Official Loudoun County Government/LCRC Spokesperson Takes LTM To Task!

By Loudoun Insider

Thank God the 9-0 LCRC BOS has an official Newspaper Comment Section/Blog Spokesperson in Barbara Munsey to set the record straight everywhere according to LCRC doctrine.  See this article and the comments at the LTM about the recent Ann Romney event.  Here’s the comment I made, if it ever appears – you never know with the LTM and its comment censorship.

“Thank God the Official Loudoun County Government Reform Commission Newspaper Comment Section/Blog Spokesperson is here to provide editorial support!  Expect to see “Increase LCRC control over local newspapers” added to the Government Reform Commission agenda soon.  Lord knows they aren’t focusing much on real reform.”

And this is at a newspaper partly owned by the biggest LCRC funder, Bill Dean.  Man, if they can’t keep those reporters in line with the program, they may have bigger problems than we realize.


  • JTR says:

    OK. I guess I don’t get it. A local community newspaper covers a local political event which included several nationally known as well as local politicos with just the very basic facts. In the comment section an attendee added additional detail the article left out such as captioning the photos and what each said.
    Do you not think that a similar event by the 1st lady and other politicos and candidates from her party would not be covered and have comments from other attendees?
    LI, I get it that certain political views are not your cup of tea, but to attack day in and day out generally factual discussions primarily because of the messenger and not the issues shows you are allowing your personal feelings versus intellectual considerations to drive your postings. God only knows how apoplectic you would have been if David Ramadan was also on stage I for one would rather discuss real issues.

  • Eric the half a troll says:

    Did Mitt and Ann have any daughters? Perhaps this is why he is so unconcerned about GOP legislation of my daugter’s body. That would explain a lot.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Keep bitching, JTR. I just wish our vaunted Government Reformers would really focus on reforming government instead of non-stop politicking.

    Did the Supervisors attend on a chartered bus with Police escort this time???

    Now that you mention it, somehow Ramadan missed being on stage, but Comstock got her perfect placement right next to Ann Romney.

  • JTR says:

    LI- Then post the issues that need reforming. I am not bitching regarding your postings (personal attacks), you are free to post whatever. I am simply pointing out that lately you have been fixated on who as opposed to what. Lets get back to specific issues. Where a particular candidate stands on any issue is also fair game, but not the individual’s persona unless it is specifically generic to issue being discussed. An event in South Riding and who participates is not worthy of policy discourse unless specifically discussed at the event. Your postings lately are the extreme opposite of the MSM. Neither extreme keep this blog and the political discussion on an informative and interesting basis. It only serves to reduce participation.

    BTW Barbara Comstock is the CoChair for the Romney Campaign in VA and can be expected to participate in events.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    LI, guess what? This wasn’t a GRC event, and it wasn’t an LCRC event either.

    And I haven’t been on the LCRC since…beofre you moved in.

    JTR has it about right–the caption said it was local republicans, and Elaine Chao, Ryan’s sister, and Congresswoman Beutler aren’t local.

    It was a nice event, and while I salute your great respect for uterii and vaginas, women are more than that, just as you are presumably more than your organs too. I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt (in spite of the amounbt of time you spend doing little more than p*$$ing hither and yon) 😀

    Eric, my daughter is voting in her first Presidential, and she finds much of the Dem advertising geared to her demographic to not only be insulting, but stupid. She works full time, and is much more concerned about the economy and taxes. (Walgreen’s has a great prescription program that makes birth control very affordable–smart women can find that too, all by their little lonesomes, and then get on with their lives).

  • Malcolm Baldwin says:

    Furthering JTR’s comment, it strikes me that were one to wish for Loudoun’s (let alone our nation’s) political health it would be for more civil focus on real issues, not personalities, and to practice dialogue that respects differences in opinions as well as irrelevant personal foibles. Hypocrisy and so forth should be fair game, based on facts and statements. Too Conservative has a potentially unique role to play, and sometimes it fosters useful exchanges. That role should be strengthened and not squandered.

  • I’m with JTR on this one. Lord knows I’ve had my disagreements with Barbara, but her comment in the LTM is pretty darn benign. Can’t expect her to be GRC all day every day.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Keep piling on, folks. The Government Reform Commission is a joke. They are reforming nothing.

    JTR, go to NVTH if you want constant LCRC cheerleading.

    Malcolm, if you want to start a dry wonky Loudoun centric blog, go right ahead. People have talked about that for years now but no one has stepped up to the plate.

  • Malcolm Baldwin says:

    Thanks, LI, but I lack the talent.

  • John Marsh says:

    Yes, LI’s correct. The GRC would be a disappointment if it’s focus had not been predictable from its makeup. A lost opportunity for real government reform and efficiency.

    What reforms will TC readers agree upon? What’s the reform agenda we ought to pursue?

  • edmundburkenator says:

    No one wants to participate in wonky civil discourse.

    You might as well try to sell tickets to a chess match.

    People want to participate in and watch the blood sport of politics. I’m afraid it’s not policy in which people are interested.

    Maybe someone will be able to prove it to you when they’re lives settle down a bit.

  • Elder Berry says:

    Barbara Munsey, just because you can find a solution to a problem doesn’t mean you should have the problem in the first place. Somehow it just seems wrong that a religious based institutional employer should provide prescription coverage for Viagra and not for birth control. Imposing one’s religious viewpoint on others seems to be a lynchpin of conservative philosophy these days. That would make Republicans like Eisenhower, Goldwater, or George Romney turn over in their graves. Your idea of Government Reform seems to be very different from mine.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    elderberry, see above: not a grc event, not there as a grc member, not an lcrc event, not there as a member. There as a voter.

    And a voter who is very tired of being harangued as a vagina with a vote by some of the righteous such as yourself.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Barb, just get to work at the GRC to stop this Board from pissing all over the public’s right to know (just using your thinly disguised term).

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Thinly disguised? I thought it was pretty blunt.

    And please do tell, on what planet does a political rally for the Presidential election that happens to be held in my neighborhood have to do with an independent investigation that isn’t the purview of any county commission?

    Rage on.

  • ACTivist says:

    LCRC cheerleading at NVTH? Delusional at best. Do you stand on your head when you make these comments LI?

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    No ACT, he writhes on his cross. It’s all good!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    You may have a point there, ACT, there has been quite a bit of bitching about the pro-Metro LCRCers there. I should have said “Delgaudio cheerleading” to be more accurate. I doubt I would see any substantive criticism of Delgaudio there no matter what he was caught doing.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Barbra on the other hand, will remain a cheerleader for anything LCRC oriented

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    more vinegar on a stick.

    Glad you both survived the storm (and I mean that)

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Glad you survived too, Barb, so you can keep “reforming” Loudoun County government.

  • ACTivist says:

    I only survived mother nature. The storm that brews on these sites might end up doing me in.

  • Eric the half a troll says:

    Barb, if your daughter wants to cede her rights to control her own body on a false promise of employment, that is certainly her right. My daughter is too young to make that choice just yet. Therefore, I am responsible for defending her rights against the likes of the Virginia and National GOP. Again, I question why Mitt Romney is so cavalier with my daughter’s rights. My theory is he has no daughter of his own to be concerned about. Either that or his philosophy is grounded in his upbringing…maybe it’s a cultural thing.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Eric, my daughter already controls her own body. It’s called being a grownup.

    Take your theory and your strawman out for a beer.

    Then cry in it because of the lady parts who don’t line up behind the banner you think is best for them.

  • Eric the half a troll says:

    Yes, Barb, your daughter currently DOES have the right to control her own body. That is something Romney, the GOP in VA and nationally want to change. I hardly think SCOTUS appointments are a strawman in a Presidential election.

    Do you deny that I have a responsibility to represent my underage daughter’s interests in this election? In know, the GOP government knows what is best for her.

    So I think I understand why Romney cares so little about my daughter’s rights. My question is why do you? Frankly, it pisses me off a little.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    No Eric, I don’t deny it–another blustering righteous strawman.

    I’m just a bit puzzled as to why, especially if she is underage, the apex of your fatherly duty as you see it is to be sure she can have a free abortion whenever she wants.

    That is an endgame in the ladyparts fiasco drama, and just one facet of possible future life events for her. I hope for her sake you are preparing her for a lot more than that, and that her life holds a lot more than that in future.

  • Glen Bayless says:

    Wow! Munsey has finally jumped the shark. Somehow she gets “the apex of your fatherly duty is to insure your daughter can get a free abortion whenever she wants” as the synthesis of the women’s rights debate. Eric, I don’t know you or your politics, but I am in complete agreement with you on this.

  • Eric the 1/2 Troll says:

    “I’m just a bit puzzled as to why, especially if she is underage, the apex of your fatherly duty as you see it is to be sure she can have a free abortion whenever she wants.”

    Wow, and YOU complain of strawmen? I suppose I need my lance! First off, protecting my daughter’s rights is by no means the APEX of my fatherly duties. It is, however, one of the most important aspects of my current duty as a citizen of the US and my daughter’s father when it come to the Presidential race.
    There is no strawman there, and you know it.

    Second, the rights of my daughter do not revolve around access to an abortion if she WANTS it, it revolves around access to an abortion if she NEEDS it and just as important keeping the government OUT of her body – PHYSICALLY (please see for reference the many VA GOP forced ultrasound posts on this very site). As Glen just pointed out, there are a myriad of ancillary issues but each point to the same national and VA GOP agenda. They want to eliminate my daughter’s right to decide what is best for her own body and deligate that right instead to the (mostly male) legislature – the fact that you are perfectly fine with this would be all well and good if it was just your daughter being affected. When you extend that intent to MY daughter, however, I WILL let you know that I am displeased in no uncertain terms.

    That is no strawman, Barb, that is reality in the most stark terms.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Eric, abortion is the law of the land, and will not be changing any time soon.

    It is not the most important issue in this election, but a wedge diversion.

    I find it somewhat humorous (but not really) that two progressive men are getting hot and bothered about something I’ve lived with all my life, and my daughter will too: the fact that our bodies are our bodies and we are responsible for them, the choices we make with them, and the results of those choices–from negligible to severe.

    Be thankful that my daughter IS a responsible young adult, who works hard and is taxed to pay for the things you deem most important–and then must make choices and decisions with what she is allowed to keep, in order to finance her OWN choices.

    All of life is choices, and all must be paid for. Reducing women to something that is helpless, acted upon, and in need of endless financial support for her sexuality is hardly the apex of equality. If anyone is stuck in the past it is those who see women as nothing but a uterus in need of care by the government.

    You guys vote however you want. My daughter prefers to NOT have her head forcibly held up her own insides, because she has bigger goals for herself and more choices to make in life than what she chooses regarding her own sexuality–that’s only one aspect of her life, and she plans to be as autonomous as possible to pursue what she wants to do with that life, so things like employment, saving toward a piece of property, etc come before that.

    If people are going to pay for cradle to grave subsidies for others, they have to not only manage their own choices, but earn enough to pay for themself and still be productive enough to provide the siphoned funds for the rest.

    In your tizzy to project yourselves as the champions of the future of women, one of the best things you could probably do is just get the hell out of their way.

    Now go get your giant glitter vagina binder puppet costume on, pick up an Obama sign, make a youtube campaign vid of yourselves and feel useful for the day. My daughter left for work at 4:30, so she’s up on all of us.

  • Eric the 1/2 Troll says:

    “Eric, abortion is the law of the land, and will not be changing any time soon.”

    Absolutely not true, Barb.

    From this article:

    “[Norm] Coleman is out there as a Romney surrogate running up the white flag of surrender on the sanctity of human life — ‘it’s not going to be reversed,’” said Bryan Fischer, a top official at the socially conservative American Family Association, in an email to TPM. “The next president will likely appoint two or three justices to the Supreme Court, and it’s entirely possible, even likely, that the Court will take up a case before too long that could go right to the heart of Roe. Romney has pledged to appoint originalist judges who will overturn Roe should that day come, and this would be an excellent time for him to reiterate that promise.”

    That is the opinion of people from YOUR side of the political spectrum, Barb not just mine.

    “…about something I’ve lived with all my life, and my daughter will too: the fact that our bodies are our bodies and we are responsible for them, the choices we make with them, and the results of those choices–from negligible to severe.”

    The problem, Barb, is that you and your daughter are voting to cede those rights to the government which, again, I would not have a problem with – they are your rights, cede them if you wish – except that you are also voting to cede my daughter’s rights for her. THAT is MY problem with you. My next problem is how you are refusing to even acknowledge that I should be concerned about it and it should not be an issue ion this election. Given the status of our split legislature, the only thing a President Romney COULD do of consequence is get us into a new war or appoint SCOTUS and federal judges that would erode my daughter rights and other rights of US citizens. Therefore these really SHOULD be the primary issues of this election.

    BTW, I think it is terrific that your daughter is a responsible young woman, you should be commended as a parent for raising her as such. I am doing my best to attain the same results for all of my children as well – keeping my fingers crossed but so far, so good.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    For those not familiar with the Barbara Munsey lexicon:

    Facts that do not support her position = strawmen

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Eric, did you miss the part where I said “vote how you want”, as well as “this is not the primary issue”?

    Not to mention “choices have to be paid for by the productive”?

    If we are all reduced to a drum circle howling at the moon cycle, what a fine concerned aware in-tune world that will be. Meanwhile, I’d prefer to prevent THAT, so that everyone has more autonomy and choices and the ability to exercise them–including those, like me, who have certain specific body parts with certain specific functions unknown to you guys beating the drums–you too, eb.

    Now run along and put your costumes on, boys! Happy Halloween from the evil crone witchwoman!

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    p.s. to Eric, thank you for the ref to my daughter, and sincere good wishes to you with your kids. My daughter is great, and I couldn’t be more proud of her, not the least of which involves my being secure in the knowledge that if my husband and I were to drop dead this minute, she would not only survive, but end up prospering.

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