How Do You Solve a Problem Like Eugene?

By Lloyd the Idiot

As much as the Loudoun blogosphere has been ablaze with discussions about the investigation of Loudoun County supervisor Eugene Delgaudio for allegedly using county resources for non-county purposes, one fundamental issue has been overlooked:  what happens if some kind of wrongdoing is “proven?”  The fact remains that unless he is tried, convicted and imprisoned for some kind of felony (all of which are wildly unlikely especially before the next election), he’ll still be Sterling’s representative on the BOS at least until 2015 as there is no recall provision under Virgina law.

I’m certainly not suggesting that he should get a pass, but if the Delgaudio hunters are really interested in replacing  him, they should spend less time, money and energy on a Delgaudio-hate PAC and simply find and promote an electable candidate – now.  One would think that with  Obama’s popularity in Sterling (number below the fold), the LCDC could easily pick up the seat, but, given that the pathetic bunch has failed, and failed miserably, twice in that regard, it’s hard to expect much from them.   On the Republican side, the prospects aren’t much better.  Delgaudio is protected by the insular convention process, and, frankly, it’s unlikely anyone would be able to beat him even if the nominating process were a primary election.  Yes, it does seem like Loudoun has its own Marion Barry.

All that said, there must be someone – R,  D  or independent – with some kind of strategy that a largely Democratic district would elect.  Someone.  Anyone.  Beuller?

701 – SULLY
Candidate Votes Percent
Mitt Romney 731 39.09%
Barack Obama 1,104 59.04%
Virgil Goode 4 0.21%
Gary Johnson 18 0.96%
Jill Stein 10 0.53%
Write In 3 0.16%
Total Votes 1,870

Candidate Votes Percent
Mitt Romney 602 37.72%
Barack Obama 964 60.40%
Virgil Goode 3 0.19%
Gary Johnson 13 0.81%
Jill Stein 9 0.56%
Write In 5 0.31%
Total Votes 1,596

Candidate Votes Percent
Mitt Romney 577 32.02%
Barack Obama 1,191 66.09%
Virgil Goode 1 0.06%
Gary Johnson 20 1.11%
Jill Stein 10 0.55%
Write In 3 0.17%
Total Votes 1,802

Candidate Votes Percent
Mitt Romney 943 40.73%
Barack Obama 1,322 57.11%
Virgil Goode 3 0.13%
Gary Johnson 31 1.34%
Jill Stein 9 0.39%
Write In 7 0.30%
Total Votes 2,315

Candidate Votes Percent
Mitt Romney 512 36.21%
Barack Obama 874 61.81%
Virgil Goode 2 0.14%
Gary Johnson 18 1.27%
Jill Stein 8 0.57%
Write In 0 0.00%
Total Votes 1,414

708 – SENECA
Candidate Votes Percent
Mitt Romney 751 45.30%
Barack Obama 883 53.26%
Virgil Goode 5 0.30%
Gary Johnson 14 0.84%
Jill Stein 2 0.12%
Write In 3 0.18%
Total Votes 1,658

Candidate Votes Percent
Mitt Romney 581 32.75%
Barack Obama 1,172 66.07%
Virgil Goode 1 0.06%
Gary Johnson 14 0.79%
Jill Stein 3 0.17%
Write In 3 0.17%
Total Votes 1,774

Candidate Votes Percent
Mitt Romney 540 35.95%
Barack Obama 927 61.72%
Virgil Goode 1 0.07%
Gary Johnson 26 1.73%
Jill Stein 4 0.27%
Write In 4 0.27%
Total Votes 1,502



  • Joe Budzinski says:

    The other fundamental issue, of course, is he could be cleared of any wrongdoing.

  • BlackOut says:

    Too much smoke over too long a period of time Joe for there not to be fire past the haze.

    Good perspective Lloyd.

    For me, as much as I want Delgaudio out of here, the focus should be on proving he fleeced Loudoun taxpayers out of their funds for his own gain. Then stick that to Delgaudio with the stripping of his committee posts, publicly censure him, and make him pay back every damn dime that he used for himself rather than for his constituents. That’s what it is about right now in my mind. Sprinkle in a bonus for criminal charges.

    Now two strategies then can blossom from this.

    First the Republicans should use this as the opening to replace Eugene. What better platform than a buffoon among them that stole taxpayer money. I am well aware of the unspoken disdain for Eugene within the LCRC, a current that always stays underground worried about the “power” of Eugene. This situation should give them political cover to step out from under the rocks and say, “no more”. It is time to replace Eugene with an honest and honorable Republican.

    Second, I absolutely agree with you Lloyd, the Dems need to focus focus focus on a candidate strategy. They need to find a reasonable candidate to take Eugene’s seat. Again, the investigation and it’s outcome should give great energy to that candidate and the respective campaign. But regardless, if York and Delgaudio water down the outcome of this investigation Delgaudio can still be beaten easily with the right alternative.

    Two step process here.

  • Joe Budzinski says:

    “Too much smoke over too long a period of time Joe for there not to be fire past the haze.”

    Hard to argue with that logic.

  • BlackOut says:

    BTW Lloyd, neat title and graphic, I now have that damn song stuck in my head.

  • I’m sure with the Broadway musical reference, I’ll end up on Public Advocate’s “Homo Watch List.”

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Hilarious, Lloyd!!!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Expect the Dems to nominate another hard left nobody to take him on, and there’s no way any Republican can take him out at an LCRC convention. I bet he gets re-elected even if he gets convicted of some minor crime, he’ll just spjn it into a big victimhood ordeal. It is definitely up to the Dems to get rid of him, and I have zero faith in their ability to do so.

  • R Nolan says:

    Who currently lives in the Sterling district that would be a good candidate to replace ED in the next election, Republican or Democrat?

    Not many names come to mind.

  • BlackOut says:

    Well the other angle here is to get more than 28% of the Sterling population to vote and Delgaudio will go down. He’s at the outlimits of his base.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    As my betters like to say, you’re not paying attention, Nolan: there is a pac busy working on it, directed by someone who has previously moved to Sterling to run for office, and who needs a job. I’m not saying he would be a good or a bad candidate; he lost the delegate election he moved to run for before, one year into his BoS term.

    However, I’m betting Mr. Miller will be the candidate, but could be wrong.

  • Ben Dover says:

    “I’m betting Mr. Miller will be the candidate.”

    Did someone say, “betting?”

    Care to put a few greenbacks, a few shekels, a few samolians on that bet, Barbara?? Hmmm??

    I realize that you have a disclaimer (that you could be wrong) at the end of your remark, and I really don’t care whether Mr. Miller runs or not, I just feel like betting. Well, how about it? How about $50.00 (payable at the point where there are candidates running for the Sterling seat? That gives us until 2015 before a payment is due, or until there is a special election in 2013 for Eugene’s seat.)

    Also – while we are on the subject of betting – CATO, oh CATO, where for art thou CATO? And what ever happened to Liberal Ophthalmologist (has anyone “seen” him lately?) He lost his ass in some presidential betting, as well. Hillsboro – did you put down a wager on the POTUS race??

  • Leej says:

    ben dover you have us in Houston cracking rolling on the floor. I mean that in a good way 🙂

    the jokes are flying in Texas over this election.

    Clint Eastwood had it right the chair is empty on both sides 😉 my interpretation.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    The hilarity in this comment thread has reached the pinnacle of hilarity!

    “Liberal Opthamalogist”!!!

    Both Cato and LA are due for posts, come on lads.

  • BlackOut says:

    OK so a bit of credit to lj on this but Ben Dover be careful:

  • Baron Rosedown says:

    I had actually heard a couple of names floating around to run against Delgaudio and the one name that keeps coming up time and time again is; one of the Barneys.

    Although given Stevens Miller’s penchant to be a carpet-bagger and present counsel for Ms. Mateer, it would surprise me if he moves to Sterling to run for Delgaudio’s position. But given the size of his over inflated ego, I suspect Stevens “thinks” running for Chairman is a great idea. And God help Loudoun.

  • Leej says:

    ben dover i blame you what has happened since you disappeared off the planet earth a few years ago. things seem to be normal since you are back 🙂


  • Liberal Anthropologist says:

    OK. Sorry folks. Been busy as hell with work, spending all my time in Blue states like California and watching them self-destruct. I have a post coming soon. On a local issue. And one I think lib and conservative will agree.

    I have been keeping up with the site and watching the “grace” with which the liberals on here celebrated winning.

    Good news is the next candidate for the republicans will be libertarian. All the best possibilities are.

    And just think. You guys might have Biden next time.

  • ” one of the Barneys”

    Barney Frank or Barney the Dinosaur?

  • Joe Budzinski says:

    I thing either Tony or Marlene would be strong candidates. 2015 seems a long way off, though.

  • Leej says:

    as far as Eugene Delgaudio he lives for attention

    as they say in Hollywood they live for attention good or bad does not matter

    well you have this thread and I don’t know the guy but I bet he is loving the attention he is getting here 🙂

  • Eric the half a troll says:

    The message the LCDC can not seem to avoid is the same one the Reps seem to have latched onto since this Nov 6th. Specifically, there is nothing wrong with our policies or candidates. The voters just did not get the message clearly about how bad the other guy is. Unless the move to a campaign that is NOT about Eugene, they are doomed to fail again. I see no hope in this regard from current LCDC leadership. They once again think they are in the drivers seat after OFA won Loudoun for them.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    bend, I can’t afford $50 (and maybe you won’t either by 2015), but I’ll bet $5.

    Do know that Norman Styer won’t bet with me anymore.

    I have a $5 bill signed by Norman and Bob Lazaro, because Norman didn’t think Bob would take a job with the PEC directly when he left York’s office.


  • Barbara Munsey says:

    baron, it surprised me that Mr. Miller became counsel for Ms. Mateer, but maybe that just some recommended analytical strategery.

    If the pac is about gay rights and the investigation is about use of staff time (maybe for gay rights too, but remains to be seen), then it is to the pac’s advantage to have the symbol in a place where she can be used, but not be specific. The fact that she exists is valuable, but there may be no connection to their issue.

    The mix of political advocacy, donation solicitation, and legal representation of the individual who provides the platform is an interesting mix, but not unheard of.

    There’s no reason it shouldn’t succeed locally–we have lots of people who are smart. It says so right on their phones.

  • Leej says:

    I don’t know Barb . my friends say since I have had smart phones for years I am getting dumber and dumber 🙂

  • Not Stevens Miller says:

    Steven’s largest block of donors WILL NOT support him next time. If he were to run he would need new sources of funds. He also does not reside in Sterling.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Indeed, NSM, they are still soooo upset about Miler not going all in on the LCDC County Preservation Redistricting Plan. Surely it was all Stevens Miller’s fault that that plan cost the LCDC every single supervisor seat. Idiots.

    I really do need to move away from here, I’m not sure I can take this anymore.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    um, a pac networked nationwide may very well be a new source of funds.

    It has already been reported out in North Dakota that Eugene “is under investigation by the FBI for using public employees to help raise money for the website”, i.e. Public Advocate.

    Yes, he doesn’t live in Sterling.

    He didn’t live there before he moved there to run for the 82nd either.

  • Tony Barney says:

    My wife (Marlene) and I are only two of the many good Sterling District Community minded Democrats who are seriously thinking about running against ED in 2015.
    I think after the 2013 elections many more Sterling folks will be stepping forward contemplating a serious run at ED, in my opinion.

  • David says:

    Barb didn’t tell you the reason ED’s mischief is being reported in North Dakota: Public Advocate claims to have paid for a attack ad against a candidate there. A first-time candidate who then went on to receive the highest percentage of votes, surpassing three other candidates including two Republican incumbents and becoming ND’s first openly gay state legislator.

    In its fundraising appeals, Public Advocate claims to “do” a lot of things. Pretty consistently, those things turn out to be either fabrications, violations of the law, or activity that backfires rather spectacularly – until you realize that the only actual purpose of Public Advocate is to make more money for Public Advocate.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Well said, David.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    No I didn’t David, because that wasn’t my point–a story about Public Advocate in an election there INCLUDED the narrative being shopped through the gay blogosphere that the FBI is investigating him for using public funds to fund a hate group.

    Meanwhile, here at ground zero, the Arlington CA is investigating a former employee’s claim that he was seeking donations to his political campaign on staff time.

    The two are exactly the same. In context.

    If one of the Barneys runs (and they seem to have been very active in local Democratic politics about forever) given the bizarre statement by someone running in the Leesburg TC race that their only purpose in running was to split votes with someone else (which I am not implying would be either Mr. or Mrs. Barney’s purpose), maybe Mr. Miller will ALSO run (since he already has a pac), and we’ll get to see more of the LCDC civil war.

    Who the hell knows.

  • Hillsboro says:

    Bend, I didn’t wager anything here on TC.

    I did however, lose a $50 bet with a friend. He so far refuses to let me pay up as he feels that his bet against Romney somehow contributed to Obama’s victory. If only I could convince him that his not voting at all had a hell of a lot more of an impact.

  • liz says:

    I declare Ben Dover the winner of the bet.

    I further declare that if, for any reason, Stevens (or I) actually do run for the Sterling seat (which ain’t gonna happen), I will personally give Barbara her $5.00 on the court house steps.

    I will, however, be canvassing for whoever DOES run against Delgaudio.

    Including any moderate Republican who cares to primary him.

  • Ben Dover says:

    Hillsboro – Thanks for the clarification – and no offense intended.

    I remember Cato and Liberal Anthropologist wagering – couldn’t recall if there were any other “scoflaws” out there who have now faded into the woodwork.

    As for your $50 bet with your friend who refuses to pay – very un-republican, if you ask me.

    Liz – thanks for the wager input. We’ll have to wait until we actually either get a special election, or until the regular cycle in 2015 for me to feel good about taking Barbara’s money, and I suspect that Barbara wouldn’t feel right about paying me unless there was a certified election result that validated that Stevens was not the Sterling Supervisor on the BOS.

  • BlackOut says:

    Damn if only Romney was around we could be betting some serious cash, say like $10,000.

  • BlackOut says:

    So we now hear more from Mr. King.

    Interesting press discussion he had, welcoming an independent investigation and looked for Delgaudio to be vindicated. Then Mr. King goes on and tries to position that at the end of this CA investigation “all reasonable people” will consider this matter closed.

    Stop right there Charlie! No it doesn’t stop anything. We are going to find out from the special prosecutor what happened and IF Delgaudio committed a crime that he can be charged for. Once concluded then the issue needs to be evaluated from the County’s perspective on ethical and policy concerns.

    That’s the path the BOS was on before. We are just having to go back to the beginning for a re-do because York screwed up and didn’t hand over the papers to Stamos.

    Nice try though, but a criminal investigation does not preclude the ethical investigation.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    bend, if Mr. Miller does not file to run, and there is no write-in campaign for him subsequent to the close of filing, I will pay you $5.

  • Eric the 1/2 Troll says:

    “In March, Mateer filed an eight-page complaint against Delgaudio, alleging a hostile work environment and that she was required to call a list of hundreds of donors for the Sterling District supervisor. Delgaudio maintains those donations were being solicited for the benefit of the Lower Loudoun Football League and not any political reason.”

    I know this is old news here but setting aside the question os fund-raising for Public Advocate on tax payer dollars why doe Delgaudio think it is ok to use my tax payer money to fund raise for LLFL?

  • pprados says:

    There are privately instituted impeachment provisions under Virginia law. Va. Code § 24.2-233. It is a hybrid between recall and impeachment. The most general provision for removal of a local elected official is for “misuse of office.”

    A matter was brought in Gloucester County a couple years ago. The supervisors in question were not removed. Here is some of my coverage of that matter.

  • Hillsboro says:

    bend, the only offense caused was the lack of a prize for the winner of the prediction thread.

    C’mon… are things really that bad (thanks to Bush) that you couldn’t afford to donate another paper bag along with something heavy to keep it from blowing away?

  • Leej says:

    David Petraeus how come no thread here about it.

    the story may have national security implications

  • David says:

    Eric, exactly. What if a supervisor had directed his or her staff aides to do fundraising for Equality Loudoun? Or for a mission project headed by his or her place of worship? Charitable fundraising is something supervisors are free to do on their personal time.

    At the last Finance and Government Services Committee meeting, York, Reid and Buona appeared to be working in collaboration with Mr. Delgaudio such that they can look like they are cracking down on ethics violations going forward by taking an oppositional position to his insistence that there’s nothing wrong with directing his aides to fundraise for a “Sterling charity.” This way, they can say (regretfully, because there’s nothing they can do) that it wasn’t prohibited at the time that he did it, and he gets to complain that everybody’s being mean to Sterling.

    Of course, this was the plan before the criminal investigation with its powers of subpoena got a new lease on life. And it sure does sound like the fundraising targets contacted by the Washington Post weren’t inclined to support Mr. Delgaudio’s story.

    Charlie King contradicts himself. In one remark he claims that if the CA finds no evidence of criminal conduct, we should all consider the matter closed. Then he admits that allegations that don’t rise to the level of criminal conduct, such as the hostile work environment and abuse of staff, are not within the scope of the CA investigation. He appears to believe that nobody is going to continue investigating these allegations. If we’re generous, we can see his remarks as wishful thinking.

  • Ben Dover says:

    “C’mon… are things really that bad (thanks to Bush) that you couldn’t afford to donate another paper bag along with something heavy to keep it from blowing away?”

    Hillsboro – the heavy object/paper bag is Lloyd’s trademark.

    Me? I’m more of a beer bash kind of guy. And, stay tuned – there may yet be another beer bash (or something approximating it) in the relatively near-term.

  • BlackOut says:

    Eric, that is the bogus angle King is going after. In other words, the CA may come back and say “nothing in the VA code that says you can’t raise cash for LLBF”. So no grounds for criminal charges. King wants us to think that is end game.

    Nope two different tracks here.

    (BTW, the LLBF angle is so lame. If the CA comes back with that as an excuse, I want to read in the report how they impeached the WaPo statements of three people)

  • A.E. Gnat says:

    The name of the former FBI agent hired by Loudoun County to lead the investigation of Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio was included on one of Delgaudio’s list of potential political donors, Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York (R-At Large) said Monday.

    What the f**k.

  • David says:

    Yeah, I guess I can see why ED didn’t want any more scrutiny of that choice.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    WTF indeed, new post coming. I am beyond disgusted and ashamed of my county government.

  • Sometimes, LI, you sound a bit too much like a Dixie Chick.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I’ll take the Dixie Chicks over the Loudoun BOS any day.

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