More Delgaudio Stench

By Loudoun Insider

Excellent post at Real Advocate about Delgaudio steering county printing work to campaign contributors.  Disgusting.  Can’t wait for the next “investigation”.


  • Liberal Anthropologist says:

    I will not distract the thread, but we have gotten into this before. You do not support Universal Human Rights. You pick and choose the rights of which humans you support or allow discrimination against based on inborn characteristics such as a stage of development (ie age).

  • Ben Dover says:

    (Sing-Songy Voice): Oh…Liberal Anthropologist……Yoo Hoo….Over Here!!!!!!!!!

    I respect that you believe that Delgaudio is the greater evil in this thread, but request that we clear up some old business.

    You lost the POTUS bet with me, and yet, now that you owe $100.00 to a charitable entity, you (and Cato The Forgetter) are nowhere to be found.

    I would like you to acknowledge having LOST this wager, and admit that you were WRONG, about the POTUS outcome.

    Further, I would like to know when you intend on making good on the bet (if I remember correctly, you were the one who insisted that a charity benefit).

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

  • Liberal Anthropologist says:

    Mr Dover,

    OK. I forgot about that. Tell me what charity and I will send the money. I have no problem with admitting being wrong.

  • Eric the 1/2 Troll says:

    “Certainly things should go out to bid and the taxpayers should be paying fair market value or lower…If you had two local lumber yards, one who supported Democrats and the other Republicans, why would you not want bids from both?…As a taxpayer I prefer to see more flexibility and competition for my dollars, not less.”

    Of course if these contracts HAD been bid out, we would not be having this dicussion right now, would we? I think that is one of the issues. Delgaudio went out of his way to specifically direct the contract to his choice (on a private email account at that). Really, now, this doesn’t raise your eyebrow just a little?

  • Shiloh says:

    Eugene is using printed newsletters requiring actual USPS postage to send to his constituents? What a waste of money on both printing and postage!

    And how Last Century!!! He really should catch up to modern times and use E-Newsletters – So much cheaper, efficient, and faster. Considering there is a better way, this entire expenditure of his is an unnecessary waste of county resources.

  • liz says:

    Shiloh, not everyone in Loudoun has access to email.

    That being said, Eugene’s newsletter is not available on the Loudoun County government website, unlike most of the others (as reported in this post:

  • Eric, not being a special prosecutor in this case, how many other “contracts” have been “directed” to his choices via email, and how is such business conducted by all the other officials? There is alot of sloppy stuff done in townships and municipalities throughout the land and though the elected officials may change hands, often the procedural legacy continues via the bureaucracy. What is the minimum value of a contract that requires an RFP and how often has that been routinely ignored over the years?

    I’m not saying that “everybody does it” in fact I would like to believe that relatively few do regardless of political persuasion, but I also believe that a “pattern” of bad behavior cannot be established without considering ALL the behavior in totality. Thus if one in five hundred transactions was handled outside the rules I am willing to listened to arguments justifying the exception.

    If there is no argument other than “I did it because I could” for this infraction OR if a real pattern pattern of bad behavior can clearly be established, then I want the guy thrown out of office, just as much as any other bunch of people who change the rules to fit their objectives… like turning bankruptcy and business law upside-down by arbitrarily putting senior secured creditors at the back of the line in favor of union crony supporters, wasting tens of billions of taxpayer dollars on failed business ventures of campaign bundlers, lying to the people about “shovel ready jobs” and instead using stimulus money to prop up the public union-busted budgets of friendly states, ramming ObamaNoCare through on reconciliation in the dead of night without a single elected representative having read it, appointing dozens of unknown and unaccountable czars as de-facto managers of cabinet departments so as to bypass public oversight, making recess appointments when Congress is not in recess, claiming executive privilege for the entire Justice Department, abusing the taxpayer by flying the worlds largest personal jet to what are claimed to be “official” events but in reality are campaign and fund raising events, and a myriad of other displays of lawless and unrestrained executive power.

  • Shiloh says:

    Liz, I realize that. But it would make sense to use email for the majority of his constitutents and send a printed copy only to those very few who don’t have access to email. He could drastically reduce his expenses if he did this.

  • Ben Dover says:

    LA – You referenced a children’s charity, which is absolutely fine with me. Alternatively, any charity that supports wounded veterans and their families is also fine. Do share the charity that you ultimately select, as I will likely match your gift (the price I will pay for gloating).

  • Cato the Elder says:

    I’m right here doggystyle..

    Name the charity.

    I had no idea that there were so many degenerate pieces of human garbage in our electorate. I was horribly wrong.

  • Leej says:

    160 post about Delgaudio what is wrong with this picture 😉

  • edmundburkenator says:

    While people are paying up. I think I owe Cata a dinner at Tuskies for a SCOTUS bet on the ACA.

  • Here was the bets as last documented:

    “So, here’s how these wagers are stacking up:

    Ben Dover Vs. Liberal Anthropologist (Obama Vs. (R) Nominee) = $100.00

    Ben Dover Vs. Cato The Elder (Obama Vs. (R) Nominee) = $100.00

    AFF Vs. Liberal Anthropologist (Obama Vs. (R) Nominee) = $100.00 ($250.00 if Obama Wins)

    Dan Vs. Cato The Elder (Obama Vs. (R) Nominee) = $100.00

    All proceeds are directed to a mutually acceptable charity (as agreed by the participants).

    Some kind of post-election beverage consumption (Hmmm. November may yet produce the quinquennial Ben Dover Beer Bash)”

    So it looks like I owe $350.

    The charity was The DC Children’s Foundation.

    The donation page is here:*onetime*amt

    I am sending 500 dollars right now. Why 500? Just to prove my love for charity over government welfare and get a dig in. 🙂

    I am happy to send it and this is the brightest spot in those miserable results! 🙂

    They are a great cause.

  • For anyone considering contributing in victory or defeat, this is what I got back in email after donating and describes what they do:

    “Thank you for your donation to Children’s National Medical Center! Your support is critical to our ability to provide world-class care to all families, regardless of their ability to pay for treatment.

    Serving the nation’s children for 140 years, Children’s National is a proven leader in the development and application of innovative new treatments for childhood illness and injury.

    Take Jessica Gregory, a 13-year-old who was born with Spina Bifida. After treatment she received from Children’s National, Jessica has worked hard to earn her green belt in Kung Fu. A true warrior, Jessica inspires me with her incredible focus and courage.

    Find out more about Jessica’s story, including her dreams of becoming a doctor, so that she can help other children.

    Thank you again for supporting Children’s National Medical Center. Donors like you allow Jessica, and countless other children, to receive the quality treatment they deserve.

    We look forward to sharing our stories with you through our newsletters and occasional emails.


    Pam King Sams
    Executive Vice President, Development
    Children’s National Medical Center”

  • Dan says:

    “I had no idea that there were so many degenerate pieces of human garbage in our electorate. I was horribly wrong.”

    Cato, you are such a flatterer.

    “Dan Vs. Cato The Elder (Obama Vs. (R) Nominee) = $100.00”

    I honestly don’t remember making this bet, but I’ll take your word for it LA. I lost the last one I made with Cato and that one was paid to Army Emergency Relief. In light of my forgetfulness I think the Alzheimer’s Association would be an appropriate beneficiary of this one. As long as Cato agrees.

    I would like to take a second to brag on the fact that I predicted an Electoral vote of 332 to 206 which was spot on. And I don’t think anyone topped my upset pick of Heidi Heitkamp winning the Senate race in North Dakota.

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