The Loudoun BOS Has NO Moral Or Ethical Compass

By Loudoun Insider

This is just un-f&@$ing-believable!!!  Real Advocate, those liberal rabble rousers (this is all a liberal media plot!) breaks the story.

Your 9-0 LCRC BOS has hired a local firm to “investigate” their compatriot and elder statesman, professional huckster Eugene Delgaudio.  The lead attorney for this probe was until recently Associate General Counsel for ….

Wait for it! …..

MC Dean!!!  Yes, the same MC Dean that has given more money than any other local donor to the LCRC (not reported at VPAP, but it was $15,000 last year) and its candidates, including the supposed subject of this “investigation” (hey, it’s only $14,500!!!).

Shamefully despicably disgusting.


  • BlackOut says:

    Why does a blogger have to reveal the existence of the investigation hire? Why is the BOS not out in front of this and giving some semblance concern?

    How about we have the county publicize this and give contact info on how to contact the investigators. I am certain there are many who have input into Delgaudio’s tactics, to include some within the gov office in Leesburg. Folks that are probably scared to come forward.

  • In Sterling says:

    I consider myself an independent and have consistently voted for York but not Delgaudio. It’s becoming clear that York has lost his moral compass and is just a regular party hack, which exist in both parties. York has lost my support or his failure of leadership here.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I can see it now, BO – “oh you have concerns and information, please contact Ms. So and So, former MC Dean Counsel, and we’ll be sure to sit on it or circular file it, just like the rest of this sordid affair”.

    Remember folks, if not for the WaPo article, this would have never come forward.

  • BlackOut says:

    Good point LI. I sure hope folks do not forget the significant documents Mateer has and with confidence handed them over to York and they were sequestered by York for his own “investigation”. Never to see the light of the CA investigation. They still haven’t been evaluated for potential criminal cause. I still can’t believe that.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I still can’t believe they gave this investigation to an MC Dean lawyer!!!

    How did this firm stack up against the other three that were bidding for this special contract???

    Well, for one thing, I bet none of them had someone so close to Bill Dean, primary funder of this 9-0 LCRC BOS.

  • Baron Rosedown says:

    I am wondering if Dan Wright is or was a member of the LCRC.
    VPAP shows he donated $250 (2009) to Tag. But I question the reasoning of hiring a firm from Loudoun. Bad move and it leads to all sorts of questions.

    And not to defend Amy Hutchens’ previous employment, but she clearly left MC Dean in June 2010. That said Watermark & Ms. Hutchens have a solid reputation in this very specialized field.

  • Glen Bayless says:

    More evidence that the broom (as in sweeping under the rug) is in use…public hearing about selection of investigator is scheduled for 9:00 am Wednesday morning! Unreal.

  • BlackOut says:

    Has anyone seen an official announcement from the county on an investigator being hired? Sure hope they put out contact info for this guy? Why the delay? Why the secrecy?

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