Snyder Announces for LG

By Too Conservative

Solid guy.



  • Loudoun Watcher says:

    Oh, puleeze.

  • Smith says:

    Bolling out.

    So its gonna be Cooch and Snyder.

    Snyder: A FOX News talking head who posts something from Media Matters on his facebook page after announcing his candidacy (why post about what you plan to do as LG). Seems like a attention whore. Just what the state needs.

    In other attention whore news… KEN CUCCINELLI is the next crazy GOP candidate to hopefully go down in flames.

    Looks like the GOP has again, learned nothing.

    VA GOP is so lucky they have this stupid off year election year cycle.

  • NateDogg614 says:

    Anyone is better than Terry McAwful. But should make for an interesting run.

  • NateDogg614 says:

    “Looks like the GOP has again, learned nothing.”

    So what lessons should they learn, if you don’t mind my asking?

  • BlackOut says:

    If it was April 1st I could understanding the Bolling pull out.

    So the real question is who had the political pull to get him out of the race? It does not bode well for VA party politics to think Chooch has enough support in the VAGOP to make this happen.

    It adds credence to the thought a dark regime in the VAGOP has been pressuring for the Delgaudio cover-up and protection. I am beginning to wonder more and more about the influence of the neophyte Whitbeck. Who has their hand up the backside of that guy?

  • NateDogg614 says:

    Perhaps Bolling is thinking of the US Senate in 2014?

  • Smith says:

    Bolling vs Warner. That’s a bloodbath. Billing would be the next sacrificial lamb vs Warner.

    And what should the GOP have learned? In swing states people don’t want wing nut crazies running on a platform of taking away women’s rights and crusades against obamacare. McDonnell sold northern Virginia on himself, I doubt that works with cooch.

    Cooch and the dems aw both thrilled. It won’t be mcAullife either.

    Cooch has done nothing but waste tax payer money on right wing crusades.

  • NateDogg614 says:

    Well, ObamaCare is a logistical nightmare. As far as abortion goes, you want it, you got it, but YOU PAY FOR IT!!!

  • David Dickinson says:

    “So the real question is who had the political pull to get him out of the race?”

    The polls. He was getting killed something like 80/20. That’s a bridge too far.

  • BlackOut says:

    DD, since when do republicans listen to polls, or for that matter have accurate ones?

    Bolling’s campaign was killed internally when the myopic decision to hold a convention over a primary was made. Who pulled those strings?

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