FedUp is on his assertion that, “Obama has had over 3 years after the recession ended to turn things around and he hasn’t.”

    I will grant that the POTUS is in a position to do many things, and to set forth or authorize any number of economic policy initiatives, but to simplistically say that he has had over 3 years, since the end of the recession to turn things around, and has failed is to ignore the severity of the banking/credit crisis, and mortgage/housing meltdown that severely impacted this country, and obliterated the housing industry (usually a major source of employment, but MIA for the past 4 years).

    It will be very interesting to see how historians come to view America’s economy over the 2007 – 2012 time frame. It will be equally interesting to see if in hindsight, the stimulus money and bailouts are perceived to have been critical to avoiding a crisis that could have been downright ugly (rioting, runs on the banks, martial law, etc..).

    On the jobs front, one of the real negatives is that we are in a period of structural unemployment, where the available positions (millions of them), don’t align with the skills that the displaced component of the workforce presently possesses. Retooling people’s skills doesn’t happen overnight. Maybe we should blame Obama for this unfortunate reality, as well.

  • Pragmatist says:

    I’ve always maintained that the President gets too much credit for a good economy and too much blame for a bad economy.

    In a free-market system, it seems strange to blame the government for the economy’s woes. If the government had enacted legislation making free commerce especially difficult there might be a case for blame. Does anyone espouse that theory?

    My personal view is that a long period of ridiculously high government spending (two wars, Homeland Security) drove the economy into a frenzy, which was great while it could be sustained. Anyone with two brain cells should have been able to predict the collapse we’re living through. It is simply going to take time to work our way out of the mess we’re in. Adding more government spending isn’t sustainable because of the deficit. Cutting government spending isn’t good either, because of the impact that would have on unemployment.

    Basically, we’ve gotten ourselves wedged between a rock and a very hard place…only time and slowly expanding real growth will extract us, no matter what any political candidate says.

  • Wolverine says:

    “farm jobs are still jobs, as far as I can tell.”

    Currently only 1% of all US wage and salary workers and dropping steadily ever since the increases in mechanization after WW II. Really not much of a statistical factor — except in some areas like California, where the crops not viable for mechanized harvesting are going unpicked because of a lack of labor. Apparently the labor has found that it is easier to make a living in the service industries. Now not even illegal immigrants in America want to pick the lettuce.

  • FedUp says:

    “what responsibility do the Republicans in Congress have… ?”

    You bring up a good point about the role of Congress in this mess, Elder Berry. The economic train wreck did not start until Democrats took control of the House and Senate in 2007. The deficit during the Bush years was manageable, as defined by a percentage of GDP, until then. The margins in both sides of Congress increased in 2009, with a near filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, and with Obama as President the past 3 and a half years, the result has been 4 straight years of trillion dollar deficits. If not for the Republicans gaining control of the House in 2011 and imposing some fiscal discipline, things would likely be even worse.

    Edmund, I think recessions are defined by contractions in the GDP, which does not necessarily correlate with job growth.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    Yes. I misread your statement. I thought you were saying economic growth instead of the always lagging job growth.

  • Elder Berry says:

    Fedup you are in some alternate universe. A big tax cut, two wars, and an unfunded prescription drug program are what pushed us over the edge. Please don’t blame the Democrats alone for those, although the image you paint of Congressional Democrats given the job of reining in spendthrift Republicans on those issues is an attractive one if only wishful thinking in retrospect.

  • Liz says:

    300 million people in the US, about half of them working, 1% of 150 million is a substantial number.

    I’m pretty sure if picking crops earned a living wage in CA, that there’d be more people doing it. If you can earn more flipping burgers, why would you pick fruit? And do you know how stupid you sound complaining that we can’t get enough undocumented labour to pick our produce for us when you’ve been whining for years about wanting to deport them? Seriously, make up your mind.

  • Elder Berry says:

    No Liz this is the heart of Republican doublethink. These loons will crow about their immigrant ancestors, beg for more migrants to pick the crops, mow the grass, flip the burgers, and keep wages low, and at the same time they’ll insist we have to deport every single illegal.

  • Wolverine says:

    Going into the denigration mode without thinking again, Liz. I happen to be and have long been a proponent of a much expanded and well-run guest worker program. I have seen them work and work well. That would take care of a lot of people who might be considering illegal entry because we lack such a coherent and widepread program now — too much in bits and pieces. It would also help to solve the problem of the bad working conditions for migrant labor we see too often now.

  • Wolverine says:

    Elder Berry — Calm down. You sound like someone who has hit the electoral panic button. You’ll get spittle all over your shirt.

  • Liz says:

    I apologize if I got you confused with someone else.

  • Wolverine says:

    And , Liz, I wasn’t “complaining” that we can’t get enough “illegals” to pick our crops at sub-standard wages and in sub-standard working conditions . I was just reporting on the latest news coming out of the California agricultural sector. That shortage includes legal workers as well. You would hope that such a Dem controlled state would be on the forefront of pushing for a widespread guest worker program to alleviate those conditions.

  • Liz says:

    Again, it’s about pay. Americans aren’t willing to pay the kind of prices for food that would come from paying a living wage to the farm workers. So people who would have done farm work flip burgers at fast food restaurants instead. The exceptions are in organic farming, where consumers are willing to pay a premium.

    And California may be a bastion of liberalism, but their still stuck with the results of that ballot initiative that doesnt let the,pm raise taxes, so they’re broke.

  • Liz says:

    THEY’RE still stuck.

  • Liz says:

    Doesn’t let them.

    Stupid fat fingers on my iPad.

  • FedUp says:

    “the President gets too much credit for a good economy and too much blame for a bad economy.”

    That’s a good point, Pragmitist, and the best example of one who got too much credit is Bill Clinton, who just happened to be in office during that period of prosperity between the end of the cold war and the stock market crash of 2000, which erased about $8 trillion in wealth and was a drag on the economy for Bush. What were Clinton’s policies that led to all that prosperity? Should he get blame for the stock market bubble bursting?

    In Obama’s speech in Leesburg, he mentioned the Clinton tax hikes and then how 23 million jobs were created, there was the largest budget surplus in history and lots of people became millionaires. You’ll probably hear this again at the convention and in many TV ads, as if the Clinton tax hikes led to all of that.

    Credit for those surplus’s should really go to the Republican Congress that was elected midyear of Clinton’s first term. It was the first time Republicans controlled the House since 1948 and the Senate since 1986. They delivered on the promise of fiscal discipline and would not let Clinton spend a dime.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    Yes FedUp, we get where you are coming from:

    Everything bad: Democrats to blame.
    Everything good: Republicans to blame.

    Do you know how boring you sound to independents?

  • Shawn Pickrell says:

    The only job growth during the Bush II years was in state/local governments.

  • Wolverine says:

    Liz — I think you are spot on about that “pay” issue. In places like California, given the prevalent type of agriculture (vegetables and fruit) the farms are labor intensive and labor counts for 40% or more of costs. This is opposed to the mechanized farming in many other parts of the country where that figure reaches only about 17% and often less.

    The machines we use are run mostly by one man, except at harvest when you need to pay for the field-to-elevator truck transport. Although advances are being made, such machines would be harmful to many of the crops specific to places like California.

    They are stuck with the need for hand labor; and, having been raised in a family of celery growers also requiring hand labor, I can tell you — excuse the English — that the labor was the absolutely shits. My Dad once told me he was overjoyed to get detention in middle school because it meant he didn’t have to go home and work in the celery fields.

    As long as physically easier alternatives are available, I think you are going to continue to see a flight of both legal and illegal workers from the farm fields. I suspect not even higher pay by itself would solve that because of the tough, grinding physical nature of the work. What is needed, in my opinion, is a solid guest worker program which guarantees not only higher pay but better living and working conditions and especially a set way to lodge appeals for arbitration. Hopefully such a system would obviate the need for ad hoc strikes which can kill off an entire year’s crop with timing.

    Yes, a guest worker program will result in an increase in prices at the grocery store. You cannot ask a farmer, who may be already operating on a very thin margin, to just swallow the costs. But we have to realize some things here. While you may object to higher prices, you have to understand that the present system, so heavily laced with illegal immigrants, is already bleeding your wallet through taxes for immigration enforcement, education, medical, justice, prisons, etc. Either way you have a fiscal outflow. Why not work it to your advantage then? You not only guarantee the farm-to-market flow of the food you need but you also put a dent in some of the illegal immigration problems which have divided this country. In my opinion, we are spending those funds either way. We just have to be smart enough to get a bigger bang out of our inevitable bucks. And, no, the other answer is not to throw out ALL the illegals. Never happen here.

    We have to put on our thinking caps and deal with what we have now. With a solid guest worker program, perhaps we could avoid that situation in Alabama when, after the passage of new state immigration laws, the farm workers disappeared from the fields.

  • liz says:

    Woot! We agree on farm policy!

  • Elder Berry says:

    Rather than allow wages to rise, Republican administrations just beat up on unions and eased up on immigration enforcement. Result is higher corporate profits and a vanishing middle class.

    Vote for Romney/Ryan and get more of the same.

  • Cato the Elder says:

    “Do you know how boring you sound to independents?”

    Maybe you could go find some, focus-group them, and get back to us.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    I did. It’s a 7 on the bore-o-meter (it goes to 11). You’re welcome.

  • FedUp says:

    “Republican administrations just beat up on unions…”

    Yeah, Elder Berry, that is bad policy. I think Republicans should support unions and fight for those high wages and benefits negotiated in a bygone era. If the company that employs union labor goes bankrupt as a result, no problem, taxpayers should be more than happy to fork over $50 billion or so of their hard-earned to bail it out.

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