The Martire Mess

By Loudoun Insider

What a joke this whole Dennis Martire MWAA Board mess has become.  After hearing for months now how awful Martire is from the guys who really run the MWAA Board, they then reinstate him, only to have him pledge to resign later.  This is all because the powers that be didn’t want Martire’s lawsuit to move forward because lots of embarrassing emails and other documents were set to be revealed.

Martire was clearly singled out because of his union ties and his ouster and the buy-out of Mame Reilly (and that’s exactly what her deal was – she was supposedly too sick to continue as a Board member, but not too sick to work there full time!!!) was just another excuse to get GOP cronies on the MWAA Board.  All of these deals were orchestrated by the McDonnell and Davis Republican establishment crews so they can control the next phase of Metro and who gets the contracts and handouts.  Politics at its absolute worst from our “Christian” Republican leaders.


  • What? says:

    This is the most straight to the point and seems accurate take on this drama ive seen.

  • Viper says:

    I’ve followed most of this coverage and the Mame Reiley deal stinks to high heaven. Sean Connaughton, Frank Wolf and Tom Davis all admitted to knowing about it but before they were caught Wolf and George Allen held a press conference condemning Reiley’s hire.

    And Tom Davis gets his daughter a job at MWAA. Under McDonnell’s leadership that sould merit removal from the board. Absolutely fubar this whole mess.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I hope Martire spills some good dirt, but I’m sure they locked him into a gag order as part of this settlement deal. He’ll go away and we’ll have business as usual at MWAA, but with a better PR campaign and less transparency as the Virginia GOP Establishment crew takes over.

  • SLanning says:

    Why after all this time, are the back room deals or Wolfe, Davis and McDonnell just coming out? If the media had been more aggressive and fair, it would have shown that Martire was targeted for not being in lock step with their right wing agenda. The Washington Post was paticularly shameful in being the PR firm for Wolfe and Davis.

    Now that McDonnell, Wolfe and Davis have gotten their way, here is to less transparency and back room deals.

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