Do Todd Kaufman And His Lawyers REALLY Think They Can Get A Fair Trial In Loudoun County Circuit Court???

By Loudoun Insider

The biggest mistake Todd Kaufman and his lawyers have made so far in their lawsuit against the county for wrongful termination is not asking for a change in venue.  They will be screwed by the same court who has stuck by the local GOBGN each and every time.  Yep, the same court that appoints Kaufman’s nemeses on the Board of Equalization will be hearing his case.

Loudoun’s outside lawyers, including the obnoxious Julia Judkins, who recently represented the School Board, want to quash Kaufman’s lawyers subpoenas for emails related to Kaufman.  I’m sure they will prevail.  If not there, then surely at the conclusion.  Poor Todd, first he gets royally screwed by the scheming Supervisors and staff, and now he’s wasting all of this lawyer money.  This will not be a fair fight.


  • Political Insider says:

    If you don’t think this is political, look who she represented in the past (on bottom of page):

  • BOEbullies says:

    Hundreds of billable hours for Judkins.
    The judges are hopeless.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    This is going to cost us (the county) a lot of money. I think they are fine with this venue so they can have a good path for an appeal if need be… if they win, great, if they lose, bias.

  • JusticeLeague says:

    While one would hope for a fair trial and a full production of relevant documents , I have to agree with you LI.

    Judkin’s representation in the recent school board case was just a warm up for this one.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    eb, if they lose and appeal it goes to the VA Supreme Court where Bill Mims will make sure none of his Loudoun pals get embarrased. Maybe this should have been filed in federal court, if that’s possible.

  • Elder Berry says:

    IIRC, a Loudoun court ruled against Ken Cuccinelli in a very political case some years ago.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Most of the real power brokers in the Loudoun GOBGN are not fans of The Cooch.

  • Elder Berry says:

    Fans or not, most of those power brokers were however out in the hall waiting for the verdict in that case. They were somewhat disappointed.

  • HOAhell says:

    But Judge Horne did not disappoint them in the school boundary trial.
    Overheard in the corridor outside Horne’s courtroom: Public Schools lawyer Stephen L. DeVita reassuring Director of Planning and Legislative Services Sam Adamo (a/k/a “dude”) not to worry because “There’s no way they can beat us.”

  • Baron Rosedown says:

    Kaufman has zero chance of prevailing in the Loudoun’s Circuit Court, he and his attorney need to request a change of venue to Fairfax or Arlington…immediately, otherwise this was all for naught.

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