WaPo Roasts Delgaudio

By Loudoun Insider

In this front page article, detailing what most of us in Loudoun already knew – he’s a shameless huckster.  Expect nothing to happen, as usual when it comes to Loudoun ethical lapses.


  • HOAhell says:

    Please, new Supes. The people are desperate for leadership.
    Why don’t / won’t you speak out?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Because ED is a fellow party mate and if they speak out they have to deal with the crazy wingnut ED supporters, that’s why. Anything to protect their fellow gang member.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    I did feel it worthy, eb, which is why I took the trouble to document everything she did IN THE COUNTY, and enter it into record at the BoS.

    When I first began to do that, with her fake petition that she lied about being paid to create and market, there was an R majority BoS. But do recall, that’s when the FBI was being used to threaten people (including me–still waiting to be arrested. yawn), including on this site, where it was (and occasionally remains) the drumbeat of choice, so don’t hold yourself up as too shining an example, LI.

    McG was wonderful before she got elected, and then she “changed”. Horseshit.

    I documented her activity and entered it into record when she was part of the majority, but she was so very special to that D majority VLF BoS that they redistricted on her behalf, and on two “rural” districts.

    Which got them into a great place with an R sweep, so the usuals can b*tch about Rs again, and lo and behold the FBI is back, and they will neither confirm nor deny until their work is complete, and then we’ll find out something.

    McG also apparently had documented a much longer list of aides fired/quitting. What came of that? Or does it not matter now that she lost resoundingly in her tailormade amoeba, and landed via golden parachute at Oatlands?

    I find it interesting the number of sock comments implying a connection to David Ramadan, on this issue and others. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if the farthest of the far right chimed in via anti-sharia, and met LGBT rights in the middle for a brief enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend?

    When the FBI is done investigating, and the trial is complete on the mailer, we’ll find out some actual news. Meanwhile, get the popcorn.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    Barbara, I’m left wondering why your zeal for proper behavior has a distinct partisan bent to it.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    eb, again, the only thing under investigation which has occurred in the county is the aides’ allegations–have you info on that in advance of the FBI report? Some anonymous important people DO, I’m sure.

    And you’re in a bit of a pot/kettle thing, with your own habit of rationalizing misbehavior in most anything D.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Barb, you’re a perfect “shining example” of an LCRC lackey. “Government reform” from this vaunted Government Reform Commission member appointed by Matt Letourneau only consists of documenting wrongdoings by PEC connected folks.

  • mosborn says:

    “campaign from outside of his district to tell Sterling how to vote, or else they’re stupid etc”

    Barbara – I know you’re fond of framing the outcry against the bigot that is the Sterling Supervisor as a grand Democratic conspiracy, but it’s not.

    We’re currently marking the 50th anniversary of the violent de-segregation of Ole Miss University. At the time, Mississippi Gov. Ross Barnett said, publicly and proudly…”I’m a Mississippi segregationist and I am proud of it.” He thought, you understand, that black people had no right attending a white university. That they didn’t deserve the same rights. People, thank god, eventually spoke up against him…and he is now a sad and angry footnote in the South’s embarrassing civil rights past. Not because the SEIU gave out t-shirts, but because he was wrong. Sometimes, there’s simply just right and wrong.

    I’m not UN-concerned that Delgaudio has been accused of using public time and money to further his career. If that’s what it finally takes to get people in his party to get their heads out of the sand….great.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    mosborn, as far as we can tell, the rest of the 9-0 LCRC Board is thankful to Eugene for showing them just how much they can push the envelope with their county-paid staffers. Expect all staffers to fall in line with the new world order, and start expecting fundraising calls from the county offices any time now.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    “And you’re in a bit of a pot/kettle thing, with your own habit of rationalizing misbehavior in most anything D.”

    Are you projecting Barbara?

    I think you know I was appalled by McGimsey and called her out — just like LI and others did. Go back and look at the threads.

    Unlike you, LI and others around here don’t look for the party label first before they call out questionable behavior.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    LI, nothing on the GRC agenda has anything to do with the PEC. In your haste to trot out the usual rants, you’ve grabbed a wrong acronym.

    mosborn, attacking people in Sterling may HELP Eugene’s reelection. It seems to, every single time. You’re not unconcerned–well, that’s good.

    eb, yes, you were loudly, uniformly and regularly simply appalled. I don’t need to look up the threads, I was there. As for checking affiliation before attacking, that would seem to be the habit here, would it not? It’s the Northern VA republican Viewpoint, after all–lol! If every single Democrat does NOT stridently denouncethe peccadillos, laws broken, or other egregious behavior of the most proudly extreme members of their own party, does that mean every single Democrat thinks exactly like that person? Talk about projection!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    What a partisan hack. There are hardly any Democrats in office in Loudoun to attack, and I routinely decry the sorry pitiful state of the LCDC. If there’s anything worse than the LCRC, it’s the LCDC – the election results are unmistakable. Your favorite boogeyman is the PEC and anyone remotely connected to it, Barb, it’s plainly obvious.

    Even if Delgaudio were convicted of something, Barb would still refuse to criticize and would surely say it’s another part of the grand conspiracy against the chaste Loudoun Republican community. But he never will be convicted of anything – Plowman and/or Cuccincelli would never investigate anything to do with him and the feds really don;t care about small time Loudoun political BS – that’s been proven time and time again. If we were in Maryland or DC we would have a better chance, but since political corruption gets no federal attention in Virginia we’re stuck with the partisan hacks at the state and local levels.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    LI, not talking about the local only here, and not only talking about you–the broad brush inclusion is a technique, and a timeworn progressive one most recently demonstrated on the national level with Akin: even though prominent Rs told him to get out of the race, there are STILL dem talking point mavens who declare he is the true spokesperson for the entire party.

    And that is just one way the hack game is played, including by masters like you. Another is to herald every partial piece of info as a scrap of the ongoing conspiracy (by the LCRC GOBGN, whe also know where Hoffa’s body is because they killed him too), then call any disagreement with the (lack of) content or the method a “hack conspiracy”.

    The circle appears to be closed now–well done.

    Meanwhile, any new hard info on either case? What did the FBI tell you the last time they briefed you? 😉

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    yeah, Barb, I am such a progressive. More of the LCRC party line on me – I’m really a big Dem in disguise. Bullshit.

    Akin was criticized and they tried to force him out – when he didn’t fold they all jumped back on the bandwagon. More barf-inducing party politics.

    The FBI is way too limited in investigating local corruption – I don;t expect anything to ever come from that angle, and as I stated, nothing will come from the local or state angle either. These creeps have free reign to do as they please.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    LI, I didn’t say you were a progressive. I said that, like other local anonymous hacks, you employ their methods to stir pots.

    “The FBI is way too limited in investigating local corruption – I don;t expect anything to ever come from that angle, and as I stated, nothing will come from the local or state angle either. These creeps have free reign to do as they please.”

    The investigation isn’t complete yet, and you already know it will come to nothing? So, they ARE briefing you?

  • edmundburkenator says:

    “And that is just one way the hack game is played…”

    Is it related to cell phone memes, Barbara?

    Don’t worry, you’re not a c(4) and not required to be scrupulously accurate. But does that make you a progressive? Or is the broad brush “everyone’s an Akin Republican” the “progressive” disinformation methodology and the “Obama phone” is the right wing disinformation methodology?

    You should put together a guidebook!

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    eb, I’m disappointed in you–that’s a standard variant in dismissing what I say: I’m usually snarkily asked where someone can get a glossary of Barbaraspeak. Well, it’s better than “oh blahblahblah”, which I’m sure will come eventually.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    I’m willing to help with the guidebook!

    You need an editor, and I’ve had experience editing… just saying.

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