Nothing Says “Happy New Year” Like a Toll Hike

By Lloyd the Idiot

Thank you , MWAA, for clearing the peasants from my road.

Tolls increase on the Dulles Toll Road beginning January 1, 2013, raising the rate at the main toll plaza to $1.75 and $1.00 at the ramps.ย  No whining, people!ย  If you don’t like the tolls, then buy that darn road through eminent domain.

As I understand it, the increased tolls are to cover the cost ofย  serving espresso and croissants at the toll booths.ย  Delicious!



  • NateDogg614 says:

    Nothing says Happy New Year like a massive tax increase either. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Loudoun Insider says:


  • vacliff says:

    Yep. In a few years, the Dulles Toll Road price will have us commenting how cheap the Greenway is!

  • David Dickinson says:

    Fortune Telling: Phase II of the Silver Line will be delayed. This will alllow MWAA to collect higher tolls and put money in their pockets while they continue to try and get someone else to pay for Phase II.

    It was bad that DTR users will have to pay for a Metro they aren’t using. It will be worse when they pay for a Metro that isn’t even built.

    But Lloyd will be happy. His road is being cleared out.

  • John Marsh says:

    If Virginians want good state roads, then pay for them with a sensible gas tax that goes up with inflation, versus our $.18 that’s not changed since 1985 (if memory serves). But if Virginians want to gripe about tolls on private roads, or whatever, just keep on trucking, moaning about no free lunch.

    Not to mention the senseless property tax moans from those unwilling to reckon the costs of our the Republican (developer) sponsored residential growth here in Loudoun over the past 20 years.

  • vacliff says:

    Saw that the state is going to pay 1.4 billion dollars to replace Highway 460. A road that will connect to I-95 somewhere south of Richmond to someplace around Suffolk. State tried to make it a toll road, but no company would touch it. Not enough vehicles using it.
    So we taxpayers will pay for Virginia’s version of a road to nowhere!!!
    Glad to see the fiscally conservative Governor McDonnell championed this fiasco while leaving roads in northern Virginia with nothing. Why build it? Why because the new Panama Canal will create great opportunities! You just can’t make this stuff up!!!

  • Ellie Lockwood says:

    @John Marsh. No, no, no to a higher has tax. I am not ready to accept $3.50 a gallon gas as the “new normal” yet either!

  • BlackOut says:

    Bob McDonnell has been a huge disappointment. I can’t think of one think he has done that has benefited the Commonwealth.

    Thanks for the observation VACliff.

  • FedUp says:

    “…state is going to pay 1.4 billion dollars to replace Highway 460.”

    It seems like another freeway connecting the Tidewater area to Richmond area should be low on the priority list of new roads, but it will be a toll road and the construction cost per mile is about a tenth of the Dulles Metrorail boondoggle, so I guess it wasn’t a that hard of a sell. Also, motorists might be more willing to pay the tolls knowing the money will go directly to the cost of building the road they are traveling on, unlike the Dulles Toll Road motorists.

  • Leej says:

    The connection to the tidewater area is badly needed I have driven the existing connection 64 a million times well maybe not that much ๐Ÿ˜‰ It can be miserable.

    The DC area has priced itself out of everything. Especially roads and housing. The party is over in DC and it needs to be everything is out of control and cannot sustain itself. And if the feds don’t get their act together well it will become a nightmare for everyone in the DC area. Or should I say the ones that still have jobs.

    We Texas we make money the old fashion way not raping the public with spending the public’s money on nonsense. Especially unnecessary expansion of gov jobs and buildings. Which stared in earnest with baby Bush a unnecessary a war in Iraq just to avenge his dad. I truly believe it was just that. Hearing stuff from friends here that know the Bushes personally.

    The Silver line especially into Loudoun is a true Boondoggle. Toll raises on the greenway that will make waxpool just that much worse. And how about those planned band-aids to waxpool when it needs alternate routes to bypass waxpool altogether. Especially parallel roads next to the greenway. oops cant’t be done since developers own the land next to and close to the greenway. So waxpool will continue to be the nightmare for your grand-kids kids . There is no solution to waxpool anymore. No money or land to make that happen does not exist.

    Just wait to West Virginia starts to really get going and all the traffic coming thru Loudoun with no roads to handle it. or where there ever be. Just follow where Toll Bros buy land and right now they are gobbling up west Virginia because they are about to build out Loudoun.

  • Scout says:

    The Hampton Roads area road projects are driven not just by local commuting needs, but also the imperative that the Hampton Roads port activity have access to the rest of the country. How one looks at a roadway in Northern Virginia is not necessarily the way one looks at it around the HR area.

    But roads cost money. It costs a lot just to maintain a road once it has been built. Much more to build it in the first instance. Virginians seem to have the idea that these things are free and can be made to fall out of the sky on us.

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