A New Mythical Loudoun Sports Franchise — with the Same Ownership

By Lloyd the Idiot

Holy cow!  How stupid do they think we are?

After their success sucker punching Loudouners with the Hounds, the Hound’s ownership team is about to announce that another yet-to-be-created sports franchise will play in Loudoun.  This time, it’s a minor league soccer team. 

Proposed names include:

  • Loudoun Unicorns
  • Leesburg Leprechauns
  • Ashburn Cold Fusion

(By the way, those names were proposed by me to reflect the likelihood of a team actually being fielded in our lifetime).


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Good grief, more movie nights and fan fests with yet another stupid mascot.

  • David Dickinson says:

    When the Hounds “moved,” someone pointed out that they were not recinding one stadium and putting in the another. What the Hounds were doing was forcing the approval of a second stadium.

    Is this why?

    Are there really plans in the works for supporting 2 stadiums?

    Could we screw up traffic congestion any more?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    No way they are building two stadiums – it’s painfully obvious that they can’t afford to build one.

  • Smith says:

    Soccer team sounds like another bargaining chip to pull the heart strings of the voters and get another development built.

    Or maybe Eugene needs another “youth football league” to break laws making money for.

    And Lloyd, what is the angle of this being anti-Obama, I didnt know you could write a post that wasnt one.

  • Loudoun's Soul says:

    But they’re not paying for it — it’s to be being funded with a tax on ticket sales and the way the language was written it’s not limited to one stadium but can be used for any stadium with a professional team.

  • Joe Budzinski says:

    This appears to be a level below “major league” soccer, right?

    I don’t think traffic is going to be an issue.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Good point Joe! Professional soccer is about as popular as sumo wrestling in the US.

  • Joe Budzinski says:

    Yeah, I can imagine all across Ashburn scenes playing out like –

    “hi honey, how was your day?”

    “ok, except my car almost got hit by a frisbee from some kids playing in the empty minor league soccer stadium parking lot.”

    “well, hopefully someday we’ll get a MAJOR league soccer team in there, so they can afford security guards, to keep kids out of their empty parking lot.”

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