By Loudoun Insider

A TC reader just sent me shameless self promoter David Ramadan’s latest email blast, with a note saying “this guy is too much, using the hurricane to troll for likes on Facebook and Twitter followers”. I’ve seen other blasts from other poiticians and none have taken this tack. I’m not at all surprised that Ramadan would. Here’s the relevant excerpt:

“To stay in touch with the latest information I have, please ‘like’ me on Facebook or ‘follow’ me on Twitter. I send out updates as soon as I receive them.”


  • BlackOut says:

    I am all for representatives reaching out with resources. Frankly, I don’t get much out of them, but I don’t mind.

    Now for Ramadan. That’s just a shake my head thing. The guy rivals Delgaudio for self promotion.

  • CathysClown says:

    Seriously??? this is worthy of a blog post? Who the hell cares??? You have gone ’round the bend with your obsession with David Ramadan. Try to move to a new obsession interest, this one has grown quite tiresome and boring.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I am in no way obssessed with David Ramadan. Believe me, I would very much love to never hear about him again. Someone else sent this to me and it was worthy of a quick post just to continue to educate people about this guy and his massive obnoxious ego.

    Go like him on Facebook to make up for my criticism!

  • John says:

    I don’t get the point here…
    Asking someone to follow on Twitter or FB is evidence of a massive obnoxious ego?
    I tend to think it’s just a sign that someone is using social media.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    This is but one instance of many, and as I said, I’ve received lots of emails about the storm from other politicians with none trolling for Facebook Likes or Twitter followers.

  • CathysClown says:

    Why would I ‘like’ Ramadan? I barely know who he is. Perhaps that’s why I’m so sick of hearing about him. I don’t care what he does. I’d rather hear about something more interesting than small town local yokels. Ditto Eugene Delgadio, don’t care about his problems either.

  • CathysClown says:

    John’s right. It’s not a big deal. Why pretend otherwise. Tiresome and boring.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    The Ramadan PR team is out in full force!

    I’ve always focused on Loudoun issues – don’t read these local posts if you don’t care for the topic. There are fifty million blogs out there dealing with the national election if that’s what floats your boat.

  • Ben Dover says:

    CathysaClown – having read a few of your posts today, I have to ask: Are you a “glass is half empty” person?

    Can’t you stop for just a moment and find a smidgen of joy in Eugene Delgaudio’s problems?

    Can’t you simply pause to appreciate why David Ramadan is annoying?

    If you don’t like what you read here at TC, please don’t feel compelled to comment – your negative energy is a drag.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Come on, Ben, all of those people on Ramadan’s payroll need to prove their worth to him!

  • CathysClown says:

    Ramadan’s payroll? Are you a complete idiot? I wouldn’t know the man if I tripped over him in the street but I do know an obsession when I see one.

    You’re right, there are lots of other good, democratic, blogs that don’t get obsessed on a couple of local yokels. So I’ll bid you a good night and read elsewhere.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Good grief. See ya.

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