Speaking of Kings!

By Loudoun Insider

An Arlington paper has this to say …

“The king of that blog goes by Loudoun Insider”

… while ranting about my appreciation of Chris Christie, who I still prefer handily over Obama or Romney, despite his howlings.

Thanks for the plug anyway!


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    The most frightening thing of all is this Scott guy calling me “sweetie” and “snookums”. Sorry, Scott, I don’t swing that way!

  • T.C.Johnson says:

    “Virginia Gov. Ken Cuccinelli (whoops, I’m jumping the gun just a bit) is more plausible as part of the 2016 GOP ticket. ”

    And he is calling you nutty? As they say, “Mmmm-hahahahahahaha!”

  • Oh, Scoootiee, Yess, he knows soooo much more than us about the national scene given that he writes for the NY Times. oh, wait, no, that’s the Arlington Throwaway – a paper with a circulation less than even Leesburg Today.

    And he does that for a living!

    Get some creds, then pop off.

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