Thank God Loudoun Signed On To Metro!

By Loudoun Insider

Another report of corruption at MWAA, to which our supposedly fiscally conservative and ethical Board of Supervisors tied us to for eternity.  So we can send millions and millions of dollars for two miles of track and two stations.  What a deal.


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I know, everyone is sick of fighting the Metro battle, which was won by the GOBGN. I don’t care and will keep pushing it – this is the most colossal mistake I can imagine, especially coming from a supposedly conservative BOS.

  • Leej says:

    What makes me sad Loudoun could’ve achieved mass transit at a fraction of the price like Houston is doing. The corruption on the board is just business as usual in Government.

    Now some of this perhaps is being swept under the rug. When you have politicians like wishy washy york make a career of a part time job you got to wonder. I remember when he was putting in closets himself when he was first in power. Now nothing wrong with putting in closets unless you are a lifetime politician ;-). Seems to me the first requirement of a politician is you hate your day job whatever it is because most out of politics never go back to it. So is the peter principle at work here 🙂

    If the feds spend one dime on this the people in this country will explode. Why should the feds bail out one of the richest counties in the nation if it comes to that.

    And why do most plan to leave the DC area when they retire if everything is so great there hmmmmmm

  • Scout says:

    Lee – re your last question:

    the weather.

  • Hillsboro says:

    And to think this corrupt board controls the Toll Road (thank you Tim Kaine!) as well as managing billions of dollars of Metro construction funds. What a mess!

  • Shiloh says:

    Lee J – Again, to your last question, I think there are actually several answers:

    (1) Housing in Loudoun County is extremely expensive. Many retirees sell their expensive homes here and move even just across the mountain to Winchester or elsewhere in the Valley where they can find housing which is much cheaper. This frees up whatever cash they may make from the sale of the LC house for use for other purposes, some happy, others not so much.

    (2) Let’s face it – Life in Loudoun is relatively fast-paced compared with many other places simply because of our proximity to DC. Some retirees find that exciting, enjoy it, and can’t imagine living someplace else. Others don’t like that fast pace of life and want to escape it.

    (3) Some move closer to children who live elsewhere.

    (4) And, finally, some move “back home” to wherever it is they originally came from to be with family members and old friends from their childhood. “Home” is a strong pull to people who were raised elsewhere.

    So there are a number of reasons retirees leave Loudoun.

  • Leej says:

    Well if someone votes for a eventual boondoggle then they should pay for it when it collapses even if they move away. NOT the american people that have nothing to do with it.

    OK I will answer my own last question why we moved away .

    The national builders moved in and bought up all the land in the nineties and the true custom builder can not survive there anymore. So now people in the DC area now live in overpriced generic housing 😉 And I will not have to deal with snow anymore unless I going skiing and play in it. 🙂

    OH not to mention people go out and and strip the grocery stores every time there is a pending storm like they might starve to death in a day 😉 what is that all about ha ha ha

    I am sure that is happening right now. Very bizarre behavior. Perhaps that is a peek into the people that run and control our government A scary thought. Now don’t take that as a reason how I think about northern virginians 😉 or dc people. We still have a bunch of friends back there but the unusual thing is none of them have anything to do with government or government contractors. 🙂

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