Nightmare on Main Street

By Too Conservative

Just in time for Halloween!


  • Leej says:

    OK halloween. I have a current story and a true one. 🙂 This last hurricane “” Sandy””” came here at this time for a reason. The reason “””Marsha””” A beautiful girl with hollywood looks and a personality to match in a good way. Well she died several years back from breast cancer. She was and still is in a spiritual way my best friend. She comes back to me occasionally in powerful dreams.

    Always seems to be a hurricane involved in these dreams with her.

    What i am about to say could be a twilight zone episode. 😉

    Here we have another hurricane named Sandy which is Marshas best friends name. Now Marsha was when she was here on the planet spent a good part of her life for women’s rights.

    Now is it a coincidence that we have this sandy hurricane right before the election. And everyone is saying praises how well Obama has handled this including gov NJ Christie.

    We know Romney is not for total women’s rights no matter what he says. This is Marshas way of having a say in this election. And stand up for women everywhere. Making sure Romney does not win and setting back womans right back into the dark ages.

    A side note to all of this. And this happened around halloween years ago.

    I decided I was going to put my big move on Marsha. This is a lesson to you guys what not to do even if by accident as in my case. 😉

    Marsha and I go out. and have a wonderful evening. I drop her off at her home. And I make my big move on her and kiss her. Marsha the cool girl she is says Lee Lee Lee. I love you but more like a brother. wow that deflated my ego. So I drive off but unnoticed by me on this rainy night as I spun out of her driveway and my car tires kick up a bunch of mud and accidently cover Marsha in mud including her gorgeous dress.

    Seriously I don’t know doing this. What happens the next day I get a phone call from my mother at work. And mother says she just got a call from martha’s mom upset I covered her daughter in mud. I say to my mom “””” I DID”””” I say to my mom and of course I think I am funny I say mom if I would of thought of this I might have done that. But mom really scouts honor I did not on purpose cover marsha in mud. My boss Carlos Madrid and phenomenal mexican architect who taught me everything I know 🙂 says yep Lee when after the phone call from my mother says you have the most unique ways impressing a girl just cover her in mud and she will love you forever. NOT

    Marsha and I stayed best friends and still are even in the afterlife.

    Although it took a bunch of work to convince her I did not cover her in mud on purpose. The little devil in me says perhaps if I thought of it I might of done it on purpose.

    Weird my phone is ringing and it is Marshas sister Diane. 😉

    Well that is my halloween story. ANd I miss her so much since she died from that horrible breast cancer.

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