Republicans: Let’s go over the fiscal cliff!

By Liberal Anthropologist

There has been much talk recently about how one side or another should deal with the fiscal cliff. The Democrats are a lost cause (at the moment) when it comes to fiscal matters. This is most evidenced by the absolutely ridiculous proposal made by Obama’s team.

So this is my suggestion to the Republicans. Just announce now that if the president’s people do not put forward a serious proposal that involves massive spending cuts that the fiscal cliff will be gone over.

And it is a good thing.

Why? Because we need to cut all of that spending anyway. It is not even enough. It is a down payment on the spending cuts that are really needed. So the automatic spending cuts are a good thing. Then what about the taxes?

Well, the Republicans should announce now a tax cutting bill they plan to put on the president’s desk that lowers middle class taxes further than they are today. Not the “rich”. Leave them to a separate debate at that point. Furthermore it should massively simplify the tax code. The president will not be able to resist a further cut on the middle class.

The result? The taxes that need cutting will be at least partially cut. The spending which needs cutting will be at least partially cut. A step will have been made in the right direction. Raising tax rates on anyone is foolish and far from “fair”, but if the President is insistent on this point, the Republicans can just let it happen through the automatic mechanism without giving ground on an important principle.

We need taxes cut and we need spending cut. Going over the fiscal cliff and immediately putting a Republican bill to the Senate that lowers tax rates for middle class will achieve positive steps we so desperately need.


  • Eric the half a troll says:

    “Now answer the harder part. What cuts that will allow the Republicans to agree?”

    Good question. I think the cuts in the sequestration might stay in place but be shuffled around so as to not hit the military as bad. Of course they don’t have to do anything and you get your cuts. Maybe they just will let that part fly.

    The Dems do not have to give anymore cuts to get the tax increase or the higher debt ceiling. The tax increase will come automatically in Jan and then the discussion will be tax cuts coming from Dems once again the Reps get blamed as they should. Also, if the Reps play chicken again with the debt ceiling, the economy will feel it and the Reps will get blamed for that as well. Obama is going to call your bluff this time. The Reps know this and that is why they are dealing.

  • There is no dealing to be done. It is obvious that Obama and the Democrats want to raise taxes by 1.6 trillion and increase spending by three trillion, they will settle for no less, so the Republicans should just abstain on the tax issue, let them raise them as much as they want on whoever they want in addition to the Obamacare taxes that will be hitting everybody. Then, after the DOW drops a few thousand and unemployment goes back up over nine percent, when the debt ceiling thing comes along around February refuse to increase it unless the Dems come through with their part of the “balanced” approach they have been repeatedly promising but failing to deliver, meaning spending cuts. If they don’t, holding the debt ceiling in place will take care of it automatically, and if Obama wants to kill our bond rating by paying salaries to his bloated bureaucracy instead of interest on the debt, so be it… that will make it even harder for the government to borrow 40 cents on every dollar he is spending.

    You see, the thing about this is that if the Democrats get all they want the economy and the country tanks pretty quickly, just look at California, whereas all that happens when the Republicans fight this rear-guard action symbolically getting a little bit here and there whole being blamed for everything, is that the collapse will take a tad longer, but the way I see it we are in for a total meltdown one way or the other and I’d rather have it happen now while I am still around to help the kids. The Dems don’t give a shit about their kids, or anything beyond being in power for that matter, which is why they are stealing from their own children to buy votes… they really are pretty disgusting, irresponsible people.

  • Cato the Elder says:

    Well said.

    However, a majority voted for Obama sized government. Best to disabuse them of the notion that that can pay for it by taxing “the rich.” If they want it, let them be exposed to the true cost. Send him a bill that makes the Bush tax cuts permanent and go home for the holiday.

  • Cato, that would be equally good, and if it was good enough for Harry Reid to pass a bill, walk away from a conference and adjourn, it should be good enough for the House.

  • Eric the 1/2 Troll says:

    “Send him a bill that makes the Bush tax cuts permanent and go home for the holiday.”

    Yep, please do this, Cato. That would work just fine for me.

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